1. hi guys, i have 7th at nn, 1st at sn, taurus , scorpio at nn and sn respectively.

    i almost say I spent my all resources to my fated relationship,, many blocks for the past few years, but i think the success is still ahead this yr soon. just want to share, keep guys inform if succeed. God bless us so long from the very beginning, the progress, our relationship still good after many tests.

    amazing website, thank you

  2. How good that there are better books already! So it can easily be told that the Scorpio North Node people aren’t happy. They only easily build material wealth, which is shown by their Taurus South Nodes. That’s really far from being fullfilled or happy.

    The karmic lesson of a Libra North Node is not the karmic lesson of a Scorpio North Node. So it is quite useless to try to walk their path. For fullfillment a Libra North Node needs only to give up the selfcenteredness of the Aries South Node and to fight for people, who can’t fight for themselves.

  3. Hi Celestina-

    I was hoping you could shed light on the diffictult Libra North Node- and why it feels so “behind” and “ugly” compared to the happy Scorpio North node people. How can a Libra north node learn to feel that happy/fulfilled?


    You should write a book, by the way!


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