North Node in Aquarius – South Node in Leo

Directions: Study the interpretation of the North Node in Aquarius below. Then, take the quiz to see how well you understand its impact on your life! After all, reading means nothing if you don’t fully understand it. Access the quiz via the link at the bottom.

Traditionally the North Node in Aquarius, Dragon’s Head in Aquarius, brings good luck in personal affections, especially with friendships. The Dragon’s Tail in Leo gives the individual a strong but rash nature, and plenty of courage.

The spiritual calling of the North Node in Aquarius is to be of service to the group.  Any work that affects society rather than an individual is favorable.  Whatever the chosen profession, this person should develop “the common touch” and may become a beloved figure who champions the cause of the little man.  Famous examples include Albert Einstein, Tony Blair, Benazir Bhutto, Larry king, Ralph Nader, Hank Aaron, William Jennings Bryan, Frank Capra, and Garry Marshall.

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The great struggle in your life is to turn the regent within you into a commoner.  In prior lives, you were the center of some universe.  You may retain the soul habit of looking down on others or devoting energy to being seen with famous people.   You have chosen a different life for yourself this time around.  The sooner you stop name dropping and start mixing it up with regular folk the better.

While you once saw the world as a kingdom, you must now adjust your thinking.  Meditate on seeing the world as a brotherhood of equals.  In this lifetime happiness will only come when you subordinate your needs for those of the greater good.  While you may unconsciously seek recognition and the chance to make a substantial and unique contribution, the universe will not support you in any endeavor which is motivated by ego.  Even if you were able to contribute some great individual talent to the world, it would not satisfy you.  You are here to be a self-less humanitarian, and only that will make you happy.  As hard as that may be to swallow at first, the more you try it, the more you will like it, for only by putting the needs of the group first will you begin to curb that massive and insatiable ego inside you.

Your real issue is a lack of detachment.  If you’re not careful, you may eat your young.  Experiment with distancing yourself from others.  You don’t need to get involved with everyone you meet.  Treat your lovers life friends.  Then treat your acquaintances like friends.  Then behave as if your family members are friends.  It may seem odd at first, but give it a whirl.  You will finally find the stability you seek not through melodrama but rationality.  Independence is key to your spiritual growth.

You are naturally self-centered.  You must decide to refocus your energies elsewhere.  Any pursuit which moves your attention from yourself to the group or humanity at large is going to be a positive experience for you.  With North Node in Aquarius you are bound to have a grand adventure in life, but what you need to learn is that this won’t happen until you let go.

You have a special soul task to bring order to a chaotic world.  The first step is to understand that world, and that requires some space and distance for observation.  Use your mind to apprehend the universe.  Be ruthless in your rejection of feelings that conflict with empirical data.  As you develop an orderly, open, and intellectual approach to life, you will find satisfaction in being a member of the group.   And you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover that many of your wishes come true after all.

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  1. Great site!

  2. Lucas CarabiasAugust 12, 2017 at 9:14 am

    Yep, I am a cancer with virgo rising taurus moon and mercury in gemini and leo placements in both venus and mars… North node in aquarius south node in leo..

    So melodramatic so controlling of my relationships it has almost surely been the cause of much distress, as if I am always expecting to be treated a certain way. It is extremely hard for me to open up to anything(criticism and self criticism alike), I have great musical abilities and still I never feel comfortable enough to use it because they are always coming from a place of EGO even when its not the objective I cant seem to get away from the feelings of “not being deserving yet”, I notice that when I give myself a higher cause for the group I tend to feel better but its a tough call in this placement to feel like you’re doing something correctly for the group without taking personal reward for your actions unless the situation is extreme and requires such(life threatening or split second decisions) .. I constantly feel like im trying to fight what my south node gives me, since in a way it directly opposes what my objective (north node in aqua) brings.. So I constantly control what I show as to try and not seem like the “asshole” stuck up guy, and even then I’m usually judged as so by the crowds(even before they truly know me) so many times I’ve heard “Oh I thought you were an ass before I got to know you”. The only real problem I see is that I can never feel comfortable taking any compliments or owning up to my own achievements because I feel guilty and also that I self sabotage my own accomplishments to not get personal or egotistical confirmation of my correct actions even when they are leading me to my north node objective. They say a healthy deal of isolationism solves this for SN Leo people, and I have done it, it pains us to feel alone and abandoned even by your own choice since you always feel you deserve to be praised be it relationships of love or friendship. But separation helped tremendously as to get a bigger picture how to not “need or seek” the attention you got so easily in a past life. I was the guy who couldnt go to the club and not be approached by at least one other person, if i didnt, anger resentment and even insecurities flourished like a well watered garden.

    I am currently dealing with it after a toxic relationship filled with mistrust and lies, I pushed everyone and everything I was away to get the so called perspective of being one more of the crowd instead of always thinking I was there to leave a mark.
    That has recently begun bringing me closer to people I was already close with but when blinded by ego I saw their accomplishments even in my life as mine to claim.

    I am now seeking a career as an EMT as I feel I can give back to the whole while still taking some incredible damage to my psyche which is enough sacrifice to destroy that ego(despite hidden it is great within me), after that I plan to seek a humanitarian cause of some sorts to open up my eyes and soul to the fact that just as in relations, you cannot control every outcome to be favorable towards your view and you cannot force your hand on anything, for even if you could the outcome would not be satisfactory, since as in the past life it would have been too easy(or fake by the ones giving the confirmation of your great ego).

    It is a tough placement and im sure the venus and mars in leo do not help, since the way I have fun and seek relationships is basically always based on being praised in some way which is extremely against the true objective.

    Only pointers I have, face your fears, don’t judge, find your true skills and find a way to work them for the greater good, be the one to make the higher sacrifice, not because you’re better but because you’re another soul on the way to learning experiences that add to the whole of humanity. And as with everything else, balance is key, learning how to own your accomplishments without making your ego feel great and expecting more greatness with no work seems to be the trend.
    And also guilt, when we feel guilt we self destruct as quickly as we rose.

    • You’ve obviously thought a lot about this, and I was particularly interested in your comments about curing some of Leo’s excesses with periods of isolation. I had never heard that before. I see your point.

      My thoughts as I was reading your post run contradictory to the conclusion you draw at the end in some ways, but I will share them anyway in case they are helpful.

      Venus and Mars in Leo. That’s some big time energy there! You mention others have thought you an asshole until they got to know you. Some interesting social commentary has been done on what an asshole is. I point to one definition as an example: “…the asshole is the guy who systematically allows himself special advantages in cooperative life out of an entrenched sense of entitlement that immunises him against the complaints of other people.” ( What’s interesting to me about that is from the astrological perspective, this is Leo’s privilege. Leo is exceptional, and, of course, immune to criticism and other social obligations. The sun gives life. What’s to question there? In some sense, then, I would encourage you not to worry what others think. You may take a social privilege commoners are not entitled to now and then, but that is why Leo is associated with kings (who are entitled to just about everything). It sounds like you are aware that this must be balanced with the realities of not actually being a king (or worse a Superman), and that’s probably the best that a heavy Leo energy can do. I guess I’m trying to say don’t be too hard on yourself for being yourself.

      The relationships for heavy Leo energy can at times be difficult — you mention having expectations that might make things challenging — but you will work it out. Leos hold court more than they relate, but you also have some beautiful Virgo and Taurus energy to nurture relationships and some Aquarius energy to detach and see the other person as something other than a royal subject.

      You seem to be saying that you want to destroy the ego. I guess you don’t see it as an asset? I definitely do. A strong, healthy ego can mediate well between the competing needs of the psyche.

      My greatest concern in charts with a heavy Leo signature is the need to always be the hero. So long as you are working on relating to other people as actual individual people (and not royal subjects or entities to be saved), the Leo energy should support and not hinder you.

      Best of luck, Celestina

  3. What if your north node in Aquarius has been intercepted? Does that mean the interpretation applies less or that it doesn’t apply at all?

  4. Hi Celestina,

    thank you very much for your awesome website and this useful content on the various Nodes.
    As a life coach I very much appreciate Information the North Nodes are offering for personal development. Reading Jan Spiller’s book was an eye opener for me and your content is precious extension I am happy having discovered. I also like your quiz!

    I would greatly appreciate if you, and also your reading guests, would support me with your ideas how to support an Aquarius NN who is a world class athlete. Approaching her Saturn return she presents the typical issues as NN is also in house 11 – strenthening Ego matters and self centered focus. She adores limelight, social networks and has had a troublesome relationship both trying to put power on each other (she has a Scorpio Pluto Venus conjunction).

    I ask myself how to rise awareness in swollen Ego issues. As NN Aquarius are here to develope group and social awareness, one thing is to offer her opportunities of supporting others. What should help is a Cancer Moon Jupiter conjunction. Discussing what love is really about might help.

    With these souls it seems to suggest being sensitive with touching their polarity. My sister is also NN house 11 and they do not like to here they are in deep water in respect of pride issues 🙂 So how to lead them in the right direction and not offend them in the same time? I am thinking about telling them something what the Ego is really about: it is an illusion and too much pride comes back to us in a negative way – is no advantage, in fact.

    Spiller talks about an energy balance when those people put social activities against self centered behaviour. As my girl fails professionally after an early career high, I gain the insight that it it’s less childhood and parents issues but self sabatoring acts of the soul which wants to go a different way. As soon as the new way is discovered and began, a single athlete might finally have success then. I have read something similiary in the comments on your article about the Cancer NN who also deals with Ego/pride issues. But how to learn them fairness in relationships?

    Suitably I have seen numerous NN Aquarius celebrities with lessons of learning humility by failure after an early career success. German footballer Thomas Müller, rising star at FC Bayern from 2009, has won every club title you can wish as well as personal titles (best striker WM 2010) in his first profi half. Since summer he is on the fall: submerging at the whole tournament he fails a deciding EM shoot out. In the actual season he only scores 1 goal at half time (last year: 20 in the whole season) of the actual season. His last year’s coach, star coach Pep Guardiola, winning 14 titles in 4 years with FC Barcelona at his first coach station, failed 3 times in raw against teams of his home country, including his latter club. Recently, his midfielder German Gündogan fell out for half a year after missing WM (Germany won) and last EM also due to injury. Knee is bond to humility, I have read. All of them NN Aquarius:-)

    So that’s why I worthship these knowlegde about the Nodes so much. Thanks for your comment!


    I am looking forward for your ideas! Many thanks in advance.


  5. My husband has south node aries and it says ascending node aquarius

  6. I’m beginning to think that the moon’s nodes in a person’s astrology chart are perhaps THE most important part of the natal chart and the most helpful to focus on in terms of personal growth in this lifetime, life direction etc. Thanks Celestina!

    • There are other things, sometimes, which can overshadow it. Sometimes people get caught up in their Saturn issue, for example, or if they have a heavy Pluto or Uranus influence they might feel like they never get the time to steer their lives (the outer planets can trump I guess is what I’m saying), but for the most part I agree that understanding the house and sign of the node is the most fundamental and profound thing you can do to find personal peace through astrology.

  7. Great read. I have a problem. I have the north node in aquarius and I’m also a leo rising, leo moon, aries sun. As you can see there’s some conflict in my chart. How do I resolve this with leo pulling at me from all angles?

  8. Wonderful accurate insight into this node

    • Great read. I have a problem. I have the north node in aquarius and I’m also a leo rising, leo moon, aries sun. As you can see there’s some conflict in my chart. How do I resolve this with leo pulling at me from all angles?

      • @Stephen, I’m not the writer of this blog, but I feel I can help here. Your situation (like most things in life) requires balance. I’m sure you’re into many leo-esque activities (lol), but shift the focus outward with every step you take. I think that type of mental energy will start to balance things out. I know it’s easier said than done, though. So I would say your first step would be to just shift your focus and your thoughts and I think you’ll see things start to really go very well.


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