Discover your North Node’s impact on your karmic direction

I want you to learn as much as possible about your true node and what it means in terms of your soul’s karmic direction; therefore, I have put together a guide below to help you.

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Becoming aware of your soul’s karmic direction and gaining a new perspective on your past experiences can help you on your path to enlightenment.

  1. Find your node’s sign.  If you do not already know your node placements, click here to use the Node Chart chart to find your node’s signs.
  2. Find your node’s house.  You’ll need a full birth chart (which you can easily generate for yourself online using free sites or which can be ordered for little or no money and which require you to know your time, place, and date of birth) to determine what houses your node’s fall into.
  3. Click the links below to read about your node placement by sign and house.

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  1. Hey My NN Is in scorpio & 2nd house on libra cusp and im so confused to which direction to go .

  2. My NN is in saggi 7th house. Its ruler jupiter is RX natally in 10th house pisces. Jupter squares the NN. (Skipped step)
    What does skipped step, rx status of NN ruler mean?
    Jupiter turned direct by progression last week. How does this affect me?

  3. north node in cancer 8th house. Lenin. Says it all ! I always thought I must have been a despot in a previous life.

  4. Daniel ParsonsDecember 7, 2016 at 11:48 am

    Hi Celestina, my name is Daniel Parsons ,I’m a North node Gemini south node Sagittarius. I’m trying to figure out what house I belong to. I had a birth chart generated on line, but I have no clue how to interpret it. I’ve been on the path to enlightenment for for about 10 years, I’ve just never explored astrology before, so I will say that I’m ignorant in this field. When I read about my north and south nodes i was completely blowed away, because it answered so many questions I’ve had about my life. I was born September 30 1983 in tampa fl. Around 2 am.will you please help? Thank you so much

    • CelestinaJune 25, 2017 at 6:24 pm

      Hi, Daniel. It looks like I never answered this. You’ll need to get a complete natal chart which you can have done for free at It will show you the houses and give you some basics to start learning with. Enjoy!

  5. Im having problems trying to figure out what it nmeans to have my north node cancer 8th house retrograde can u please explain what that means

  6. Eternal SunshineOctober 8, 2016 at 12:48 am

    Hi!! What if your north node isn’t placed in a house? I have sag in my 1st and 12th house. North nd. capricorn, thank you!!

    • CelestinaJune 25, 2017 at 6:25 pm

      It is in a house. Even if it’s on the door of a house, it’s somewhere in the chart.

  7. Thanks for posting this, I found it very helpful but also feeling conflicting (maybe that’s my nature), what is the weight as comparing to ASC? I have NN in Scorpio (south node Taurus), unfortunately the ‘death and rebirth’ has been going on since my 30s I would say, everything seems to turning into ashes (by force). Approaching 40 just a few weeks ahead I finally realized the NN must be at play. Combine with my Virgo Sun and ASC in Pisces, plus a stellium in Libra, it’s even more than confusing.

    • CelestinaJune 25, 2017 at 6:26 pm

      The ascendant is the mask we use to filter ourselves, our personality. It’s actually pretty superficial, though easy to recognize usually.

  8. I’m wondering which, if not all, I should really digest if my asc node is not the same sign in my 11th house, and it is in fact in two houses…

    My Asc. node, Aquarius, is the sign that is in my second and third house.I keep reading many interpretations that put north node and 11th house synonymously, but my 11th house rules Taurus.

    Is the asc node in fact the north node? Is this all to be taken equally?

    • You have an incercepted house it sounds like. Your chart should have the degree of the ascendant and the degree of your north node in the planet/house/sign chart that’s above the aspect grid. If the degree is the same as the ascendant degree then it is exact your ascendant but I don’t know enough about astrology to interpret that aspect accurately. If the degree is before the Asc degree it is in the 12th house and after the asc degree it is the first house. The sign that falls on the cusp of each house rules that house so you will have on the opposite side of your chart another sign that rules 2 houses because the missing signs are stuck in the middle of a house aka intercepted. Any planets in these intercepted signs will be difficult for you to express through life until you unlock their potential. There’s a lot more to it than this but I would google intercepted planets / signs / or houses for more detail.

  9. Hi & thank you for sharing your work & insights on the N Nodes w us! I also have a question…my N Node is in Scorpio but also in the 2nd house (Taurus’s house). These are of course opposite explanations. Should I lean more into the sign or house placement? Thanks so much…

  10. Hi…

    Just read the interpretations of true node in house and sign. A little disappointed because, even though conscious attempts are made to introduce a new direction, something/one keeps coming to sabotage its development to the point where it feels like the twilight zone, or being stuck in a computer game.

    Finding that energy is taken, others benefit then leave.

    Have never posted a comment on these sites because sometimes it feels like everything is the person’s fault as to where they are and that there’s no other possibility. Not trying to scapegoat as it’s always been easier for me deal with situations that feel like ‘mine’.

    Hope the above makes sense. Felt compelled to write.

    • I am not sure what you’re commenting on specifically (which Node placement), so I can’t be too specific. Generally speaking, if the information is helpful to you it should be liberating (“Aha! I finally get it!”) rather than constraining (feeling “stuck”). So maybe you have more information to gather on your journey?

      • Hi…thank you for replying.

        North node in 7th house in Cancer. Sometimes ‘I get it!’, but this time spent a few days shaking off the interpretation. In a place where I like to know what energy is around me, rather than use astrology or similar belief systems to dictate paths through life as they once did.

        Just doesn’t feel right for me to go down the path that is suggested on the site. Did come across another site though with similar interpretation except for a comment that it doesn’t mean the career needs to be given up. I may have read this site wrong, especially with feeling many obstacles and possibly seen it as another?

        Oh! What I did note is that the energy described on this site appears reversed – so meeting ‘others’ valuing the material side of the relationship/partnership.

        I’m happy with who I am and aware of my values in relation to others. Have always been able to transform situations, so just figuring this one out. Trying something new.

        Thanks again.

  11. Since I was born in 1937 and no longer have my chart, I can’t tel where my nodes are

    • I’ll talk to the web master about expanding the chart. You can get a free chart at Just choose “Free Horoscopes” and then “Chart Drawing, Ascendant.” You’ll enter your birth info and get a free chart.

  12. Dear Celestina, thank you for your wonderful work. I have a personal question. May you help me to understand nodes position and anaretic degrees. I have my north node 29 degrees aquarius 6th house- uranus 1st house virgo and my south node leo 29 degrees- conjunct lilith 12th house virgo an sun2nd house libra. thank you very much

  13. Hi celestina, thank you for your wonderful work. I have a personal question. I have north node 29 degrees aquarius, uranus south node 29 degrees Leo conjunct lilith, and sun in the -libra. Could you tell me something about my nodes and the .29 degrees anaretic degrees? Thank you very much.

    • CelestinaMay 29, 2015 at 4:18 am

      I don’t know a lot about the anaretic degrees except that the 29th degree is sometimes called the anaretic degree. Some of the fixed states are at 29 degrees, like Scheat (29 Pisces) and Regulus (29 Leo). You may check that out since you say your South Node is 29 Leo.

  14. I celestina, thank you for your work. I have a personal question. I have my north node 29 degrees aquarius sixth house and uranus in my first house. My south node 29 degrees Leo 12th house conjunct lilith and sun in my second house. I wrote 29 degrees are anaretic degrees , could you say me something about this? Thank you very much

  15. Sandi SchaefferApril 30, 2015 at 5:59 pm

    Hi …….My north node is also in Pisces at 29 degrees 5 min in the 5th house, the last solar eclipse conjuncted this degree, I am wondering what that might indicate for the next 6 mos. Thank you for your imput.

  16. Hi Celestina,

    Nice site! Thanks for this!

  17. Hi Celestina, thank you so much for your articles and insight.

    My natal chart says my north node is in Pisces in the 3rd house, but anytime I read articles about that aspect, it feels foreign to me. I tend to identify more with the struggles pertaining to having north node in 4th house. I also get wary with the 3rd house’s suggestions to form deep connections with the family and mother since mine was very dysfunctional and I endured a lot of abuse growing up.

    So how do I work on setting healthy boundaries and living my life in a way that’s fulfilling for me, and still embrace a pisces north node in 3rd house? It just doesn’t seem to add up.

    Here’s my chart. Perhaps my north node is on the cusp? It’s all very confusing.

    Many thanks, and much love.

    • CelestinaMay 27, 2015 at 5:28 pm

      I am not familiar with the interpretation of third house as connoting deep family relationships. I have learned it as the house of close (not not necessarily deep) relationships with people who are like you or near you — colleagues, siblings, classmates, neighbors. The mother is usually fourth or tenth house. Seeing as you have the node in Pisces you’re here to learn that we are all connected and yet at the same time in the third house that we are all distinct. So you will find a lot of experiences that put you in touch with this cosmic mystery. How can we all be spiritually connected and yet physically and mentally distinct? (This reminds me of the Borg storyline in Star Trek!) I’m sorry to hear you suffered so much in childhood, and I can see how you would be leary of really connecting with others and feeling, but I do think that’s your task, and you should get some karmic reward when you stop thinking/worrying so much and start really getting in touch with your feelings and instincts. The link to your chart has expired, so I can’t see the year. You may be too old or too young, but the chart suggests to me that a relationship with your own child or children could be very healing for you, especially if you can give to a child the mothering and nurturing you did not get yourself. Healthy boundaries is a wonderful karmic goal for you, and I support is wholeheartedly. Feel for others, get in touch with your instincts and emotions, but remember not to lose yourself in someone else. Having said all that, different house systems can put the Node in different houses, and I support you in experimenting until you find the Node placement that makes sense for you. You know it’s right when you reach for the North Node and having done your best feel totally supported by the universe. Good luck!

  18. Hello Celestina!

    I found your website while looking for info on North Node at 29:44 degrees Pisces, (mine does also happen to be in the 12th house,) in light of tomorrow’s astronomical phenomenon occurring on that degree.

    Also peculiar is a conjunction with a long time (20 year!) person of serious interest to me, whose Chiron is conjunct my Node there, (though his Chiron is at 0:13 degrees Aries) Adding to the interest: his True Node is awfully close to my Chiron, (4 and 10 degrees Aries respectively,) clustered around my Venus at 10 Aries, and Ascendent at 9 Aries.

    Sorry to go all Love Signs on you, but… TOMORROW! And, the “meant to be” feelings surrounding this guy are unprecedented for me, though I’m a 45 year old sucker for love.

    Thanks for your insight!

    P.s. These stats are based on a Placidus Natal Chart, if that helps.

  19. Aloha Celestina,
    I’m am very grateful for you sharing your wisdom on the Nodes…one question. What does ‘d’ signify right after true node in Leo in 7th house?

    sendng you continued loving energies for you and your work.

  20. Celestina, thank you for this website. My NN is in Aries in 7th House.
    According to House I should be egoist and agressive person/ According to Sign I would better put others first (for example my partner/husband)????What is the lesson for me??

    • CelestinaMay 27, 2015 at 5:43 pm

      One of the hardest things to do in astrology is separate the energy of the planets from the houses. The houses are where the action is occuring in your life and the planets are how. I would not say that North Node in Aries *should* be an egoist or aggressive, but certainly that is one use of the energy. The North Node in Aries is striving to be an individual and a strong one who is independent and bold. The house placement is where the action is, and you certainly will find many life experiences that put you back into the mode of partnership. It is within these partnerships that you will work out your karma as an individual. Yes, you must learn to put others first, but that is not the same as losing your identity entirely. Be first if you must — forge ahead — but don’t forget the partner who must come with you. Take turns. Share when you can. Lend a helping hand. I think you’ll find you’ll spend most of your life working out these issues of dominance and submission, individuality and partnership. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself and speak your needs. Be in a partnership, but don’t let the other person make all the decisions for you. It’s important that you show up, so to speak, every day for yourself. Do this without dominating the other person. It’s tricky, but I think that’s what you are here to learn.

  21. hi, celestina.

    my dilemma is this :

    my north node is in sag – however – the house placement seems a bit tricky to me.

    i would like help in determining the true house as both explanations within your page seem ‘true’.

    my ascent is aquarius (0 aquarius 14′)

    sag is technically my 11th house (1 sag 1’55’) – however –

    when looking on the chart it is split 50/50 by both the 10th & 11th houses.

    my true node as well as, neptune reside on the 10th house spot and the 11th house spot is empty… even though, technically it’s all in the house of sag my 11th house.

    please help decipher this puzzle.

    many thanks and much goodness,

    • CelestinaMay 27, 2015 at 5:50 pm

      I’m not sure what you mean by split 50/50. The placement should be either in one house or the other. If you mean it’s split, do you mean int he image the planet appears to be sitting on the line dividing the houses? That’s just an image. The cusp of the house will have degree, minute, and second, and you need to look at the node’s degree, minute, and second. That will put it on one side of the cusp or the other accordingly. However, having said that, different house systems will put something in different houses if it’s near a cusp. You say that both interpretations work for you (both house placements). This is unusual; usually one or the other is more clearly indicated. I also wanted to remark on the presence of Neptune in all this. Neptune makes everything so murky!

  22. Hi Celestina,
    Thank you for taking the time to post so much information about the North and South Nodes. I have a Pisces NN in the 2nd house with Virgo SN in 8th. I’ve always been so conflicted with what the 2nd house is about..thinking it’s mostly attaining material possessions, which I am not interested in..and Pisces is about letting go, so that makes it more confusing.
    I found this and wanted to share it with you because I think it’s spot on in addition to what you mentioned:
    Second House: Really, it’s about believing in your SELF and relying on that belief. No one can put that belief within you. You must develop a belief in yourself if you do not own one. If you are grasping for more material possessions, you’re giving your sense of power over to an object. If you’re thinking that aligning with someone because of their position in life or your perception of their popularity, you’re giving your power over to another person….another spiritual being who is having a human experience just like you.

    • I think of second house issues as revolving around self-sufficiency, which is a concept probably somewhere in between believing in yourself and attaining material possessions.

  23. I have North Node at 00 degrees of Sagittarius in 11th house and South Node at 00 degrees of Gemini in 5th house. Am so disturbed to read that 11th house North node folks may never have childre/hard time with conception. I also have Sun and Mercury(Rx) in 5th house, both at 19 degrees to Gemini….do they not have any power over a weak dragon’s tail in Gemini? Pls help me to understand.

    • Saturn in the 5th house could indicate a difficult time with conception. South Node in the 5th I would not interpret that way necessarily. Seeing as you have your Sun in the 5th house I could understand how your children would be very important to you. There are other ways to interpret the energy of the 5th house besides children and conception of children. It can also represent creativity, the ego, the life force itself, the way you express yourself. In some ways it’s also adolescence in that it craves attention and acceptance. Having South Node there may mean those things come naturally to you or are comfortable to you, but could also take you off your path, and this is a lifetime about learning more about relationships that are impersonal, like friendships, and learning to be okay being different. What I would say about those placements and children is this: if/when you do decide to have children, be sure to give them enough space so they can be their own person, i.e., don’t see them as just an extension of yourself. If you want to work with children, better to do it in large groups.

  24. Hi Celestina. Wondering if you could provide some insight on this topic for me. I have my north node in my 3rd house in Libra, south in the 9th of Aries according to my birth chart. I am a Gemini.

    From my understanding this means that I should embrace areas that involve writing, teaching, artist, and interior design.

    The problem I have with this is that none of these things pull at my passion bug. When I think of changing my career to any of these things I feel hopeless, often times uninterested, and interior design…for get it..that bug definitely is not me. lol!

    So my question is, how can any of this stuff be true and be used as a guide if what it is reflecting is something that you yourself don’t want to be bothered with?

    In other words, what does one do when thing you birth chart says you’ll never find success in is the exact area you yourself know you LONG for on a daily basis?

    How does one turn around / move on from that? Basically, my birth chart reflects the opposite of what I actually feel.

    • I understand, and I have found that for some people astrology does nothing for them. If it’s not turning you on or providing insight perhaps it’s best to pursue other interests and try again later.

      I have a couple of thoughts about your North Node. Firs, teaching is usually associated with the 9th house, not the third. I am not sure how interior design comes from either Libra or the 3rd house. To have a North Node in Libra is to be moving towards a lifetime of partnership of learning to give others space as equals. This could be done in any career. The house is the area in which the node exerts itself. The third house may be about siblings, communication, transitions, gossip, travel around town. Again, it could fit into a lot of careers.

      If you’re looking for career direction try focusing on the 10th house and perhaps the Mars. There is also a part of vocation which can be calculated.

      Good luck!

  25. Thank you Celestina for your great website! You are the first person ever to explain the North/South Nodes and house placement in a way that finally hit home to me.
    It’s amazing because my North Node in Leo, 10th house is totally in sync with my life sign in IFA and also with what Orishas said to me in my life reading when I initiated/crowned Yemaya! I used to always feel like something was ‘wrong’ with me because people consistently abandoned me and I couldn’t keep a mate–now I KNOW why North Node in Leo. Finally I’m at peace with knowing and understanding the truth and I’m happy to know that my profession as a psychic/healer/Santera goes right in line with my node placement! Thank you again Celestina, and if there is anything I can do for you, please let me know…

    • It’s amazing hwo much happiness can be found by triggering the North Node energies. I wish you continued career success.

  26. I believe I have to add that my sun do make a trine to my retrograde aries Chiron in the 12th. Other planets in the 12th are retrograde Jupiter in Taurus (22°) and Lilith. Natal Pluto in Libra is in the 6th too….

  27. Hi Celestina,
    Love the accurate information!
    I do have a question though, involving my north node. It is in Scorpio in 0° in the 6th, conjunct my vertex and Eros. It only sextiles my unaspected capricorn sun in 0° in the 8th house. I believe there is some meaning to it, but I couldn’t find information about it. It makes me wondering, especially now, since transiting pluto is conjuncting my sun/moon-midpoint in the 8th. Any idea?

    • There are people who do consider aspects to the Node, but I was taught that because the Node is not a planet (it’s a calculated point) the aspects do not apply. I have stuck with that throughout my career and therefore don’t have much insight on the sextile to the sun. I suppose that being conjunct Eros and Vertex is significant, as well, but again I can’t be of more help than a general Internet search would be. I find that working with the basic building blocks (planets, houses, nodes, and major aspects) will generally provide more than enough insight, especially if you use transits and progressions. So I really haven’t had a lot of experience with asteroids. I know some people swear by the Vertex, but I haven’t used it. If it points to your destiny or life direction and it is harmonious with the North Node I would that is positive. I’m sorry I don’t have a genius answer :/

  28. I have north node in scorpio in the 11th house. Saying that my life has been dangerous and unpredictable would be an understatement.

  29. Hi dear Celestina, thank you for your website, i found everythink very interesting. I enjoyed reading the descriptions about the nodes & how they can affect our life direction. I would like to make a question about my nodes. Can you spend some words for me? I have my north node in the 6th house in pisces ans my south node conjunct lilith in the 12th house.(opposite direction) what does it mean? Thank you very much 😉

    • The South and North nodes are always opposites.

      The astrology signs, in my opinion, are actually best understood this way — in pairs of opposites. They each represent polarities of the same energy. For instance, Gemini and Sagittarius are the archetype of student and teacher, which may seem opposite, but they are poles of the same access — information.

      Some people believe the South Node is what you had too much of in a past life. Michael Lutin says it’s what would would have done if you had just had a chance to live five more minutes in the last life. Some people believe it’s representative of your childhood. It always seems to be something you can’t get enough of. The North Node is the antidote for it.

      If your South Node is in Virgo then you may crave a schedule, routine, and a life of detail. In fact, these people are known as control freaks. Though you want this badly it will not bring happiness in this life. The antidote, as it were, is to trust in divine order and seek an expanded consciousness.

      The houses represent the areas where these energies will be felt, so you may just spend some time reading about the 6th and 12th house axes and reflect on how these have operated in your life.

      Thank you for leaving a comment, and I hope you enjoy the site.


  30. Hi,Celestina, compliments for the really nice insightful articles you share with us. I am interested in astrology since many years but till i found your website i would say i didn’t read such comprehensive and close to reality interpretations of the north node. I have a question regarding my north node too, hope you can give a small opinion or maybe you have seen a similar north node position before and can suggest how it works? I have a north node in 8th house in Leo that makes a square with Chiron (Taurus, 5th house) and Uranus (Scorpio 11th house, Ruler of 2nd), all of them making a big square geometrical form. Please, do you know what such a square would mean? Especially the presence of Chiron here is worrying me, because Chiron himself participates in another big square form with Venus and Mars. My birth date is Sept. 16th 1980 at 15:00h in Sofia, Bulgaria. Thank you a lot for any comment.

    • Thank you for leaving a comment.

      The nodes are not planets, and therefore I’ve never done much with aspects to the nodes.

      Hi, I looked at the chart. I would -not- say that Mars squares Venus because the Venus is at 28 Cancer which technically puts it within the orb for a square aspect to Mars, but it’s not in the right sign for a square, i.e. seeing as it’s not actually in the sign that squares the sign that Mars in in I wouldn’t count it as a square. Mars is in Scorpio and Venus is in Cancer, both water signs.

      It looks like you do have Chiron square the Mars, but that’s a pretty loose orb (10 degrees). The tighter the orb the more pronounced the effect usually. I typically concentrate only on the planets and not on the asteroids, so I would not be able to give good guidance on what this might mean.

      I did notice you have Neptune potentially squarring a stellium of planets in Virgo. You may want to look into that.


  31. Dear celestina, i have read with a lot of interest your side. I’m a little confused. I have north node in the sixth in pisces. Should i let structure go or not.;-/ thank you very much for your answer. Karin

    • Karin, Thank you for leaving a comment. I understand your dilemma in thinking about this. It’s important to keep in mind that the signs represent archetypal energies while the houses are the areas in which the planets exert their influence. So I do think that trusting in a divine order and expanding your consciousness will be beneficial to you at a soul level. It does not necessarily mean you must let go of routine, although most people with North Node in Pisces find this incredibly liberating once they allow it to happen. Given your placement, that may not be the case for you and that’s okay. You may find that some sort of discipline is comforting or necessary to do the healing work you were sent to do (6th house = healing work).

      The way to know your path is to experiment. Try letting go of structure, order, discipline on some micro level and see how it feels. The universe will always support you in achieving your North Node. So you’ll know when you are on the right path because miracles will happen and you will feel better. If you try it for a weekend and find that wonderful things happen, that you feel rejuvenated and happy when you let go and let God, then that’s the right path for you. If a routine brings better results then you’ll know you need a modicum of that and to exercise your divine trust another way. Perhaps you can see each person as a cosmic being. Perhaps that’s a different way to express this divine consciousness.
      Best of luck!

  32. My north node is at 29 degrees pisces in the 5th house, given that 29 degrees is a critical point, does that mean that I’ve had this lesson in past lifetimes and have failed to learn it?

    • Some people believe the South Node represents what you over-indulged in in a past life. The astrologer Michael Lutin has said it represents what you would have done given just a few more minutes to live in a previous life. I wouldn’t necessarily think of it as a lesson not learned.

      Anything at 29 degrees always seems ominous, especially in Pisces (Scheat), but I wouldn’t necessarily give it a bad interpretation in this context. One thing to consider is that it may actually be at 1 degrees Aries. You may want to play with the chart and see if a couple of minutes either way or different degrees for birth place get you into Aries and if that’s a better fit. Sometimes birth certificates can be off a few minutes or places are approximated and when things are this close it makes a difference.

      Thank you for leaving a comment.

  33. Cor LeonisJune 9, 2014 at 9:22 am

    Dear Celestina,

    my North Node is in 8th in Aquarius. Am a Leo myself. Most of my boyfriends and fiancees died suddenly. Does this have anything to do with the placement of my NN?


    • People with 8th house placements tend to find that death is often near. It does not mean they bring it or consciously seek it. It’s just that they are comfortable with the seam between life and death and can often be shepherds as people near the end of their time here. These deaths are not always corporeal. There may also be deaths of other things, such as ventures, partnerships, structures. And of course we learn that death is not really obliteration but transformation.

      The suddenness we may somehow associate with Aquarian energy, but at some ages all deaths seem sudden. A long suffering death would be more Piscean.

      In short, I would say yes, it may have something to do with your placement.

  34. Hello Mam
    I Am Nitesh Gupta from India n I am glad to read your article on various things related to many planets it really Worth’s .I were searching for the information about affect on north node when it is with sun in 8th house in Aquarius .can you please sought my doubt related to this. I am every confused to choose which field should I choose .if u can help in this , then please suggest me which stream should I choose according to astrology . my birth time – 00:55 A.M
    birth date – 02-12-1992
    bith place – jabalpur ,Madhya Pradesh ,India.

    • Hi, Thank you for reading the website and leaving a comment.

      I would not say the North Node is a good way to make a career decision necessarily, i.e. that in and of itself it doesn’t add much to the decision always. I did look at the chart and nothing jumped out at me regarding vocation. I did get Sun in a very different house (not the 8th). I’m not sure if this is because you made a typo in the time you left in the post and therefore the chart is no good or because Vedic astrology calculates the houses differently. In this chart I do see Jupiter in the 10th house which makes me think you will have luck in your vocation. Mars, Venus, Uranus, and Neptune are all in a tight stellium in Capricorn so I understand status and career must be very important to you. I would read more about those conjunctions if you’re still reading about your chart.

      There is a part of vocation that can be calculated to indicate a career path. You may want to google that and figure out where it lands in your chart. I would recommend this excellent article to you as the decision will be one that is quite comprehensive: This is the best help I can offer in this forum.

      Another thing you can do is get a horary reading about which path would be more beneficial to you or about a specific job offer if you have one.

  35. Wonderful site full of amazing information Celestina! I am wondering if you have anymore insights for women with North Node in the 10th house. Just as you described I have trouble channeling the energy of my destiny. I know exactly what I need to do but find myself distracted by both real (family obligations) and self created challenges (fears, anxiety, worry). When I am able to find balance through yoga and other self healing techniques I thrive until the next “big thing” happens. It doesn’t matter wether the “big thing” is positive or negative I find it throws my energy off and I lose focus. Thank you Celestina- you are truly gifted and empowering people with astrological knowledge.

    • A question like this seems really global to me. That is, I think you would need to get a full chart interpretation. I am guessing if you were at my site investigating you are reading a lot of astrology. Keep digging in your process of self-exploration. You may also find it useful to look at the transits to your natal chart. What you’re describing could also be a Uranus transit distracting you by contacting one of your planets or moving into/out of a house in your chart. It doesn’t mean necessarily you’re on the wrong path or won’t ever make progress.

      Thank you for reading the blog and leaving a comment.

  36. Dear life savior!

    Thank you so much for sharing all this information, it is very generous to communicate your knowledge so openly with people!! I have always been fond of astrology and its interpretations, but, to be honest, I never spent time to learn what true node stands for, until today. I was born on January 25th 1982 at noon (12:00) in Athens, Greece, my chart says ” true node Cancer 3rd house”, and after reading your essays i made some good connections… Seems like i’m approaching the full picture eventually! BUT: what does it mean for the true node to be “retrograde”? I’m sure it cannot be good… Could you please enlighten me, whenever you have the time!? I would really appreciate your help! =)

    Warmest wishes for a happy, healing, meaningful 2014 to everyone!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the articles! I don’t give much weight to the nodes being retrograde. After all, the nodes aren’t even planets. They’re calculated points. Further, most of the time they are retrograde. I am not saying it doesn’t mean anything, just that I haven’t found that it provides much depth to the interpretation. I can refer you to a good discussion of this by one of my favorite astrologers, Jan Spiller, who does have some good insights into what the retrograde might mean:

  37. Dear Celestina, I wish to understand my soul direction but I’m confused about house position of my true node. Would you please tell me if it’s in 7 or 6 house? or it is a mix and I should consider both? my chart:

    ( I was born on the 23.09.1985 at 10.36 a.m. in Lodz, Poland )

  38. Re: I was surfing the net seeking additional info on my natal nodes to improve the quality of my life. I read quite a few sights and then landed on the above page. I cannot fathom why anyone with your level of spirituality would compare this path to Osama Bin Laden, the Shah of Iran or the other dismal endings including Marlene Deitrich? What a picture you painted…Blessings of Light to you dear one.

  39. Hi Celestina, thank you for your website. I really enjoyed reading the descriptions you’ve written about the nodes & how they can affect our life direction. I was hoping you could help to clarify my nodal position? It seems conflicting to have a north node in Virgo in house 12, I also noticed that it was in retrograde.

    • Hi, Julie. I’m glad you enjoyed the site. Remember that the sign placement is the direction of the karma while the house is the area in which that influence is felt. Those are two slightly different things. It takes some practice to get the feel of them. I don’t think retrograde has much meaning in interpreting the nodes. Technically, they’re always retrograde.

  40. I really enjoyed reading through the nodes and understanding this part of myself on a deeper level. I also found your style of writing extremely easy to understand and read through. All resonated quite strongly after learning my North Node is in Capricorn in the 11th house. Do you write more articles on astrology or is this site only for North and South nodes?

  41. ChristinaJune 26, 2013 at 2:08 am

    I have my north node at 0 degrees of Libra. Jupiter is on the exact point (0 degrees of Libra). First of all does it add any significance to have Jupiter there in conjunction and secondly, do I consider Virgo/6th house interpretations since the north node is on the cusp?

    Thank you,

    • CelestinaJune 26, 2013 at 7:34 pm

      For this type of information I recommend Martin Schulman’s books on karmic astrogy, especially the nodes. The node is not a planet so you can’t treat the aspects the same, but of course the proximity of planets to it does add a flavor to the interpretation.

    • CelestinaJune 26, 2013 at 7:39 pm

      I was always taught that unless a planet is exactly — to degree — on a cusp, it falls in either one house or the other. No point in looking at the other house interpretation.

      Of course, different house systems might yield different placements so you might end up doing that anyway if you fool around with Placidus v equal house, etc. Then I’d say go with the chart that makes more sense to you. Still, you’ve got to choose your poison. It’s in one house or the other unless you’ve got an amazing exact conjunction on the house line.

      I just made a comment about the other issue 🙂

  42. marian ryanJune 23, 2013 at 8:35 pm

    Hi, I have a north node placement in my 8th house with Leo and with moon. what are the karmic indicators of this placement, also what key patterns for change should I focus on?
    warm blessings

  43. My western astrology NN is Libra/8th hs, which I read here about a year ago and resonated with. However, this time I studied your intepretation of my Vedic NN, which is Virgo/9th house, and was just blown away!! Basically, my life in a nutshell. Was so impressed by the uncanny interpetation, that I wondered if anyone else had ever studied this. Checked my other vedic placements (natal aspects, etc) this way, with similar results. Do you have any clue as to why the vedic placements (with western interpretation) would be so much more accurate? LITERALLY EVERY PARAGRAPH OF YOUR INTERP OF THE 9TH HOUSE FIT ME/MY LIFE PERFECTLY!! Kinda scary, actually.

    • CelestinaMay 31, 2013 at 4:51 pm

      I don’t know enough about Vedic to make an insightful comment there. I’m sorry. I can say generally that people have said to me from time to time that a different house system used to cast their chart (Placidus v Equal House, for example) made all the difference in the world. So it’s not uncommon to find that a tweak here and there makes everything fall into place. With clients I cast the chart consistently using the same methods and work within those parameters, but if you find other methods that work — I’m all for it!

      Thank you for the feedback. I’m happy to hear the information was helpful to you.

      • Of course, the different house system must be it. Thanks so much for your input, and your site. Over the years I have studied/researched many astrological systems/interpretations, including Martin S., Wolfe Green, and Hand-Clow, but have never been more impressed by the accuracy of interpretations, for myself and others. Will be checking back regularly to your site!

    • Hi Olivia,

      Just read your post regarding Vedic Astrology. After following Western astrology for 15+ years, I still felt my chart was “off”. I tried Vedic, for the hell of it, and I was also blown away to the point I was scared.. I’m in my 50’s and I wish I could go back 20 years with the guidance of my Vedic chart.

  44. Celestina, I feel like my North node and its placement are in conflict with each other. I have a South Node in Sagittarius in the 6th house and a North Node in Gemini in the 12th house. My sun sign is also Sagittarius. But doesn’t having a north node in Gemini in the 12th house conflict with the North Node’s soul purpose?

    • CelestinaMay 22, 2013 at 2:18 am

      I don’t see any conflict there. The soul’s karmic direction is to learn the lessons of Gemini in 12th house (Pisces) situations. Look for other planets in the 12th and 6th houses in the natal chart to get more insight into how these issues will manifest themselves, and transits to the nodes for specific life events.

      • Dear Celestina, I cannot solve the problem with my life direction and was wondering if you can please have a look at my natal chat… north node in house 12, Gemini. Sun is also house 12, Gemini and moon is in Pisces… of birth 24.05.84. Time 7.50 Place : Siberia, Russia : Mezdurechrnsk

        being a visul artist …at the moment I am trying to decide whether I should head into publishing and journalism…..or psychology….

        Thank you so much

      • Dear Celestina, I cannot solve the problem with my life direction and was wondering if you can please have a look at my natal chat… north node in house 12, Gemini. Sun is also house 12, Gemini and moon is in Pisces… of birth 24.05.84. Time 7.50 Place : Siberia, Russia : Mezdurechrnsk

        being a visul artist …at the moment I am trying to decide whether I should head into publishing and journalism…..or psychology….

        Thank you so much 

        • Hi, Thank you for reading the website and leaving a comment.

          I would not say the North Node is a good way to make a career decision necessarily, i.e. that in and of itself it doesn’t add much to the decision always. I did look at the chart and nothing jumped out at me regarding vocation. I like artist for you because of the 12th house placements, but I can see journalism as well with your Mercury in the 11th house (need to communicate on a large scale). I have a good intuitive feeling about psychology. I believe publishing is usually associated with the 9th house (double check this), in which you have no planets, so that doesn’t seem either good or bad.

          There is a part of vocation that can be calculated. You may want to google that and figure out where it lands in your chart. I would recommend this excellent article to you as the decision will be one that is quite comprehensive: This is the best help I can offer in this forum.

          Another thing you can do is get a horary reading about which path would be more beneficial to you or about a specific job offer if you have one.

          Good luck! I am sure you’ll be a success at whatever you do.

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