North Node in 6th House

You, a carrier of the north node in 6th house, are full of spiritual knowledge, having passed many lifetimes — or perhaps your childhood — in contemplation and meditation.  You find it natural to spend time in deep thought, alone and lost in yourself.   The more you do this, however, the more paranoid and unstable you become.  The universe will no longer support you in escaping reality or losing yourself in imaginary worlds, both of which undermine your self-confidence and acerbate your nervousness.

Because of past experiences you, having the north node in 6th house placement, find organization challenging and have trouble budgeting your time.  This makes work difficult.  You must steer away from self-pity to a path of responsibility and discipline.  Scary though it may seem, the discipline will build your confidence and soothe your soul.  Apply restrictions to your thoughts and diet, as well, to keep grounded.

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Traditionally this placement indicates good physical health, as the universe will support your efforts to take care of your body.  You may have a secret desire to become a medical doctor, natural healer, nutritionist, or nurse, for your know there is healing power within you.  Good luck with small animals is also indicated in the north node in 6th house nodal placement.

The emphasis this lifetime is on addressing mental and physical health issues. You may spend some significant portion of your life in a hospital, prison, monastery, or otherwise “institutionalized.”  The routine and order of such a place can help you build faith and heal.   However you choose to ground yourself, it’s important that you do so.  Anne Heche, Sunny von Bulow, Health Ledger, and Phil Spector, all described at one time or another as “imbalanced,” share this north node in 6th house node placement with you.

You have chosen a lifetime of service to others.  This requires developing any talents you have and paying attention to detail.  You will find it fulfilling to become an expert in some area.  Though focusing is not natural to you, the more you do it, the more you will like it.   You would make a fine accountant, editor, analyst, or hairdresser.  It does not matter what you choose as a career, however.  The spiritual task of the north node in 6th house is to learn about the world around you, figure out how you can contribute to it, and work, work, work.

Because of your sensitive nature, you will find many of the things you are asked to do in life unpleasant.  Resist the tendency to feel sorry for yourself.  It’s important the carrier of the north node in 6th house go about your daily routine with a smile.  Complete the tasks at hand, though they tax your abilities or seem unfairly distributed to you.  At your worst, you hide behind paranoid fantasies, letting others work while you wallow in self-pity.  In this lifetime, completing even the most unpleasant tasks brings a sense of accomplishment and great self-confidence.

Do not despair that your work is not good enough, that the outcome of your endeavors is not ideal, that you are unloved, or that people let you down.   You are here to experience “real life” which is messy, imperfect, and sometimes disappointing.   It is nevertheless wonderful and certainly can’t be improved by your worrying.   Build your mental and physical strength, maintain a positive attitude, and contribute where you can.  How surprised you will be to find a deep well of faith growing inside you.

You may have success at fields which allow you to combine your natural insight about people with learning some sort of craft.  More than a few accomplished astrologers have this node placement of the north node in 6th house, including J. Lee Lehman, Louise Huber, Alan Leo, and Noel Tyl.  Sigmund Freud, Albert Camus, Jane Addams, and Noam Chomsky are good examples of insight applied to improving the human condition in other fields.

Routine, boundaries, details, necessities, physical and mental health, these are your allies in service.  Your lifetimes of torment are over.  The sooner you bury the past and start participating in the present, the sooner you will become all of which you are capable: a powerful and confident person. The North Node in 6th house is described by astrologer Martin Schulman as “one of the most compassionate, beautiful and useful people in the Zodiac.”

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  1. this has helped me so much, thank you for making it so clear to me on this placement which is where my nn placement it.

    Thanks a Gazillion

  2. wow. on poinT.
    and here i was thinking all my curses were related to saturn 1st house or stellium on ic in libra or pluto stuff etc.. 😉

    • actually just lightbulbing that although i have the awareness of the 6th house NN affliction & almost to a point of acceptance of it at 42yrs (feels like ive just given up to a hopeless pointless vibe in the recent year)
      its seemingly the meld with it(mine) being in sagittarius that seems ridiculously hard to tolerate.. “i wasnt put here for this shite” is often a statement that runs through my head or mumbling out of my mouth :O feeling the strong urge that these menial ridiculously boring things i am meant to embrace is actually dressed up in the curse of irony that it seems contradictory to the sag NN intention. i can feel it grating in my bones that ‘this tedious stupid daily life crapola is irrelevant to my soul purpose … ??? :/ i havent worked out how to oveercome it yet.. but have gone full circle with the cycle and philosophies over the years a number of times. .. {~*~}

    • Yes I thought the same . I have read and listened to videos about NN and SN placements this has to be one of the best so far in explaining this complicated subject .I will do more research though as I find it fascinating and helpful.

  3. It wasn’t a criticism of you I was saying how boring this north node is My contribution would be to push the traits of this north node to the back of your mind and pick another astrological feature that suits you

  4. StelliumNoise1989July 16, 2017 at 12:04 pm

    I really appreciate your analysis because of the opportunity it gives me right now.

    I agree with another comment about the lack of focus on positive traits. The article (like many) leave a bad taste in your mouth and is actually QUITE damaging to people with nodes in these houses. In 2017, children are quicker, and just as curious..god forbid someone being bullied finds out they need to endure senseless pain because “the sky says so”.

    There is no purpose, NEED, joy, or happiness in smiling through unappreciated hard work and struggle..UNLESS you’re being of service in ways that align with your natural talents and gifts. Anyone reading – misery is NOT your soul’s purpose. If we came into this world with such spiritual knowledge already within (LOL), then you’re wise… consider this:

    Theory suggests that you do not control the 12th house – blind, unaware of,’re seen the adjectives related to the 12th.

    BUT you DO control the 6th.

    Generally the accepted definition (not my definition I’m still researching) of the North Node will generally fall around “lessons you need to learn in this life”. So how about learn the lesson of “don’t be a victim silly, help the victims?” Don’t put your mental and physical health in danger by hating every day you live and holding your breathe to run to what you really want to do..whatever that may be.

    With your south node in the 12th, the house of “self undoing” is supposed to be the COMFORTABLE easy road right? That’s what they tell us. All interpretations of south node: “Things you naturally possess”, “where you feel at home”. But suddenly when you combine south node in 12th, the 12th house looses it’s entire meaning of self-undoing & self sabotage – for us, that’s now the interpretation of the 6th house. You are a spiritual guru..simply here to be Jesus burned on the cross for all of your mastership. Here to die in spirit for the greater good every day. The 12th house is no longer bad karma when it comes to your southnode. “It’s a tough job but somebody’s gotta sacrifice their whole existence”. Sure thing.

    Also, the interpretations/experiences of people with North Node in 12th are oddly similar. People are drawing blanks and blurt out Service, service, service. Suffer! Health issues! You don’t know what side of the path you’re on when reading the interpretations.

    There seems to be no agreed upon interpretation of the 12/6th house with nodes, and there isn’t a CLEAR explanation of the 12th house alone either.

    When you think about the 6th house of the words of youtuber Steve Judd “You’re never going to be good enough, but you’re always getting better” NOT getting better at being self-sacrificing, but getting better at providing service to yourself (taking care of your health), taking care of your responsibilities (to friends, family, your job duties). And by taking care of it, it simply means not leaving the matter unattended. A friend who’s negative and co dependent keeps calling? Make sure they get the message loud and clear that you’re not interested. A supervisor badgering you about small details? Take the lesson, but pull out the scale of justice…does the punishment fit the crime? No? Then you are being unfairly treated and it is your RESPONSIBILITY TO YOURSELF to take care of your mental health and get out of the situation.

    Leave self sacrifice alone. The North Node in 6th house is not about being a slave showing up for DEAD END battles every single day. WE know this. But you will see self-sacrificing all through the comments..”hard pill to swallow, but you’re so right”

    None of these interpretations are right. The battle isn’t dying on the cross, but it is battling through relentless self critique that will probably never leave (& for good’s good for the creative/career process). AND it’s about fighting against the urge to help those who do not need it, or help with tasks that aren’t your own & that have no real significance to you, your goals, or the world.

    So to those who have joined me on my nodal path..I proclaim the meaning of 6th/12 north node/south node to be the following:

    Put more value into social norms because we will not be able to succeed without it (organization, being present and on time, do a few favors but develop a way to prevent becoming used, & find a way to be the handy “smiling” helper without dying inside!! “If you do not love yourself, you cannot love others”

    Stories of some people with my exact placement. Take a look at the CRITICISM from the outside world. That’s a battle worth fighting. Anything outside of your true goal are lessons, the minute you feel you’ve learned and when you feel yourself have become a victim. You’re off course. Rogue and unsupported. Poor you

    You can find people with your exact Asc, Sun, Moon, Asc, NN/South Node placement here:

    ^Click the box by “Add/Subtract a criterion” to add more planets and/or placements

    People with Gemini Sun, Leo Asc, Leo South N (12th), Aquarius NN

    John G. Bennett
    His Big BANG! – Leaving fear.

    In France in March 1918, he was blown off his motorcycle by an exploding shell. Taken to a military hospital, operated upon, and apparently in a coma for six days, Bennett had an out-of-body experience which convinced him that there is something in man which can exist independently of the body.

    “It was perfectly clear to me that being dead is quite unlike being very ill or very weak or helpless. So far as I was concerned, there was no fear at all. And yet I have never been a brave man and was certainly still afraid of heavy gun fire. I was cognizant of my complete indifference toward my own body.”[1]

    The Opposition: How dare a 6th house NN actually combine a powerful mind with powerful action in a harmonious way..(aka on track with your purpose)?

    In 1941, Ouspensky (Bennet’s partner) left England to live in the United States. By now, Bennett was running his own study groups and giving talks on the subject of Gurdjieff’s system. The groups continued and expanded in London throughout the Second World War.

    Bennett began writing and developing his own ideas in addition to Gurdjieff’s. Ouspensky repudiated him in 1945, which proved very painful for Bennett, who had also lost touch with Gurdjieff, and believed him to be dead.

    “Ouspensky fell under the impression that Bennett was setting himself up as a teacher and plagiarising his lecture material. Instructions were sent to all members of Ouspensky’s groups to disassociate themselves from Bennett, who found himself vilified and ostracised, but still supported by a small loyal following. He decided to go ahead with his work of communicating his understanding of the System to people, and to create a society or institute to serve as its vehicle”.

    2. William Delbert Gann

    William Delbert Gann was a finance trader who developed the technical analysis tools known as Gann angles, Square of 9, Hexagon, Circle of 360 (these are Master charts). Gann market forecasting methods are based on geometry, astronomy and astrology, and ancient mathematics.


    Opinions are sharply divided on the value and relevance of his work.[3] Gann wrote a number of books on trading.

    Gann described the use of angles in the stock market in The Basis of My Forecasting Method (1935). Calculating a Gann angle is equivalent to finding the derivative of a particular line on a chart in a simple way.[9] Each geometrical angle (which is really a line extended into space) divides time and price into proportionate parts. The most important angle Gann called the 1×1 or the 45° angle, which he said represented one unit of price for one unit of time. If you draw a perfect square and then draw a diagonal line from one corner of the square to the other, you have illustrated the concept of the 1×1 angle, which moves up one point per day.
    There has been a general disagreement whether he made profits by speculation himself.

    In death =
    “Rediscovering W. D. Gann’s Method Of Forecasting The Financial Markets” by James Smithson, Market Technician, no. 80, February 2016″
    “Rediscovering Gann’s Law Of Vibration” by James Smithson, The Trader’s Journal, October 2008”

    Anybody watch Glee??

    3. Chris Colfer. And if you think his “service” is JUST acting take a look at his wiki.

    “Colfer was bullied so severely in middle school that he needed to be home schooled for half of 7th grade and 8th grade.
    ^^ Take note of the path…one that focused on SELF NEEDS (mental health) and not Pride/ruling the situation (Leo south node route)

    The next year, Colfer began attending Clovis East High School, where he was involved with the speech and debate program, and won “many speech and debate champion titles”, including placing ninth in the State Competition for Dramatic Interpretation. He was also active in the drama club, the FFA, “was president of the Writer’s Club, editor of the school’s literary magazine, and captain of Destination ImagiNation”.[14] As a high school senior, he wrote, starred in, and directed a spoof of Sweeney Todd entitled “Shirley Todd”, in which all of the roles were gender-reversed.[15] One of his real in-school experiences was later turned into a sub-plot for his character on Glee, when the high school teachers denied him the chance to sing “Defying Gravity” from the musical Wicked because it is traditionally sung by a woman.[16][17] His grandmother, a minister, let him sing the song in her church.”

    & I’m just going to throw this out there:

    There is a theory that says the North Node is actually your first “BANG/Thought”. Consciousness is what? Thought. So the theory says that North Node came first & South Node is where your “essence” exited (and I’m sure I may be explaining the concept wrong/incompletely..if I were better I would look it up to verify, but I will just feel bad about putting in the effort to practice better habits).

    Interesting theory right? You come here with pull towards your south node, already being aware of your north node.

    My NOVICE interpretation: 6th house north node/12th house south node = Don’t let your true service to others (your TRUE work) be overshadowed by your ironic comfort (pure inaction) for victimhood, poor health, and lack of growth. Do not be a slave – plan, think of your higher purpose, learn the skills, ACTION ACTION ACTION (You control the 6th). Act or suffer.

    First thought(North Node in 6th): HERE TO HELP!!
    Last thought(South Node in 12th): It worked, I helped.

    12th house north node/6th house south node = First thought (North Node in 12th): It worked, I’m here!! But I have no control?

    Last thought (South Node): Hmn, looks like I’m helping. Makes sense.

    But one thing is for sure, 6th house in North Node is comfortable helping, but also at the cost of self degradation (extreme), or lack of caring about operating FUNCTIONALLY in the world,with good mental health and responsibly. When that stops, everything is better. Or stay unhappy, stress, and then die a victim. You don’t control south node urges in the 12th.

    And 12th house north node are just begging to operate functionally in this world. Their ideal life is what we 6th house NN’s decline: social norms. But their life seems to drag them “inner”, and they find themselves either being of service, or being completely unhappy. You don’t control north node destiny in the 12th.

    “Pick the hardest thing for you to do…that’s your north node” A very wise astrologer who’s name I can’t remember and don’t feel like looking up.

    – NORTH NODE IN 6TH HOUSE, Willing to help my purpose. Not here to serve anything but my goals (which will help others because I have no choice but to follow the urge)

    • < > I’m really not seeing this as a negative description.

    • thank you for stating this. this article makes me depressed. I’m like, fuck this, superdrepresssing. would like to know more of your thoughts around this, but how do i get in contact+

  5. Your analysis of of the 6th house node was ‘perfect’ for me. Pun intended! At age 62, I can see the truth and relevance in your interpretation. Sometimes individuals take a little longer to become aware, and until then these 6th house node folks can just be plain ‘critical’ ?

  6. CelestinaJune 24, 2017 at 7:44 am

    I appreciate you leaving a note. I’m glad you got something out of the site.

  7. This north node is so depressing if I’m not fed up of having to deal with rubbish that I don’t want to perhaps if the gods made a north node that didn’t involve taking out the bins we wouldn’t be so escapist

  8. It hits home. I don’t think it’s a horrible analysis at all.

    I think people are looking for something uplifting to explain how they will … but ultimately, this north node in the 6th simply does not care for that sort of wishful thinking… only intentional action… good physical, mental, emotional, spiritual practices are important to achieve breakthroughs with the NN in the 6th.

    • I have this placement in Sag. My health is horrible. I have two fatal diseases which I inherited, and have had trouble getting my medication in the past. I’ve had six operations in the past 15 years. It’s always a battle. I always said though… I would love to be a hermit, or a painter working in solitude, but the universe always takes me to the center of the crowd. I’m always working between two and three jobs,always with people and groups, helping others. I do have some sort of block though, preventing me from practicing astrology. I also have always been poor, since I left home.

  9. This is a bit late but I found most of this very accurate. The only critique I have is that it seems a little imbalanced in terms of positivity versus…less positivity.

    I definitely think that sometimes people need a kick in the pants to get them to see what they are ignoring or denying. I find it helpful, however, to perhaps include an equal amount of encouragement so that the kick in the pants lands you somewhere better, if that makes sense? And I say this based partly on content and partly on tone. But that’s just my take on it and I imagine that there were a number of people who probably got what they needed from reading it 🙂

    I have been struggling a bit with where I want to go career-wise myself and have had issues since I have a Scorpio NN in the 6th H and would love to be an author of fiction. I question whether that is just getting lost in an imaginary place (which you kind of have to do to write fiction!) and if/how that would be of service to anyone.

    There is definitely a discipline necessary for writing so it ticks that box, but I’m not sure it fits under service profession exactly….

    • ChantelleJuly 13, 2017 at 3:23 am

      I also have a Scorpio North Node in the 6th and am also interested in writing a novel. At the moment, I’m a secretary and had to work hard to instill discipline, focus and organization into my daily routine. I would like to encourage you to write as this another form of making tangible (6th house) the unconscious or intangible (12th house). I do my best to use the nature of the 12th to benefit the 6th so I just wrote what came into my head, and what resulted was a charming fantasy novel with an underlying environmental theme. Writing is of service through inspiring and informing others. Please do write.

  10. I have NN in the 6th house and I found it very interesting that you mention “applying restrictions to thoughts”. This is so important because I can really get twisted up in my thoughts…I do so much better when I just do/act. The problem is that those thoughts feel so much more real and important than daily activities which seem so mundane. Anyway, I am looking for a new career field and I like your suggestion of editor…I noticed that you also mention it your description of NN in Aries which is my other placement. It seems like a real career and one that would ground me. Thanks!! 🙂

  11. What if you have your North Node in your 6th house, but in Pisces (at 29 degrees)…?

  12. What if you have your North Node in your 6th house of Pisces(29 degrees)?

  13. I have this placement (SN Libra 12th H & NN Aries 6th H).

    Some of it rings true for me, but not all of it.

    I definitely don’t recognize myself in the self-pitying bit (I believe this is very dependent upon an individual’s temperament, mentality & habitual patterns).

    I definitely incarnated with the intention of being of service to others :). So the bit about ‘helping’ or ‘assisting’ is true.

    Whether a native goes about this codependently or interdependently is entirely dependent upon how an individual wields their personal power – there is such a thing called free will, self-awareness, development & growth.

    I also feel very spacey whenever I’m not physically active and I do tend towards isolation (in my case, I was brought up in isolating ways by authoritarian parents, and now I find myself isolated due to sickness).

    Weak boundary function can definitely be an issue.

    Buuut I’m working that 6th house node (health & routine – yeah baby!).

    It’s true in that discipline, routine and especially consistency are very necessary for grounding.

    Hairdressing sounds alluring to me :). Been pondering this for quite a while now. Would love to be a barber :).

    Very, very interesting. Thank you.

  14. This is me but my north node is in Virgo.. I went to art school a decade ago and have been working a day job while balancing that with doing my artwork. Oftentimes I feel very frustrated and stuck balancing these two ‘worlds’, but then grateful I have both so I don’t dwell in one or the other too much. My day job keeps me anchored in the real world and talking with people in my community…while my artwork keeps me connected to my dreamier side. Both are detail-oriented. However-sometimes it’s made relationships, socializing, and time management tricky. Not to mention, finances.

  15. I have to agree with Deven, I’ve also read this post several times and it is really spot on for me! We resist our growth by clinging onto what we know (from past incarnations), and the truth is indeed a hard pill to swallow – think I need to get some more water as I’m still swallowing it!! Thanks for all the insight.

  16. twelve years back I would have said this doesn’t resemble me, however my ego did the driving back then. But interestingly this was me six-ten years back. I can isolate myself for hours and days, but it only causes me to become ungrounded and place too much thought into the purpose of the purpose of my existence. I am a very responsible person with great work ethics, but it didn’t come easy, I drove myself to learn structure and discipline and to also have dignity in my work. I also find myself grounded when I’m busy, so I have to find something that I like and do it. I’m humanitarian by nature and my thoughts are always how to help people. I also build my own faith from inner searching because religion doesn’t offer or establishes faith but establishes that faith means “their way”.

    I never feel sorry for myself, but that was something I also structured and after too much of my life being a victim, I decided that I would never be any ones victim nor dwell in self pity, self confidence on the other hand is my cup of tea, because no one else is going to have confidence in you but yourself. Astrology is a tool to use in areas of your life that need improving, and becoming aware of them calls for improvement, and not the excuse/reason to blame our problems on. So I thought this forum was a very nice read, and insightful thank you

  17. I find this to be very true (I have NN in 6th, Taurus). The positive and negative are in stark contrast for me currently: striving to become a healthcare provider, without making much progress and fearing the change (really fearing I won’t be perfect in that field). I am more prone to self-pity than I like to admit. My spirituality can become a crutch if I let it, but it also helps me remember my essential worth regardless of what I “do.” I was abused in several ways as a young child, and I can blame my adult failings on that in low moments. The past is the past, and I am safer and more loved now than I’ve ever been. Discipline really is the key – even meditation, which comes quickly for me, is only beneficial if practiced regularly as part of a health regimen. I’m not religious, but it’s like that phrase that faith is meaninglesz without doing good works. I see this analysis as very honest and positive. It reminds me to be grateful, I am not a victim, and that I can do big things if I only take it one small step at a time. Thank you for this.

  18. It’s more easy to see other people than self. So, I’ve seen in my friend’s map, that she has the North Node in the 6th house and even in Capricorn! I feel that she is very frustrated and stick her nose to other people’s lives, because she has not created her own. She does not have any goals, she is doing this and that and tried to be the master of 100 things, master of none, and she has escaped to the sickness she has created to herself. She “helps” (n her opinion) other people, including me, who has not even asked for her help, because people, including me, DO NOT NEED HER HELP! Iin other words this is called “co-dependency”. In my opinion she should really – instead of making herself sick (she really made herself sick: she was fighting to find proves that she is sick, from different doctors about 7 years because no-one could see any sickness in her. She wanted to be sick for to be able to avoid work! And then finally, everyone for tired of her and her insistence and someone said: Yes, you are sick. And now this sick person thinks, that she is the right one to help other people! It means, that she try to take people’s lives her own. She does not have her own goals, she stick with others and disturbes them – at least me. And she choose people who do not need any help, especially from her. In my eyes she is totally lost in her life but as a Sagittarius, of course she is the ultimate besserwisser, even she finally got her idea of her brain-sickness done. So, now she is “sick” as she wanted to be and by the same token she thinks, that when she is sick, she is the right person to give advises to other, healthy people and “help” those, who are much more capable than her! It is annoying. Really she is lost in the 12th House, even her North Node is in the 6th house! She should take responsibility, work with those who really need help, concentrate on some field of helping and not to try to be maser of 100 and beat everyone else in their field and leave her healthy, very capable friends to live their lives. Oh, how nice I felt to give this back to her! I can make also analysis and advices to other people and know better than themselves what they think and what they need. But this is what she did to me! I give it back!

    • CelestinaMay 2, 2016 at 5:13 pm

      There is something about this 6th – 12 house axis that makes people with this energy want to be helping all the time. I have noticed that myself. I’ve been frustrated by it, too 🙂

  19. I think Celestine, that your work is amazing-

    It is hard for people to hear the truth sometimes- very hard, and so they criticise. They do not need to do that, they can do more research on their own. I find your work fascinating, and very right on- as painful as IT IS. You deserve many accolades, and I only hope you publish a book someday- I think you are WONDRFUL–

  20. this is so crazy i’ve been locked at home for five years. i hate myself, have no job, have no love, and still live with my parents. what a miserable node placement to get. i live in misery, idk how to get my life together. i don’t wanna leave my house.

    • North Node 6thApril 6, 2016 at 9:56 pm

      Surely that’s the self-pity element talking? With the same placement I’m very prone to it myself. However it really does help to alter your perspective and focus on building the routines and responsibilities into your daily life, however trivial they may appear to other people. Don’t overwhelm yourself and take on too much in one go. Even taking a daily walk at a regular time is taking responsibility for your wellbeing and getting you out into the world! Gradually you WILL find that you are being rewarded for your efforts. Limit the time you give yourself to wallow in negative thinking.

    • You don’t want to? Or you can’t? I have Node 6H and I went through a phase of panic attacks and agoraphobia that prevented me from leaving my house for several years – this was all due to health issues however, and still I fear living on my own because of them… BUT, I am the household provider currently, although I live with my mother.

    • You can get your life together by stop caring about what you want, and start caring about what you need. Kick yourself in the ass and get moving. It’s time to put yourself first, and stop holding back. The world isn’t going to wait for you.

      My husband has this node placement and it hits him hard at times, but he never lets it keep him down. He’s actually going back to college later this year and he is just over the moon, that finally he can work towards a future he both wants and needs.

  21. Thanks – appreciated! Personally this made so much sense to me, as NNode in 6th!!

  22. Disappointed!September 8, 2015 at 8:41 pm

    This is one of the WORST astrological interpretations I have ever come across! All you did was regurgitate a bunch of key words, with a “pull yourself up by the bootstraps” tone. What kind of advice is “It’s important to go about your daily routine with a smile?” That sounds more like living in the twelfth house south node of disillusion! Not to mention it’s unrealistic! Routines are sacred to 6th house NN people. And some benefit from a more unconventional routine then others, but they need to find the right routine and to know that they may always be confronted with some type of pain – whether it’s their own or someone they work for or answer to. And that’s ok, because not everything can be sunshine and roses all the time. Glad I didn’t pay for your services. Sheesh!

    • Me, too!

    • North Node 6thApril 6, 2016 at 10:31 pm

      I’d say it’s using our familiar 12th House strengths to engender our successes, as well as assisting us in coping with our failures while we are learning to develop and sustain those qualities of our NN 6th.

  23. Thank you

  24. I’ve read this post several times and, again, I find it striking home. This is a powerful post for me. Thanks.


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