North Node

I want you to learn as much as possible about your true node and what it means in terms of your soul’s karmic direction; therefore, I have put together a guide below to help you.

How to use this site

Becoming aware of your soul’s karmic direction and gaining a new perspective on your past experiences can help you on your path to enlightenment.

  1. Find your node’s sign.  If you do not already know your node placements, click here to use the Node Chart chart to find your node’s signs.
  2. Find your node’s house.  You’ll need a full birth chart (which you can easily generate for yourself online using free sites or which can be ordered for little or no money and which require you to know your time, place, and date of birth) to determine what houses your node’s fall into.
  3. Click the links below to read about your node placement by sign and house.

By House

  1. 1st House
  2. 2nd House
  3. 3rd House
  4. 4th House
  5. 5th House
  6. 6th House
  7. 7th House
  8. 8th House
  9. 9th House
  10. 10th House
  11. 11th House
  12. 12th House


By Sign

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