North Node in Pisces — South Node in Virgo

Directions: Study the interpretation of the North Node in Pisces below. Then, take the quiz to see how well you understand its impact on your life! After all, reading means nothing if you don’t fully understand it. Access the quiz via the link at the bottom.

Traditionally the north node in pisces connotes an individual with great vitality and good fortune with children.  The Dragon’s Tail in Virgo indicates trouble with the mental side of life.  It may mean a hyper critical attitude that leaves no room for appreciation of beauty.

In past lifetimes, you were uber picky, even judgmental, and you bring this perspective with you into this incarnation.  But it will pass away as you grow older.  The longer you live, the more you will realize how rigid you have been.  There is a world beyond what you can sense, and following the information you receive from your higher guidance will allow you to transcend the limits that have kept you in a prison of your own making.

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Possessing the north node in pisces, your need for structure is so great that you may make yourself sick with tension.  You are prone to bouts of nervousness and irritability.  There is only one cure:  plunge into the cosmic ocean.  Stop thinking and start feeling.  Here is where your healing begins.  You are probably asking yourself as you read this, “How does that work?”  You must avoid exactly that type of analysis if you are to find happiness in this world.

You were born with an innate sense of danger.  You are distrustful of the world and question the qualifications of experts and others who attempt to make sense of our physical surroundings.   You may even fear that everything foreign brings disease.   The only antidote is faith for the north node in pisces.

Many people with the north node in pisces placement have sexuality issues. They may be physically present but emotionally absent during intercourse.  You may go through periods of sexual deprivation.

You incarnated to ponder the mystery of how each individual is part of the Cosmic Whole.  Each person is a cosmos unto himself, yet each is a discrete and unique piece of the universe.  You must stop perceiving separateness and meditate on interconnectivity.  If you are stubborn and resist this lesson, all your carefully laid plans will fall apart.

At your worst, you are stubborn and scattered at the same time.  You are incapable of setting priorities, and may have self-destructive tendencies.  Perhaps in childhood you were shamed or taught guilt, for it is typical of north node in pisces carriers to live with such feelings buried deep inside them.

At your best you are a healer, using means metaphysical or conventional, such as Mary Baker Eddy, Edgar Cayce,  Florence Nightingale, and Jonas Salk, who share this north node in pisces placement.  Or you might use the energy to reach out to others in distress, like other north node in pisces carriers Bob Geldof and Diane Fossey.

Sadly, many people with this node are so critical that they do not even like themselves.  This makes relationships difficult, for no matter who you are with, you are always there, too.  It is not uncommon for these individuals to become workaholics, which allows them to avoid relating for the most part, or to stay in destructive relationships since they are so terrified of being alone.   In addition, an unbalanced Virgo South Node person may be bigoted, impossible to please, critical of others, and petty.

Water sports, especially fishing, may enhance your life greatly.  Magic or the arts are also good.  Imaginative writing can be beneficial, as well as an interest in medicine or literature. Good jobs for you include sales, painting, interior decorating, chef, and gymnast.   Avoid any career which requires you to focus too heavily on details.

It is important that you come to accept yourself as you are and to ponder your place in this vast universe of ours.  You fear emotional connections with others, yet this is your path to enlightenment.   Feel.  Have faith. Trust in your instincts.  Do this and you will achieve your greatest potential:  saving others.

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  1. I have Pisces North Node/ Virgo South
    but with Virgo in Moon

    How would you think this impacts without going further into the chart.

    • The moon sign is our nature in childhood, our most basic emotional state. You have to earn your sun sign as you get older and mature the energy of the moon sign. So in your case, I think what might be more important is how the sun sign and North Node can support each other.

  2. Hmmmm, fishing. Could that include research or looking for information? Fishing for ideas, knowledge or information?

    • Since data and information are so heavily associated with Gemini, I would tend to think no, but fishing for imagery or memories from the unconscious would be under this purview.

  3.' Cynthia SteffieJanuary 3, 2017 at 7:21 pm

    What does it mean when the south and north node are at the same degree in natal chart

  4. I can relate to 90% or more… I feel as NN Pisces way to serious. The wide spectrum of interests has led to mayor indecisiveness and troubles. A narrow focus out of the SN Virgo? I believe so. Even this does not ‘help’, only to trust the Higher Plane relieves of the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual pains I feel from time2time. I’m fully aware of my judgments and know how to deal with them. Water does feel as a relieve. Embracing this path is a truly difficult one… check my comment on ‘NN in 3rd’ also. Thanks.

  5. Yes, hurray for common sense! I got your point that spending time near or in water may be helpful. I do love being around creeks and rivers.

    And thank you! This is spot on! I can see how I’ve started transitioning from being so rigid to trying to let go and flow more. That is the difficult part!

  6.' GeminigirlMay 2, 2016 at 2:24 am

    The sexuality part was so accurate it was scary to me. I became celibate because my body would be there but my mind would be some place else.

    • I am a Gemini as well and yes this is spot on I go through many long months or years without sex because if just felt like a chore and my emotions weren’t present..i feel awful for my bf I hardly sleep with him and I’m guilty of just not emotionally connecting to anyone man!

  7. Just because we catch a fish, does not mean we have to keep him 😉

  8. as I suspected! Not helping in anyway. I’ve been alienating myself for so long I’m currently ranked level “expert” to just throw away years of intolerance just seems very defeatas! I don’t wanna like people….

  9. I find it informative and pretty accurate, life is about balance and understanding the pattern of life. life is boring if only all good and no upheavals. through good we get inspired, through bad we get a lesson which allow us to grow.. my true node is in Pisces and i can relate to this. now to be honest i am so different of what i am last year. but although being helpful and expecting nothing in return is always been part of me, this year i find my self so empower with courage and motivation to share and inspire other people, to make them believe that nothing is impossible if they believe in their self and follow their inner passion and desire. that there is nothing to be be afraid as they walk through the journey or changes..

    ps. about the fishing thing? don’t focus on the literal fishing action. it can be mean about relating to other people as well as sharing to other people emotional struggle and success.

  10. “Water sports, especially fishing, may enhance your life greatly.”
    Really??? So hurting other beings who feel pain just like we do is supposed to enhance our lives? Boy, you’re sick.

    • I can understand why you made a strong statement. Fishing is taking a life to many people. I think the writer/astrologer was trying to imply that Pisces north node people should be close to the water & maybe involve themselves with something that has to do with the ocean. Pisces north node people are truly amazing when they embrace their path..

    • Yum, I think I’ll go cook some salmon right now.

    • Dearest Pisces the fish. Thank you for making your statement about fishing and how could that possibly enhance anyone’s life who really cares about another living creature’s pain. I’m glad you spoke up. I agree with you 100%! I’m a couple years late with a reply but I just happened to read this tonight 4/20/17.

  11. Too many assumptions and specifics. Too much virgo discrimination. The south node is more than ugly refuse from the worst aspects of its sign…

    • Maybe someone with n node Pisces is sensitive about fishing? Some of us try to keep a sense of humor…sometimes hehe.

      • In sharing what I know about these placements I’m trying to reach a broad audience with a wide spectrum of values and hobbies. Personally I have not enjoyed fishing, and I understand why someone would be offended by it, but it’s certainly an activity within the mainstream (stream, get it?). I am sincere in my beliefs, but we do need to take these descriptions with a grain of salt. They can’t apply to every single person with the placement. So, yes, hooray for common sense!


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