North Node in 9th House

Directions: Read about the North Node in 9th House and then click the link at the end to Take the Test to see how well you understand this nodal placement.

Traditionally the North Node in 9th House brings great fortune.  Possibilities are unlimited, and there is good luck in travel, publishing, and politics.  The corresponding Dragon’s Tail in the Third House brings disagreement with those in close proximity, such as neighbors and siblings.  It may mean a forced association with “low class” people, a poor education, and/or a bad reputation spread through gossip and slander.

If you have an intuition to gamble, you will probably be lucky.  Pay serious attention to recreational pursuits.  Be generous and engage in charity.  You will develop great wisdom in this lifetime, and may even achieve a position of power after your forty-first birthday.

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In this lifetime, relatives may be particularly difficult for you.  You have a strong psychic connection to your siblings, but may lose one early in life.  You feel deeply for your brothers and sisters and may end up caring for one or more of them.  In Hindu astrology, this placement of the north node in 9th house signifies “a spiritual, introspective, or introverted younger sibling.”

If your North Node is badly afflicted, you may disregard morality as codified in religion and the law.  Adolf Hitler and Aleister Crowley, who were born with the north node in 9th house nodal placement, are two extreme examples.  It will help to develop an interest in psychology, philosophy, and world religion.  Examples of people who better used their North Node in 9th House this way include Billy Graham, William Jennings Bryan, Michel Foucault, Jean Paul Sartre, and Werner Erhard.  While you came into this life with a soul memory of a keenly developed mind, you are here to experience those things which are beyond mental reach.

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You prefer to study on your own, and may have trouble completing a formal education.  You are always seeking more knowledge, for you find the world deeply fascinating and something you want to experience through the intellect.

You are too often influenced by your environment, rather than vice versa, and your conflicts with those around you are the universe’s way of bringing this to your attention.  Neighbors are an ongoing problem for the north node in 9th house placement.   You may have to travel far from your birth place to find the peace you seek.  You must detach from your environment enough to observe the world and derive an opinion about it.  You need clear senses before you can make the sound judgments required of you in this lifetime.  Continue to seek “the truth,” and you will find faith and courage along the way.

Perhaps you find yourself perpetually involved in petty dramas.  You do not hesitate to jump into relationships, which become complicated quickly, trapping you in a spider’s web of intrigue on an almost daily basis.  Yet you continue to reach out to others, going where angels fear to tread, listening and offering up advice.  You often lament your lack of education, which you secretly think would help you navigate thePeyton Placeyou live in.  In fact, your mental capacity is not the problem.  It’s the sheer number of relationships you create and maintain.  No one could keep them all straight.

Your life may be one of perpetual crisis, mostly due to your inability to decide.  You can rely on your intuition to guide you, but memories of past life experiences trap you into gathering too much information before you make up your mind.[1]  Resist the temptation to become lost in possibilities.  It’s important for the carrier of the north node in 9th house to take charge of your life.

Travel is important to the north node in 9th house.  It provides an antidote to the social network that entangles you and the details that vex your attempts to reach higher consciousness.  In short, it gives perspective.  When you pull away from the facts, skepticism, and analysis that helped you understand the world in the past, and cut yourself loose from the intricate social fabric of neighbors, acquaintances, and colleagues that drain your energy, you will find a wonderful world of ideas, achieve higher consciousness, and make true friends.

In fact, Martin Schulman says of a native with this north node in 9th house placement, “His greatest subconscious need is one day to become a walking encyclopedia so that he will never be caught short, lacking the right piece of information at the right moment.”

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  1. Hi, I’m curious about this placement as I think my sister has a 9th house north node in cancer. I’ve had so many problems with her – and I’ve become very introverted even though I never used to be and I wonder why.Could this be the reason? Sometimes I feel my life is completely over-shadowed by her even though I have nothing to do with her (after years of abuse). I think one of the problems is that she has a capricorn sun in the third house. This must be quite difficult for her – and for me too.

    • Wow. I’m a North node 9th house and have the same feelings,about my sibling. I’ve retreated deeply into myself to get away from him and moved 100 miles away!!!!!

  2. Yes it describes a certain area of my life exactly.

  3. I’m a Libra 9th house true node. I think this is pretty accurate. I have a masters degree in education and have traveled and lived abroad. My parents are foreign. I can’t stand my relatives and I don’t like having neighbors…HA! I live in the woods far from people. My brother also passed away when I was younger. However, I think, this article didn’t link Libra with the 9th house. Libra represents “relationships”. The 9th house has to do with philosophy, higher education, the law, spirituality, and anything foreign. So the way I connect the two is that your partner or relationship will involve one of those qualities of the 9th house.

  4. North node in 9, experienced some sibling issues, i am a college grad. I long to travel and live in far away places. I have a zest for knowledge and study pn my own all the time. At times i really want to break free from my family and environment and just have a new life becausw i feel they can be stifling but in reality they arent holding me back. I should just go and not consider them. I have started my own business. I will be 41 this year and i have stared to really own who i am physically and mentally and i feel unstoppable.

  5.' april robertsonMarch 18, 2016 at 4:51 am

    I have True Node in the 9th house also. I totally related to the information especially when it talked about the need for knowledge. I have started college many times to be pulled out by things out of my control such as two of my children being diagnosed with life changing disease that required me to stay home with them. Each time is happened within a year of starting school and it also happened 10 years apart. The environment is totally true. I was caught up in mine for awhile and just like it said moving away from environment worked wonders for me, since then I am non stop exploring new truths without being in college although I have not given up yet on finishing but I do not hold that tight to my heart. I believe my life will take me exactly where I will be.

  6. very interesting, but the person I did the horoscope for with the True Node in the 9th house is a highly educated (university and higher scientific education) so your seeing persons with a True Node in the 9th house as people with “poor education” is totally, completely wrong.


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