North Node in Virgo — South Node in Pisces

Directions: Study the interpretation of the North Node in Virgo below. Then, take the quiz to see how well you understand its impact on your life! After all, reading means nothing if you don’t fully understand it. Access the quiz via the link at the bottom.

The traditional interpretation of north node in virgo is that it gives the individual “fine aspirations.”  It is idealistic yet also concerned with the mundane.  Many people born with the north node in virgo placement choose writing or poetry as a career.  Famous examples include Charles Dickens, Emily Dickinson, Michael Crichton, Anne Rice, Kurt Vonnegut, and Percy Shelley.  These nodes also make the native prone to platonic love affairs, and it does not favor marriage.  (Confirmed bachelors George Clooney and Hugh Grant share this north node in virgo placement with you.)  Dragon’s Tail in Pisces means instability in affections and perhaps deceit in love.  It also indicates suffering.  This would have happened in a past life.

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In past lives you had a tendency to escape, perhaps through drugs or alcohol, or maybe just by daydreaming.  You had little to go on except your instincts and may not have had any success at all in life.  You carry with you that feeling of inner confusion and a lack of confidence.    It is through work that you will build yourself again.

It is important for the north node in virgo to develop goals and work towards them.  You will find a constant distraction in others’ sufferings.  In fact, you feel the pain of all those around you as a result of so much suffering yourself in a past life yourself.  Only when you begin to discriminate between those whom you can really help and who deserve your help and those who are beyond saving will you make any progress in your own life.  If you have let others drain you of your energy so that your own plans and schemes have suffered, this is your South Node dragging you down.  Begin to use your intellect to rule your emotions and you are on the path to happiness.

People will try to rely on you, for you still radiate a strong compassionate nature which draws others to you, especially the weak and hopeless.  Until you know yourself better, you may feel compelled to say “yes” to all of them.   When you being to say “no” you will lay the foundation for a stable life.  Your health will improve greatly.  Once you establish a routine, hold down a job, and start thinking clearly about life in a detached way, you will be able to help many, many people.  But until then, stopping to feel others’ pain will only drag you down.

Because you are highly sensitive, you may carry a hurt inside for years, nursing your upset feelings. Stop it!  You will be given the chance to forgive those who have “wronged” you and doing so furthers your soul growth.   You may often be more disappointed than hurt by others since you have such high ideals and a desire for perfection.  As you learn to be okay with yourself, you will learn to be okay with others, too.  (Although do be wary of falling into the old habit of overlooking truly unacceptable behavior.)

It is important for the north node in virgo to pay close attention to detail.  This will help you make good decisions and drain the swamp of your tumultuous emotions.  You are here to develop your mind and learn discrimination.  This requires you pay close attention to the world around you.  If you fail to focus, you will find yourself mixed up in a series of misunderstandings or even tragedies.  The universe will not support you in glossing over things or going with your gut feeling any longer.

Some recommended antidotes for those struggling to balance their Piscean and Virgo energy include word processing, gardening, studying history, writing, public speaking, and science.  Anyone with prominent Virgo energy would be a naturally gifted administrative assistant.  These are all great career paths for the north node in virgo.

You are bound to be disillusioned at some point in your life.  Take this as a lesson.  You can make the world a better place, if not for everyone then at least for some. But this can only happen when you resist others’ attempt to manipulate your good nature.  Act on clear thinking rather than feeling and instinct, and realize that not all suffering is unavoidable.   Above all avoid the temptation to retreat into your dream world.  The north node in virgo carrier is here to learn to serve others, but first you must clearly ascertain what they really need.   This requires a strong mind to go with your loving heart.

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Now that you have read about the North Node in Virgo placement, let’s examine your understanding by taking this fun little quiz I put together.

Click here to take the North Node in Virgo test!


  1. Am I north node or south node or both? I’m not understanding birthday is September 16,1989

  2. love this information. most is true and some not so much as usual. i’ve just learned that i need to set boundaries for my own mental and physical well being. i now understand the energy of the south node/north node. good stuff and thank you

  3. Thank u so much for this post. It makes me understanding my lessons.

  4. Yes. Boundaries are SO IMPORTANT. I’ve had mine overstepped from a very young age and in every ensuing living situation. Extreme sensitivity here. Very frustrating, after working myself to the bone, but always feeling drained by others. How does one not end up resentful? I almost feel like I simply need to live by myself from here on out and keep my goals to myself.

    • Omg you sound so much like me that I had to double check that I didn’t write that comment myself! The thought of living alone in a warm and comfortable but isolated cabin in the mountains sounds like heaven to me. I have always had my boundaries overstepped in relationships, perhaps I never had any to begin with. I also have Saturn tightly conjunct nn and Saturn is my chart ruler. For all of the Hard work I have done I have nothing to show for it. Always for the advancement others and pushing my own dreams aside, now I have no idea what I want from my life so continue the path of servitude, gritting my teeth as I pick up after another lazy selfish narcissistic man who lives his life on his own terms and refuses to help out with the house even though we have both spent the day at work at his business.

  5. Hi my south node is in pisces 7th. South node is getting aspect from mars in 12th. Should I wear cat’s eye? Will it help reducing ill effects of ketu and mars? plz suggest.

  6. Hi my south node is in pisces 7th. South node is getting aspect from mars in 12th. Should I wear cat’s eye? Will it help reducing ill effects of ketu and mars? plz suggest.

  7. Thank you so much for the helpful post, Celestina. I have learned so many painful lessons from this Virgo – Pisces axis that I started to envision its impact on my life vaguely. However not until I read your insightful post did I have a clear vision of this axis and the solution to my problems! If you got some time could you please analyze a bit on north node Virgo in 8th house and south node Pisces in 2nd house? Thank you.

  8. I also forgot to mention, my juno is pisces. Lucky huh?

  9. I have a gemini rising which squares my Saturn/Node Virgo conjunction in 4th house.

    Please help me learn how to navigate it.

    Thank you.

  10.' Derrick ReavesJune 18, 2016 at 7:58 pm

    This was very informative! I tend to get distracted with other peoples’ sufferings when in a romantic relationship. I put myself in “service” of helping them heal their demons. I noticed that transiting NN is in Virgo again–but also conjunct my natal NN and transiting Jupiter. What could this mean?

  11. I am really struggling and keep falling back on some old south node routines. Your insights are right on track and what I needed to read today!

  12.' Ariqua Christian avantApril 1, 2016 at 5:29 am

    How am I getting north node Virgo/Gemini ? Not Pisces? July 5th 1979 5:38 a.m. Shreveport Louisiana. I’m confused now.

  13. Thank you for your insights, especially about being distracted by other’s sufferings. Happens every time I set a goal. I think that word ‘detachment’ will be a good one to include in my vocabulary.


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