North Node in 4th House

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Having the node placement of north node in 4th house, youcame into this lifetime with an assumption that you would always be in a position of authority and that naturally you should be in control.  While you have this memory from past lifetimes, in fact you are here now to focus not on others, but on putting your own house in order.  Attempts to manage or direct people will lead you feeling empty and frustrated in this lifetime.  When you organize your affairs and address your own emotional problems, the universe will support you.

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In your childhood, one or perhaps both parents may have been exceptionally demanding, instilling in you a belief that you were destined for some great achievement.  Astrologer Martin Schulman cautions that this conviction may be afflicted to the point that the person with North Node in 4th House “firmly believes that without his achieving some great destiny, life is utterly worthless.” Schulman suggests you learn the value of the old adage “A bird in the hand is worth more than two in the bush.”  Do not forsake what you have for the possibility of what you might achieve, he warns.

Your relationship with each of your parents is more important for you than for others.   People with these nodes are known especially for a deep connection with their mother.  You are keenly aware of your dependence on your parents, now and in the past, but also struggle for independence.   Coming to terms with your roots is part of your lifetime task of subordinating career to personal life.  This does not mean that you cannot have a career, however.  Consider Anton Chekov, Alex Haley, and Tennessee Williams, who all share this placement of north node in 4th house and found great acclaim through their writing about families.

Be aware of your motives for any goal.  If you are pursuing something for the sake of recognition, to make yourself valuable in the eyes of a third party, or to give yourself legitimacy, then you will surely be unlucky.  When you act for the sake of your own happiness, to further a healthy home life or to nourish your own emotional growth, good luck will follow, for this is your karmic path.

As the emphasis in this lifetime is on home and family, you will most likely be blessed in this area.  Serene domestic surroundings, solitude, and privacy are good for your soul.  Balance lifetimes of public acclaim and responsibility with long periods of soul development.   Above all, attempt to develop emotional maturity.   You are not the center of every situation.  You are here to learn to nurture others.

Do not indulge your desire for power or recognition.  Surely you will only exacerbate your feelings of inadequacy and provide evidence for your conviction that you are underappreciated.   Also beware a tendency to climb the social ladder or indulge feelings you will someday take your rightful place in society.   Such thoughts will lead you from your spiritual path.

While you find it easy to organize for others at the office, this is just a distraction.  You must turn and face your emotions at home.  Learn to express and honor them.  You will find the love and appreciation you long for only by opening up the emotional faucet.   Resist the temptation to bury yourself in work.  Rather, plunge into the dark night of the soul:  devote your time to loved ones, garden, cook, heal, tend to your home and spiritual matters.

Look within and you will find a brave new world even more exciting than the one outside you.  What’s more, you are bound to discover at the end of the long journey that everything you are you owe to your parents.  T.S. Elliot wrote, “We shall not cease from exploration/ And the end of all our exploring/ Will be to arrive where we started /And know the place for the first time.”

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  1. wow! This does hit home! Thank you for sharing, very insightful!

  2. I need to make money.
    It’s not something I’ve been doing, I went to work before and had horrible protaliban sexist bosses, one even spanked me, but I didn’t quit
    Got fired.
    I think my MC & Venus in Scorpio South Node in the tenth house, keeps me in places I shouldn’t be but simultaneously compels me to commit a metaphorical suicide. I’ve stopped selfinflicting, my father raped me when I was 13, mummy was jealous of my school, so I got myself kicked out. I find parents have always roadblocked my development and can say the same for Tennessee Williams, Lee Harvey and Anton Chekhov, all of whom were abused, none of whom had a serene perfect home life as you describe it.
    They wrote about slavery, torture, rape, sexism and they wrote from the experience inflicted on them by family esp. parents.
    I think the goal for true Node in the 4th house is to see parents as children, as needy, dependent, sycophantic , soul suckers who when not fed & coddled will set out to destroy you with your help very successfully, but when nurtured forgiven their follies accepted announced but dismissed will behave themselves and stop road blocking your life.

    I think the actress Clara Bow also had north Node in the 4th house

  3. Thank you for this article. It gave me some clarity. Most of it is very accurate some maybe not yet. The achieving part is very accurate, the motherly bond not so much, and the family peace at home not so much. I have a north node in Pisces in the 4th house in retrograde. How would retrograde work for that?

  4. love the information i got from this site. some true, some not so much. i have north node in 4th house in virgo and south node in pisces in my 11th. very close to my mom (but i have 2: one that raised me and one that birthed me but didnt raise me) LOL

  5. CelestinaJune 24, 2017 at 7:41 am

    Thank you for the note, Sonia.

  6. What would a North node leo in the 4th mean? I’m so confused about this placement

  7. Hello,
    I have my north node in capricorn but in the 4th house. So what’s my agenda?

  8. Thank you so much. So accurate. Very helpful. Really, thank you very much.

  9. I study a lot of astrology, and thought I was familiar with all that I could be with my chart. North Node Pisces 4th house. Your insight is so helpful, especially with current planetary placements!

  10. Definitely feel solidly screwed on the career/rightful place in society front. Seen my seemingly totally unstoppable Capricorn work ethic and ambitions just completely ripped to shreds countless times.

    For me, domesticity is awful. It feels like sleeping with 5 blankets, or wearing 5 sweaters, or something;
    I’ve gone homeless by choice two separate times, and could truly care less about starting a family. Had a ‘son’ once and failed him permanently. My poor boy… My nurturing side is strong but out of that sense of loss instead of a bona fide motherly feeling. Moon is in fall, and has given me great psi gifts, but is a very dark thing.

    Anyway with this ramble… I want to attest that this outline of s node cap in 10th, n node cancer in 4th, is accurate. Very much so. I am not getting the clear affirmation I incredibly demand right now on simply this: am I incarnated here for a deep purpose or should I just kill time? Gifted or not, I demand that basic shred of self knowledge, not having it disgusts me and I’m tired of waify internerds making things up along these lines. So I’m going with what worked in the past in my occult studies/experiences. And that’s astrology. Watch out for your s node refusal to let go. In this case, your similarity to Hitler who clearly went with s node cap instead of evolving. N node cancer is yin. Get feminine. But with your lifetimes of backbone.

  11. Words of wisdom and comfort on my personal journey.
    Thankyou 🙂

  12. Thank You so much for this. I couldn’t have read this at a better time for me than today when I asked the angels for a message. It has given great comfort.

  13. Spot on. Exactly what I have experienced and struggled with in recent years. Thank you!

  14. Judith de HaanJuly 8, 2016 at 6:59 pm

    Beautiful work, fellow astrologer! A friend of mine found your blog and pointed me over here!


  15. What would a retrograde North Node mean? Example : N. Node Leo Retrograde 4th house

  16. WOW! Spot on… thank YOU! <3


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