North Node in 12th House

Traditionally it was taught that those born with North Node in 12th House are here to sacrifice for the greater good and have incarnated to demonstrate compassion and unconditional love for the human race.  We expect to find them serving as a doctor, nurse, psychiatrist, mystic, or artist, for these vocations allow them to connect with and heal others by channeling deeper energy.

The corresponding Dragon’s Tail in the Sixth House was thought to connote health problems, even mysterious ailments or hypochondria, and lives punctuated by periods of “time outs” to deal with sickness.

If you do not have health problems, I bet you have some issues about your work environment.  You may feel confined by your work space.  A career in a large institution is called for.  If it’s not the work environment that bothers you, perhaps you feel unappreciated or just underpaid.  You may have an exaggerated sense of self and feel that most of what you are asked to do on the job is beneath you.  Yet you will find yourself doing work you resent over and over again, while the anger builds up inside — until you make yourself literally sick.

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The north node in 12th house placement means you were a perfectionist in past lives, analyzing and criticizing the world around you.  Perhaps you unconsciously fall back into this pattern, secretly judging others as less than perfect.  Resist the urge to lose yourself in petty thoughts.  You must learn to differentiate between the important and insignificant.  Until you do, the nervous energy you perpetuate by focusing on minutiae will eat away at your physical and mental health.

You have a soul memory of being able to control the outer world, and now you are here to experience the entire universe within you. This will require periods of solitude in which you contemplate the microcosm of your soul.  Many famous loners have the north node in 12th house placement.  Among these are Isaac Newton, Abraham Lincoln, Henri Matisse, Soren Kierkegaard, Vincent Van Gogh, Thomas Merton, Marilyn Monroe, and T.E. Lawrence.  Embrace the decision to journey from the material world to the spiritual, and you will find a greater happiness than you have ever known. Faith and determination are your keys as the north node in 12th house placement.

Your physical health is dependent upon your mental well-being which requires you to let go of your need to control the details of the world around you.  When you begin to put your faith in your inner resources rather than trying to manipulate the outer world and impress people, you will find the self-confidence you have been lacking.

Your life is a journey of self-discovery as a carrier of the north node in 12th house.  Your task is to know and love the real you, and appreciate your place in the cosmos.  You are destined for spiritual greatness.  You must lead a life that inspires others to create harmony and honor the brotherhood of man.  Live from your heart and not your mind.

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  1. Mystically InclinedNovember 16, 2017 at 2:34 am

    I would like to add to this thread and share my 12th house experience and findings. I have North Node in Capricorn conjunct Sun, Moon and Saturn. Saturn being the natural ruler, along with Venus in the 12th house. I’ve got it pretty “bad.”

    What I discovered about the 12th house is that not only does it represent what we accomplished/failed in our most previous life, it is also our subconscious/unconscious self. The polarity of the 6th house represent our physical incarnation and our day to day mundane life. With the south node in the 6th house I believe we spent much of our previous life in a cycle, it was torture to our soul. Maybe we had a decent job that put food on the table but we hated it so much. We got up and did the same routine everyday because we felt we had or it was the only way to survive. With cancer on my 6th house I assume that I was like a servant (6th house) for my family (cancer). I didn’t take care of my soul, and I didn’t progress in my soul evolution because I was too busy worried with meeting the status quo. Now in this incarnation the soul or the subconscious is now taking control. The 12th house is surrendering to the unknown (the unconscious). I don’t believe the 12th is to be blame for the lack of employment or illnesses because those are ruled by the 6th house (South node). The more we fall back into the mundane patterns of the 6th house the more restrictions we find our self in. There are parts of you that are demanding to be acknowledge, that is why we often find ourselves in what feels like a prison, that is our subconscious creating an environment where we are alone and we must face ourselves. With this placement we must face our deepest most authentic self. Only then can we return to the mundane reality of the physical plane.

    My suggestion for anyone dealing with extreme suffering do to this placement is look into shadow work. I have personally dedicated myself to mysticism and astrology. The only way I have been able to cope with this karmic placement.

  2. I have my north node in cancer house #12

    I had a change of life since child.

    I started to be a uncontroled person, to a adviser person. Can’t employ myself to, can’t stay in something without being tired. I live with my family and i can’t move to another situation.

    I have living the last years in a shelt.

    I feel i can’t feel nothing, i live in a prison, so i need to accept that things run as they should, but i’m so afraid because of not having money to my things.

    Oh gosh, this is very hard.

  3. Thank you plenty for this concise and to-the-point write up. It is going to be a great help as I continue to transition my life from it’s previous bearing to this new direction I am moving in. Life feels so wonderful with each gram of information I digest relating to my birth chart. I am gaining a complete understanding for what was, what is, and what is meant to be. Astrology is turning out to me a masterful teacher, guide and director – just what I’ve needed for all these years gone by.

  4. Thank you everyone for posted their stories, and to Celestina for the writeup.

    I have NN 12th house in Taurus. I also have Saturn conjunct my South Node. I feel that the Scorpio/Taurus dynamic is about extremes, and learning to embrace the mundane. It doesn’t always have to be an intense death/rebirth thing. It can be a sensual, momentary, embodied experience. A hard lesson for those of us who have lived our lives disembodied!

    My Saturn return was brutal. I developed a life threatening illness and I’m still dealing with it several years in. I have almost died several times over. I had a career as a healer before all this, but I found my working conditions claustrophobic (physically, emotionally, etc.) and I just can’t deal with it anymore.

    I agree with the poster above who said that if you have a 12th house NN you should be prepared for a more solitary life and to have a financial backup plan to support yourself. In my case, after much struggle, I ended up on government disability and I had some stock investments saved. My career was JUST starting when I got sick so I had no real nest egg.

    I feel that this NN placement is setting me up for a more ascetic life, one where I am of service to the world but I don’t really reap a lot of financial rewards. The rewards are all spiritual and about connecting with the collective soul. By “ascetic” it doesn’t mean I won’t interact with society, but I feel that my situation has placed me so far outside of having a “normal” life that I can only relate to very particular people.

    The 12th house is all things hidden, and this applies to me. My role is powerful but not public. I may do great deeds for for the world and never really be seen. And I’m OK with that.

    I believe that the illness is a karmic shedding and also a preparation to be of service. Compassionate wisdom is forged through the experience of suffering, I don’t see any other way it can happen. Maybe I will be ill forever, I don’t know. But what I do know is that my life is radically different than 5 years ago, including my outlook and priorities. I am trying my best to trust the configuration.

    I think what is helping me transcend the material worries of this aspect has been everything I learned about facing near-death. You’re forced to face everything you’ve been avoiding in yourself because there is no longer any strength to maintain those inner compartments and barriers. It is all laid bare. Then the narratives disappear and what you are left with is the realization that you are held by the Divine and that everything that’s happening is in perfect order, but also beyond your control. If I look back at my life, whether I worried or not, I ended up being taken care of. I was held. It wasn’t lavish, but I survived… I survived things that I can’t imagine a lot of people surviving. The hidden gift of 12th house NN is grace. You are tapped in and everyone can see it but you. The grace can become your entire life and you can work with it once you begin to release the critical nature of the 6th house. The Divine plan is way more powerful, practical and useful than your monkey brain ideas about control, trust me!

    • Wow Robert – your story mirrors my own in many ways!
      I’ve always been interested in healing…using natural remedies etc…was also a ‘work horse’ – until i literally worked myself to death and my health caved in – for years! At 33 i was bedbound. Working hard but getting nowhere. Isolated too – living out in the middle of nowhere – no help or resources…i was forced to turn inward 🙂
      Since i have focused on ‘Grace’ as you put it – and recently have discovered the Epitome of what ‘Grace’ means!! It’s hard to ‘live’ it consciously…but having an intellectual understanding of it i am hoping that focused consciousness can help me to integrate ‘Grace’ more effectively in my life. Since learning of this, my health is slowly improving. Not that i’m ignoring my health issues – i support them with specific nutritional practices and supplements…so the combined gentle effort – satisfying the NN and the SN (and remebering im not a ‘warrior work horse’ in this life!)to create eventually a feeling of inner world and outer world ‘balance’.
      NN 12th should all absolutely learn about death and come to ‘peace’ with it – which i think the SN illness brings naturally with it. I’ve got to the point i am excited to die and move on to a wider experience when the time naturally comes! 🙂
      Gnostic texts are useful for the 12th house NN.
      I’m not a naturally social person either and have only ‘particular’ kinds of personalities as friends – despite my growing love for the whole of humanity.
      Best wishes on your journey,it sounds like you’re surfing it wisely 🙂

  5. I have 12th house NN in Pisces, but it’s retrograde – does it matter?

    • Tina, NN is always in retrograde. 12th is house of Pisces so having north node there will affect you twofold.

    • It’s not often that the Node isn’t retrograde, don’t worry.

      To be more precise, there is a true node and a mean node. The mean node uses a different way of calculating the node’s position that has the effect of the mean node always being retrograde.

      The only node that can go direct is the true node. It’s closer to the real movement of the node (that’s why it’s tagged “true”), but I read somewhere that it isn’t necessarily the more precise one for certain astrological purposes. There seem to be different opinions about which one is better to use.

  6. How do you know what time Vincent Van Gogh was born? I have been researching his chart for weeks. I can’t get an exact time he was born, anywhere. The closest I can figure is that he was born with the north node in his 4th house of home, in Gemini, at 4:55AM on March 30 1853. I had a chart in which someone (made a guess) said he was born at 11:00AM but it didn’t seem to fit. (Gemini in the 12th house) I don’t know where they came up with the time because when I researched it online I only got a date/place no time. Can you help me here? Van Gogh was schizophrenic. I believe that would put Pluto in his first house.

  7. 12th house north node in Gemini here. I do have a life threatening illness. In DNA but choosing hard line restricted professional life full of stress triggered illness and knocked me out. Nearly 20 years ago now.

    Almost married but ran for safety reasons thankfully. Have been single and alone most of life. Born into a large family which more than compensated. Family wore me out. Their friends did too.

    As others mentioned above, I have done and quietly still do hospice volunteering, animal rescues etc. Did establish official charity at one point.

    Concerns above I keep seeing are how to survive with north node in 12th, financially etc.? I had a parent who pushed me hard to set up my life to always provide for myself and never be dependent on anyone. So that was hard work but it has absolutely been the thing to save me. Because before I got sick, I bought income insurance against illness etc. That is how I’ve survived, being able to retreat, work on self spiritually and otherwise, help others without pay, work for free etc. Because I set up my life with insurance, never expecting to need it, but thankful I have it. It has been crucial to keep following my north node.

    Sharing this in case anyone has a child born with this placement. Prepare them to live alone and thrive. Teach them financial safeguards, work and career paths, how to survive – not rich but safely and well enough. Even with illness.

    My best to all. You’re right, it’s a long solitary road for some of us and while I personally prefer that, I do understand it’s not everyone’s preference.

    • Wow~ are stories are so very similar. I had cancer that couldn’t be detected till nipple inversion, kept telling Dr’s breasts burning, paid no heed, ended up stage IIIB. 2 back surgeries young (30’s) no one believed my pain for years. 2 major heart attacks~ after 1st TSI kept telling Dr. believed was going to have heart attack~ again, no one listened. Large family I’ve never truly “Fit In” with. Independent and living on my own, unmarried (same lover 20 years though, not living together, that Independence!) I turn this around, hopefully right way, by helping others battling illness. Doing research, fundraising causes. Some people resent me as a “Know it All” However, I am typically correct. I do my research. Majority of people are grateful and ask for my help acknowledging my own medical history. Learning to leave those behind who left me behind and be with those who take me as I am~ I’m still here for a reason~ I hope to fulfill it. I have a strong Spirituality. I believe I felt my Soul during my 1st heart attack. All it wanted to do was get through hospital ceiling to the heavens. I have to learn good deeds will not be rewarded most times~ people won’t pay you back or help you out~ others will. I hope to continue to learn and grow.

  8. All energy begs to be acknowledged and given direction. I’ve found that in our younger years up until our first saturn return we struggle with the ideal. The ideal being that we have to fit into the group, validate others’ opinions and behavior and this placement feels confining during those years. In a 6th/12th axis, health ailments can occur as a result of ‘falling in line’ with the establishment, deeply troubled with the perception, if not longing,that’out there’ is where success, happiness and ultimate fulfillment reside. The unseen struggle is also the overlooked reward and it might be that many with this nodal axis fall into a line of work that is the reviled epitome of repetition and pettiness: retail lol. Even in other service related industries requiring patience and understanding there is a despondency over not being able to speak the truth. Yet, there are truths for everyone and an important lesson here is to gently lead the horse to water. Though an honest attempt it is to liberate people from their own confines, ironically you become the confined when your’truth’ isn’t accepted or integrated into the group core. This happens when perhaps there isn’t a balance between inside and outside. Details, whether discovered through small talk, walking down the street, asking questions or a number of’small’ things, all play into a broader picture. What we know isn’t of consequence to others when formalities are overlooked. Get to know people, places long enough to discern what is healthy relating, knowing you have the spiritual advantage of retreating when your path becomes blocked. My tangent ends lol.

  9. thank you so much for this…. everything you wrote (minus the job part) resonates deeply.

    my North Node is in the 12th, conjunct the Ascendant and conjunct Pluto in the first. all in Libra. curious if you have any insight into these interesting placements.

  10. This is befuddling to say the least. I have just learned of being an Aries Taurus cusp (I think) as I was born on April 24, 1986 at 746 am Central Standard time during a full lunar eclipse. I know not what to make of the nodes, eclipse during birth, or even the cusp.. Much less the fact I had a complete stranger prophecy the immovable fact I am an “indigo” of which she spoke of my personally known intuitive nature. I just know without ever reading it for a fact. (I researched it a bit) I know that all I’ve previously read is erroneous and missing the specifics of my exact zodiac and true nature of my horoscope. Anything as to direction would be great.

  11. Thank you,Anna, for your honest story about 12th House North Node and other information. Yes, my 12th House N Node does feel painful to me also, though I feel fulfilled in the role of empathy with others. Since about 3 years old, I’ve wanted to “feed those starving children in India”, or help others less fortunate than I. North Node in Scorpio, Sag Rising, Sun in Virgo.

  12. Dear Celestina,

    I see other people, here, are unemployed, too, or struggling with conventional jobs.

    My 12th house North Node is in Cancer, yet the 12 house cusp is in Gemini. I’ve quit 2 jobs since my Saturn return and have been unemployed for 3 1/2 years. This is tough. How can relinquishing the material spectre of life and devotion to the spiritual be a valid way to survive? My parents have financially supported me through this period, but I feel agitated. The quarrels over where I spend the money are frequent. And I spend them mostly on spiritual resources: love (my boyfriend) and health/brain training (books, crystals, equipment).

    Am I delusional asking for autonomy? Is the 12th house self/North node integrated when merged with others? Then, loneliness is an oxymoron, isn’t it?

  13. What If you have the north node in 12th house in Virgo though? That whole flip concept eludes me. I don’t know how to analyze this. It’s like having two north nodes, right- One in Pisces and one In Virgo? How do you read that kind of placement? It could be the same type of thing with north node in Leo in 11th house or in Sag in 3rd house… You get what I’m asking? Specifically how do you interpret that North node Virgo in 12th (oh and it is also conjunct Saturn by 1degree.

  14. One question how do you survice we cant work and we cant be acepted in society how we can survive

  15. Lesley JacksonAugust 4, 2016 at 5:40 pm

    I have my north node in sag in 12th. I’m gemini, cancer asc and leo moon. I’m 61 now and have had a very lonely life and still do. I’m unlucky in love and although I try to be spiritual, it is as if everything I try to do is blocked. I’m also pluto conjunct moon in leo and saturn square moon so not a good chart really.

  16. Dear Celestina, I have my NNode in 12. house in Leo and I have no job, the ruler of 10# is in Cancer( Venus). I have mysterious illness, my nerves system is the same as insect one. I must not use any cream which consist of any vitamins or take any natural organic plant or medicine which relax body/ muscles. I have no diagnose and I am totaly alone in my problem. I like helping others, astrology and meditation and I can strongly feel the influence of 12#North node. I dont know what to do with such strong Neptunian side of myself. Every effort to work something is stopped by illness. I have no one to understand that. What should be my job on this planet? Whole 6# is in Aquarius, Uranus is in 4. House. I want to heal people but I can hardly find anyone even for massage. Thank you for such great article!

    • Pedro LoukotaJuly 27, 2016 at 8:46 pm

      That configuration of the node north is really hard, i have the node north in 12 house in aries and i cant work, i am a System Engineer but i have health problems in a space work there are Karma i abuse of power in my past life now i am paying the debt, Nelson Mandela has the node north in Scorpio in the 12 house and Howard Huges too in other sign, So there are option to change career study psychology medicine work in a Asylum or hospital or Work myself like a Freenlancer…

    • DekadarlingOctober 25, 2017 at 1:51 pm

      Jo – I also have north node in Leo in the 12th and have had an auto immune disease that sounds similar to what you described. It’s called myasthenia gravis and causes weak muscles so things that relax muscles makes it worse. thankfully mine’s been in remission for a while now. It started getting better when I learnt to stand up for myself, to love myself and to always act in line with my personal truth. I think 12th house Leo is about learning to see that service to yourself is just as valid as service to others, because we’re all connected, the same entity pretending to be separate for itself. You can’t serve from an empty jug so fasten your own air mask first

  17. Rachel JesselMay 8, 2016 at 1:16 pm

    Hello Celestina,I would very much like to understand my n node in 12th house CONJUNCT THE MOON.I have appreciated what you say about12th house n node,mine is 1 degree aries and the moon is the same degree.

  18. I’m Aries with Taurus rising. I have Venus in Aries and the North Node at 0° of Taurus, both in the 12th house. Plus, I have Chiron in Gemini in the 2nd house and Mars conjunct Neptune at 0° of Capricorn.
    I’m a singing teacher and with such placements, I’m able to help my students in ways that others coaches aren’t able to. However, finding the way to channel that energy through me, FOR me, is extremely difficult and painful most of the times.

  19. Peter LoukotaApril 20, 2016 at 12:24 pm

    I have the node north in the 12 house in Aries and i have bad luck in the jobs i get fired for unkow reasons
    i dont know what to do in my life, i am forced to be a monk, a priest? i dont have social life nothing
    i am 28 years old and i feel outcasted from society. I dont understand this this is an evil karma i dont know
    Ahhh Justin Bieber has the node north in the 12 house WHY???

  20. Interesting. I have Sagittarius in my north node and my father is one, as is the woman I consider the greatest love of my life whose feelings are completely unrequited. This feels like a karmic debt I’m paying. I’m a writer and love helping people, and discovered I seem to have an ability to medically “read” someone’s energy and see past and present issues.

  21. I’ve got a Pisces N. Node in an Aquarian 12th house. I’m a LEO. Both Leo Sun and Mercury Quincunx the Node (1°). These Leo planets are also T-squared by a Taurus Moon and a Scorpio Pluto (Which form a mystic rectangle to the nodes) I’ve found happiness doing astro/Tarot readings for ppl. but it isn’t an avenue of financial success. Tried to get into film, which just screw-balls the quincunx (Leo and Piscean creativity can’t integrate). I’m unemployed because the stress at work is monumental, and Ive become unhireable. Normally codependency is a problem with the Virgo South, but I’ve only been in one Relationship, and I got out because I felt she was too controlling (it lasted maybe a month). Emotional connections are recommended with Pisces North, but I find that I invite people that try to control my behavior or break my heart. It gets confusing sometimes, so I looked for a famous role model. The closest I found (For house placements and Nodes – Rising Aries with AQU. Xii house cusp, but a 12th house Pisces node), is Nostradamus himself. I didn’t know exactly what he did until a few months ago, only to find that I’ve been “updating” the errors in his Astrological predictions (not his fault – he died before the Gregorian Calendar). It’s creepy, but cool at the same time. Anyway, I’m 27, almost 28 years old and I’m aware that Saturn’s Return is coming :/ as is the Nodular Pole Reversal. Soooo much icky, icky Virgo out there with Jupiter right now; meanwhile Saturn’s squaring my nodes like a dick. Lol. Between being unemployed, having almost no social network, sobering up, and a graveyard of dead dreams, I have no idea how to stand my ground against the South. If you’re interested, I’ll keep you updated on my rivetting tale. Oh, and if you are curious, my DOb is Aug 4, 1988 @ 9:51 PM in Mesa, AZ.

    • CelestinaApril 7, 2016 at 5:56 pm

      Hi, Isaac. I had a few comments in no particular order. 1. Everything will be okay. 2. Are you saying the 12th house has Aquarius on the cusp but the North Node in Pisces falls in there? 3. I think the thing with T-squares is that you’re looking for the fourth leg all the time. In your case, that would be an Aquarius. Do you tend to like them? 4. Saturn Return is a big deal. That’s when your “real” life starts, so don’t worry about all the career and social stuff now. It’ll all be different when you get to the other side and probably more like what you want. 5. Nostradamus is cool, but not someone I would recommend as a role model. Call me old-fashioned or even a drag, but he doesn’t seem right for this day and age. 6. I would love to hear updates as you feel you want to share them. 7. To review: everything’s going to be okay. It already is.

      • Thx for the reply and the encouragement. To answer the second question, yeah N. Node is inside House 12 with an Aquarian node. Do I like Aquarians? My father was an Aquarius, and while we get along now, we didn’t always, and even then, only in small doses. To be fair, I’ve only known a handful of Aquarians, one was a real nice girl, but she was shy, and I am bold and intense, so we didn’t really hit it off. Lol at Nostradamus… I would agree with what you say (role model is probably a bad term). I try to sample wisdom from a wider pallet.
        Thx again.

      • Isaac FenellJune 25, 2017 at 12:54 am

        Went back and read this thread. Well, Node reversal is over and Saturn’s return will end in December. Interesting update on node reversals: Trial by fire. The virtues of 12th house are tempered with reality. That which survives this “harvest” was kept; the rest was burned away.

        Late 2015, I dropped from school due to financial hardship, exhaustion, and just trying to manage the rest of life. 2016 became the year from hell as I lost a vehicle, struggled to find any sort of employment (let alone keep a job), and faced imminent homelessness. On top of this, I was subject to the scorn of people inside of recovery groups who wanted me to turn away from the stars (They thought my beliefs in astrology was poisoning my life, or that my misfortune was evident that I was believing in the wrong sort of thing). A lot of this was tied to the drop-out.

        Then, something happened. I made a point to go down to the college and attempt re-enrollment. The staff allowed me to submit the paperwork, but there was no guarantee (I was in danger of defaulting on student loans, but luckily they were put on forbearance).

        So, I jumped through all the hoops and waited for about three weeks. I sort of “talked” to Saturn, asking to just give me an answer so I could move forward with life. Next day, due to a clerical error, I was awarded the financial aid required to return to college. I immediately registered for classes to “lock” it in.

        Around April, I check in with the career advisers to find out what classes I need to take to walk away with a degree.

        To make a long story short, I got the list, and I am able to graduate in December (Right as Saturn’s return finishes- I have a 9th house Sag. Saturn, so i think it’s good to have my Saturn’s return end with a degree.”)

        But there was one interesting piece of information. According to the Pell Grant, a student is not allowed to exceed 150% credit hours. It’s 60 for an associates, and I was dangerously close to 90- at 90, if a two year degree has not been obtained, the student is flagged and removed from school.

        This fall semester will begin with 85 credits, so I make it by the skin of my teeth. The semester I dropped, lost me six, which means I would have had 91, and NOT be able to graduate.

        In short, the dropout was an act of providence that saved my bacon in the long run.

        My faith in the universe has been restored. And all the naysayers and the social police from last year, have become rather silent. Now with the N. Node in Aquarius, I’m beginning to face the issues present in organizations and friendships that have lost all sense of “brotherhood.” Interesting how the journey of the nodes transition from one sign to the next.

        I’m sure you’re swamped with stuff about the solar eclipse, but here’s something interesting: The world-wide web, as we use it today, went public on Aug, 23rd 1991. Run a synastry chart between the solar eclipse (08/21/2017) and the date of the web’s “birthdate.” Does the internet become self-aware this year? lol.

        • CelestinaJune 25, 2017 at 4:31 am

          I’m so glad it all worked out for you. Sometimes it really helps to follow your instincts/intuition, even if at the time no one else sees the sense in it.

    • Pedro LoukotaJuly 27, 2016 at 9:24 pm

      Hi i have the same situation in 80%. I born June 19, 1987 02:05 AM Guatemala, we can talk about this…

  22. I have N Node in Scorpio in the 12th and yes 1-worked for a large nonprofit institution, yes, 2-worked in hospice care, and 3-rescued many wild animals; I now love a 12th House natal Mars sweetheart. What are the odds for our success together?

  23. i am struggling to know which vocation is right for me i have aries in the 12th house

  24. Nice article:) It’s describing most of the points related with north node in 12th house.
    As I m reading comments below, I can trully agree that this placement of north node requires to look inside. Individual has a need to “rest” from obstacles of reality but this can be a bit “dangerous” also because it could turn into escapism and full drowning in fantasies and dreams, sepparating person from his real aims, his real abbilities and real opportunities. He could get so confused and even could loose his idea what to do in the “physical”life.
    In the eyes of society, this seems simply like weakness or laziness to be active and productive.
    For me, I experience whole life the “dephts” of this house and the sign Pieces, it’s like my whole natal chart is just 12 th house;)) I have Uranus on the cusp of 12th house, but most of it is taken by Pieces.
    Also I have Venus and Mercury in Pieces in 12th house, Ascendant in Pieces and of course north node there :))
    So I feel whole my life like I dont live on the Earth 🙂 Of course there are many additional aspects and positions which also have importance but “water” takes great place in my personality or in other words-emotions . 🙂
    It is not easy living like that but I think ages and experience of life events help solving the puzzle in constructive way.:)

    • Thank you for sharing your experiences. I think it’s helpful for others with the same placements to get the feedback.

    • Ina – totally relate to what you wrote. It’s so easy to get lost in some kind of ‘dreamy’ mind fantasy life and lose ones anchor to reality!
      It’s ok for us 12ths NN to do this kind of life – providing – we MUST have some link to reality – even if it’s just some kind of petty job or activity within society.
      I’ve found that my ability to live at night, be active, and absolutely drag myself through the day is a common thing.
      I too have loads of water in my chart – sun and AC are water – pluto chart co-ruler in the 12th with my NN – it’s intense.
      Developing of self through dream work (lucid dreaming) is a natural for a 12th NN…i have learnt so much about the nature of reality, realms, and our energy being, through lucid dreaming.
      Im a cancer sun with unaspected moon to other planets but my moon trines my NN – saving grace!! I LOVE the mysteries of life…the unseen forces which make this world/cosmos work…so i got into astronomy, physics, astrology, ancient societies…9th house sun loves all this study and research! Yet, i totally relate to your sentiment of not feeling like you live on earth!
      Your packed 12th house will yield such beautiful insights and certainly an interesting journey through life, a path not often walked by many – best wishes to you! 🙂

  25. hi i want to know that What if 12 house is ruled by Virgo and the north node is sitting there? will the effect will be the same or will be reversed ?

  26. I am an Aries North Node with most of my personal planets in Aries 12th house. I’ve always liked being alone and have just now over the last 8 years or so (i’m 47) begun to develop my spiritual side or I’ve always been but just didn’t recognize it. I belong to a non-profit helping to feed school children, I have been a hospice volunteer, taken in stray animals and been a caretaker. I have been very Libra/Virgo/6th house in the past but am working on my North Node in Aries very hard. I am currently single, was married young and divorced at 40 after 20 years. I am now reluctant to get into another serious relationship……I’m liking my singlehood very much. I will continue working and volunteering in ways that serve others. I feel most content with that. My alone time is now spent in nature and reading different philosophies on spirituality. “You are destined for spiritual greatness” as an Aries Sun and Moon in the 12th….well who knows…..

    • I think anyone with a populated 12th house is going to have that loner streak. It seems to make them happiest.

  27. I struggle with simultaneously wanting to be around people; and being alone. Nervous energy is the devil. Makes most first impressions suck. Perfectionist doesn’t come close. Ask my family, I’m a son of a bitch. Judgmental bordered on conceit in my younger days. Wow…I’m surprised I haven’t been murdered. I was about 20 before I realized I had to come up with constructive methods to channel my anger. Or people were gonna die. I’m high strung. I used to be really high strung.

  28. Thank you, this is helpful. I am trying to understand my north node in Virgo in the 12th house conjunct the ascendant and within 8 degrees of Pluto and Moon ( both also in the 12th, in Virgo). It seems to be important, but I am new to all this, and it is a lot to learn! Again, thanks.

  29. I have my north node in my 12th house Taurus. Though I need some time of everyday to be alone, to hear myself, but I don’t want to be a loner. The wisdom I get when being alone I can share with other people. For me is very hard to let go of control, in that case I have general anxiety and hypochondria.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience. The sign of the node also has a huge influence on behavior and experience, of course, as does the rest of the chart.

  30. I’m cuspian Taurus with moon in virgo and North node in 12th house . My name numerology give 1 and my life path number is 11 . why does it mean ? Do i’m blessed by the stars ? What is mi missio on earth ?

  31. likeAMiracleJuly 29, 2015 at 6:03 pm

    well, wow…yes…just the house …and the challenges.. Thanks !

  32. Pisces with scorpio rising and scorpio in 12 nn….. whoa thank you for the read

  33. MadeleineMay 30, 2015 at 6:14 am

    I’m Leo with north node in Virgo in 12th, (conjunct mercury and mars). I also have Neptune in Virgo in 1st house conjunct Ascendant.

  34. great article, thank You!


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