North Node in 5th House

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North Node in 5th House indicates a past life dedicated to fulfilling wishes.  Early in this incarnation, you reveled in your imagination and inventiveness, whiling away the hours daydreaming or losing yourself in fantasies.  You are a mental traveler with a powerful dream life, and your challenge in this lifetime is to find the proper place for this.

In an attempt to ground your energy, you may have tried to live vicariously through your friends, letting them act out your far-fetched fantasies.   You had many friendships in past lifetimes, but you will find these are unfulfilling to you now.  Perhaps no one is available to help when you really need it.  Further, when you put group needs ahead of your own, you will lose every time.  This is how the universe supports you in developing a strong sense of self.

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You were detached and wanted space in previous incarnations.   Love may be hard to find, recognize, or keep in this lifetime since you have so little soul experience with it.  It may come later in life once you’ve developed your sense of self.  Intense one-on-one relationships are not comfortable for you, but you will find luck in any venture where you lead with your heart and involve yourself personally.  Seek closeness and warmth with others.

Embrace your intense creativity.  Many of the most modern prolific artists share the north node in 5th house placement with you, including Picasso, Woody Allen, Allen Ginsburg, and Norman Rockwell, all known for their sustained ability to produce quality work.  You, too, have such a drive.

You may have difficulty dealing with your sexuality and blame childhood experiences for these issues.   It is best to avoid such scapegoating since you are here to take responsibility for creating your own life.  Further, sexuality per se is not the issue.  As astrologers Bruno and Louise Huber explain of this node placement, sexuality is just one manifestation of a “direct, vital connection between one human being and another,” exactly what you incarnated to experience.

Any time you attempt to come out of your dreams into the world of reality, you will find the support of the universe, for this is your task in this lifetime.  As you take responsibility for the world you have created through your thoughts, you shape your own identity.  You will see your dreams materialize, but you must own the process.  For this reason, you should find good luck in the arts.

Learn to be conscious of how you use your ability to wish things true.  If you wish from lowly or base motives, you will find your fantasies materialize in perverse ways and you will have to live with their consequences longer than you ever imagined possible.   Be sure your motives are pure.

Children are important figures in your spiritual development.   North Node in 5th House often signifies an exceptionally close relationship with them.  Angelina Jolie, famous for her growing brood of kids, was born with this placement.  So was Mother Theresa.  Watch the dreams of the children you know come true and understand the relationship of this to the passage of time.  Wishing for the future should not mean a negation of the present moment.

Ultimately, you must not be a follower of dreams but someone who is grounded in the here and now.   Only when you are fully in the present can you begin to use your past life gift of “wish power” (as astrologer Martin Schulman calls it) to create a better future for yourself and others.   Learn to be where you are and who you are under all circumstances.  The more of an individual you become, the happier you will be.

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  1. I’m confused about the house designation of my NN. I have a Sag ASC and a NN in Aries. What house is my NN in? Is it 1 or is it 5, or, something else?

  2. I have north node in 5th house in Scorpio and always avoided sex

  3. What does it mean when north node is in fifth house with Sagittarius retrograde ?

  4. How can the north node be in the 5th house when the 5th house is in the southern hemisphere?

    • Jack VesuvioJanuary 4, 2017 at 6:10 am

      Hi. Houses 1 through 6 comprise the Northern Hemisphere, despite being at the “bottom” of the chart. Likewise, Houses 10-12 and 1-3 are considered to be the Eastern Hemisphere, despite being on the left of the chart. See for example the Wikipedia article on “Natal astrology” for more information on hemispheres (near the bottom of the article). Careful not to confuse an astrological chart with a conventional, geographical map of the world. 😉

  5. Wow!
    (to reading about my North node. It is in leo as well as my 5. house).

  6. thank you from bottom of my heart

  7. that was great, it all rang true

  8. Diane ZelmanApril 14, 2016 at 6:35 pm

    Oh, my greetings. I’ve just come to seek info re my north and south nodes, as they’ll be in conjunction this month – n/node 29 aries. Holy cow, what I’m finding here!!!!! It’s so as though all factors of my being are suddenly stated. Whew. I’m beginning and glad, having started with Bijou (if you know the name), Celestina, yes? And you’re offering a freebie?! Holy wow, if I may say so. Luvya 😉


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