North Node in 3rd House

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The North Node in 3rd House, also known as the Dragon’s Head in the 3rd House, brings good fortune in many areas: siblings, neighbors, co-workers, an intellectual career, mental capacity, education, and travel for the specific purpose of education. The corresponding Dragon’s Tail in the 9th House shows a disdain for organized religion or perhaps extreme superstition. There may also be some danger in travel or a troubled journey for a mysterious or secretive reason. It also indicates a person who should also avoid gambling.

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Many astrologers consider North Node in the 3rd house to be exalted, meaning it is in its best placement. Perhaps it’s because the person’s spiritual journey is completely aligned with daily life. In past lives, you spent countless hours developing your intuition, philosophizing, and becoming wise. You have incarnated this time to be where you are, fit your life perfectly into the network of lives around you, and to use your mind to come to grips with the world as it is. Better than anyone else, you will come to understand how the world works, and the longer you live the less desire you will have to find some grand meaning in it all.

The 3rd House represents our daily journey. There is good luck around you. Opportunities will come from your own neighborhood, so to speak.  As you go about your daily routine, meet as many people as possible. Build a strong network of friends and acquaintances. Develop good relations with your siblings and other family members.

To balance past experiences of long journeys and solitude, you must learn to communicate with those around you. You came into this life with a natural ability to intuit information and use the higher mind. Your task is to channel what messages you get to the right people. This means delivering the information in the right words at the right place and the right time. Your nervous energy is an impetus to do this. At your worst, you are just a gossip, but at your best, all your e-mailing, texting, calling and running around the city amounts to a job as modern day divine messenger. Think of Chris Rock and Bill Maher, both popular and controversial comedians with their North Nodes in 3rd House. What do they do but travel around the country delivering “the truth” to anyone who will pay to hear it?

Your challenge in this lifetime will be to tame your restlessness. From past incarnations you have a soul memory of long journeys and travel to faraway places. From time to time this wanderlust may overtake you again. You are scared to lose this sense of freedom, yet you must in order to grow. Stay put and you will reap the generous rewards of North Node in 3rd House. Forgo the travel and gain self-understanding.

For all your communicating, you may have trouble expressing your deepest feelings. As you make your daily rounds, chatting up friends, neighbors, and coworkers, remember to exchange not just ideas but feelings, as well. You may feel boxed in by your relationships, but your web of friendships, family ties, and business contacts has a purpose. This was created by you to fulfill your soul’s desire to learn precision. This network forces you to be accurate, focused, and direct in your communication. Avoid exaggeration and phrase things in ways that those around you will understand. John F. Kennedy, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, James Earl Jones, and Rod Serling, all known for their ability to deliver perfectly crafted messages, share this North Node in 3rd house placement with you.

You have a genius for facts and details.  You were born with a natural creative intelligence which you should develop through formal education. Avoid unorthodox schools or metaphysical or occult learning.  You will also find bad luck in careers or situations which require you to make decisions. Because are always channeling higher information, you are never prepared to make a judgment, for you have that intuitive sense that more facts are on the way. Possessing the North Node in 3rd house placement means you will find happiness in careers which require a great deal of creative mental energy, such as teaching, writing, history, or any other pursuit that demands mastery of a wide scope of details.

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  1. Haha, ‘avoiding the occult and metaphysical’ struck a nerve with me too.. and everyone else whose commenting..and here we are on this website! I wanted to read the comments for guidance about this because I too have a strong connection with the study of metaphysics. Well, I guess it is important not to become obsessed and to keep the study of all things in balance.
    Cheers to NN in 3! <3

  2. I’m curious as to WHY one should avoid the occult and metaphysics?? Can you please explain? Thanks 😉

  3. But I loveee the occult! And. My north node is ALSO in Scorpio so….

  4. Celestina,

    I’m just curious… Why is it necessary for south node in 9th house to avoid metaphysical and occult learning? From my understanding of astrology, that is more of 8th house territory. I’m just curious because this seems to be a common point of contention with people who have commented on the blog. With that being said, I really appreciate your work and most of this article resonates with me, (except maybe to stay put and not travel and don’t dabble in occult learning).

  5. oh dear yes I fell into the occult too. But I just never got tired of it, astrology, and my memory was good there. Now at 73 its still kind of a back up but living the day to day is growing. I guess its why I could never get it professional so no income. I m looking at Aug. 2017 eclipses cause last time it changed my 10th-4th and here we are again lunar 10th my moon, solar fourth and while cancer didn t get me last time I do note this time its in the end of life house so how do I see that. I d be 92. The average in our family. Saturn in first in gemini limited me to duality Uranus cusp gave me power to transcend capricorn ninth to awaken spirit during the last 19 year eclipse. 2003-2013ish. I m glad cause it makes sense at this time formlessness and peace and conversion. It is like a rebirth one step up into a new world. Just what to do with the old one. Any advice I am abit lost but hopefully its cause new eclipse cycle has yet to end and begin. It can take a couple years sometimes. Meanwhile daily is good.
    So I don t know that occult direction was total loss but if one intended material success forget it. My departed mom though covered that base for me. thanks mom. As I begin again.

  6. What house system should we use when studying the north node? Equal house give NN in 3rd house, Placidus give NN in 4th.

    • CelestinaJune 24, 2017 at 7:58 am

      Use whichever works for you. I don’t think anyone can say one is definitively best. I always default to Placidus because that’s how I was trained, but if the information for NN in 3rd resonates more strongly with you, then stick with that!

  7. Exactly I said the exact same thing, especially since I have my North Node in Scorpio. It wouldn’t make sense to go against the Occult knowledge at this point

  8. For fudge sake!… ='(..
    I’m a sun in libra “8th house” with
    Scorpio venus “9”th house conj. Saturn
    My God…. how am i going to do this……
    My desires and fulfilment is on the same sign as my south node… so it’s just an in instance but my whole lifetime that i crave long journeys and travels and solitude (scorpio plus my sun in scorpio)
    Aaaaaaaah! Wtf God… wtf world… why’d you made me born this way.. for real…. im not even kidding….

    This is like the heavens are truly playing jokes on me……… ffs im really pissed.

    So i should abandon my heart and my desire just so i can do my life purpose?…….. plus i’m a master number 11 TWICE. Life path AND hearts desire…

    But i see a glimpse of hope/answer
    11 is both a 1 and a 2. 3rd house north node taurus. In this case taurus is a ONE a self all about self. A my desire sign. While scorpio where my heart/venus and my south node resides is a TWO. All about others desire and the desire of the whole and not only ones own. “I think thats scorpio as oppose to taurus”..

    But what the heck man.. what the heck life… gosh dam… being a master number 11 is already hard.. pkus this.. is like ripping my heart strings apart piece by piece… fffudge. Plus im a pisces dominant having moon and asc conj. 2 degrees… sigh smh idk what else shortcut memes to put on here.. its just like a big wtf life moment right now…

  9. Yes, I fully agree with avoiding the metaphysical and occult. With Pisces (and NN) in 3rd I’ve taken it to the extreme and it has brought me nothing but NOT knowing what to do in this life, feeling alone and being looked at as being arrogant. You see, with this south node placement any knowledge becomes a burden, especially the intangible. That is an (other) escape route. That is a way of not having to deal with a very painful fact (which follows in a second or so). The key for me is to live and let go and to be with my experiences in the now and letting develop along,the,way WITHOUT my doing. I need to fully trust the Higher Plane. Of all the lives lived, this is the most extensive and troublesome one. I do feel it’ll lead to ‘enlightenment’ but knowing what I know – I really do have an answer to anything, you too? – and having to let that go, is the most difficult position I can imagine to be in yet, by letting my influences go, I can put it all to extensive use. Talk about your irony 😉 There is really no need for me, as a human… Everything solves itself as long as I do not engage. And that s*cks!

  10. I don’t believe metaphysical studies is a bad thing if it leads to self-understanding. All in moderation as there is gold in the south node <3 🙂

  11. Ha that occult and metaphysical tidbit struck a nerve! I just started reading Tarot cards and I LOVE it! 🙁

  12. I drawn to occult and metaphysical and I guess I m not on the right path?… but life bought me to my birth place the last 4 years and I think I m following my path now..

  13. Uh oh. You mention avocomiding metaphysical and occult learning…. And yet here I am, learning the metaphysical and the occult. *bites fingernails*


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