North Node in Cancer — South Node in Capricorn

Directions: Read about the North Node in Cancer below and then click the link at the end to take the test to see how well you understand this nodal placement.

Traditionally, the north node in cancer has been considered a lucky placement.  It gives good judgment and insight.  However, the corresponding South Node in Capricorn signifies a high strung nature and trouble with love relationships.

Key words for the North Node in Cancer are domesticity and mothering.  Many famous individuals with the north node in cancer placement are known for their home life or work with children, such as Maria Montessori, Mia Farrow, Brad Pitt, Joseph Kennedy, Michelle Obama, and Sarah Palin.  Sometimes heavy family responsibilities manifest in your life to help you develop the nurturing and emotional qualities you incarnated to experience.

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Form past life time experiences, you bring with you a strong sense of ambition and pride.  In your own mind, you are at or near the top of an elaborate social caste system.  If you were not born into what you consider your rightful place, you may prefer to marry “up.”

You came into this world knowing how to lead and organize.  You can see how that innate talent played out in the lives of Cesar Chavez, Alfred Nobel, Queen Elizabeth II, Otto von Bismark, Claus von Staffenberg, Fidel Castro, and Phil Jackson, all known for their executive ability.  However, you must be careful, for if you do not use your energy to nurture others but just for the sake or order, you will fall into the dark side.  Adolf Hitler, Vladimir Lenin, Robespierre, and Papa Doc Duvalier – leaders whose names are literally synonymous with terror — share the north node in cancer placement, too.   Witness the massive destruction caused by their desire to “maintain order.”   I hope you take it seriously when I encourage you to “let go.”

Most people with this north node in cancer placement find it hard to shake the need for recognition, and may overwork themselves to attain martyrdom or exaggerate the difficulty of their tasks in order to gain attention.  Because of a strict upbringing or perhaps just soul memory, you may not be able to tolerate anything less than total perfection from yourself.  In very extreme circumstances, you may make yourself sick in order to get out of dealing with situations with the potential to require you to confront an inadequacy of yours.

Growth will come when you learn to “let it be.”  Life experiences will teach you eventually to become more natural, value your emotions and instincts, and to appreciate the natural cycle of life.  In this lifetime, your greatest accomplishments will be of a personal nature.   You know exactly how to take.  Now you will learn to give.

It is not uncommon for people with this placement to be institutionalized as children.  This may include a long hospital stay, residing in an orphanage or boarding school, or severely cold parents who treated you as a status symbol rather than a warm-blooded human being.  They may have encouraged you to become an opportunist and taught you to value the material over the spiritual.

Nurturing professions are favored for you.  Nursing is an obvious choice.  Interior decorating and different types of child care or work with children are also strong possibilities.  There are many professional comedians with the north node in cancer placement, among them Mel Brooks, Harpo Marx, Charlie Chaplin, Stephen Colbert, Hank Azaria, Harvey Korman, and Rob Schnieder.  Perhaps you, too, may make some money from your wonderful sense of humor.

To balance your nodal energy housekeeping, landscaping, genealogy, yoga, and history are all recommended hobbies for the north node in cancer.   As you let go of your control issues and move into your emotional body, you will find yourself connecting with others more and more and enjoying the experience.  It is important that you establish a family of some sort and that you be industrious.  It’s important that the carrier of the north node in cancer placement avoid any reflexive tendencies to withdraw into isolation.  You are here to nurture the group and take comfort in being part of a family.  Trust the life process and your instincts.  You may never attain the station in life to which you think you are entitled, but in your home and family you will find a far great happiness than you could ever have imagined.

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  1. Michelle BesantJanuary 12, 2018 at 3:19 am

    Ah, I’m looking into the nodes to see why patterns keep rearing their head and this is good insight. My sun conjunct mercury conjunct north node in cancer(node only just at 1.56)also sitting on ascendent in first house. Mars and venus in 12th House Gemini(asc also), Uranus and Pluto 3rd house Virgo conjunct. Neptune 5h house Leo. Moon south node and asc 7th house libra. Saturn 9th house pisces. Jupiter 11th house taurus and IC 4th house, Mc 10th house. I have rebelled all my life not content to just be- aiming for success, challenging and controlling myself. My thirst for knowledge about what makes me tick is endless and has been a life long journey that has led me through buddhism, astrology, everything new age, yoga, healing blah blah blah but I never feel completely content or fullfilled. I have all the cancerian trains understandably but am in constant battle with myself to be something other than that which I am. Any feedback would be great.Namaste Shellxx

  2. better understanding of all that i went thru…the universe lovingly compels some of us to focus on nurturing, charity and the related positive cancerian qualities. by synchronicity and all, i now enjoy the relaxed inner and outer atmosphere plus helping others to be themselves. 2015 i first visited your site. 2017 i now know you are of my soultribe. remain blessed in the LIGHT.

  3. Wow! This was by far one of my favourite posts I’ve read. Ever! The commentary is just brilliant! The person that didn’t think were funny – hilarious!
    Most of the posts sounded exactly how i speak and my head thinks.

    My cancer NN is in the 11th house in cancer. My south node in Capricorn in the 5th had really led me down some interesting paths. You know? Obsessed with having relationships. And actually they were nurturing and kind in lots of ways but it never felt enough for me. It wasn’t enough cos I wasn’t enough for me. A few years ago I said no more! And the universe agreed and put dud after dud in my path. My jobs become mediocre, my lifestyle and not to mention my romances – I’ve had no choice but to change.

    Suddenly I find myself loving a completely different type of person wanting a completely different type of life but that Capricorn south node won’t stay dormant. I have fallen in love with a genuis (so intelligent. But probably me being shallow and we’re not talking anyway) I want to work in what I love teaching yoga and doing astrology. But there’s that little part of me that wants to make a huge difference in the world aka be successful.

    What to do? What’s the right thing? I let go. Surrender. Let the path unfold one tile at a time… hope for the best but not even define what ‘the best’ even is.

    Ah life.

    • The drive for perfection and status that comes with the Capricorn South Node can really propel you to come great accomplishments, but it’s very, very important not to let that strangle the feminine nature within. There is a strong part of you that knows everything is already okay, even without a partner, even without a stunning career accomplishment. Letting go and surrendering may seem like the weak move, but it’s actually a strong one. GL oxox

  4. Fascinating read. Just explains why I am where I am. Tried to make it in many jobs. Very well educated, but got blocked entering a number of professions. I have not done paid work for ten years now. Completely depend on my husband’s income. Very uncomfortable with this situation. In addition to have south node in cancer and north node in capricorn, my moon is in capricorn in my fourth house. North node tenth house. I grew up in a family that showed little emotion and punished any display of feeling. I became a rational workaholic. As life unfolded I was not allowed to be a workaholic or be rewarded for it. However, I was unable to have children. Saturn in fifth house in Acquarius. Happy with family a married into but now have responsibilities with my aged parents who are difficult to deal with because of their characters. I do a lot of community work, but do not feel appreciated a lot of the time. Taken for granted. Certainly have trouble manifesting and transforming capricorn south node skills through my north node. I get held back attempting to manifest those talents through my cancer north node. People in positions of authority block me. Perhaps the answer is to chill out and let go. I have started pursuing spiritual matters and healing. Still feel I have a long way to go. Pluto is currently conjunct my natal capricorn moon and neptune in Pisces is opposing pluto in Virgo close to my ascendant. It all feels very karmic. Thank you everyone who has blocked
    Blogged on here for you insight. You have all given me a lot to meditate on. Love and light to you.

    • Pluto on the moon is a pretty rough transit. Hang in there! It sounds like you have to be a good parent to yourself in this lifetime, both mother and father.

      Caring for one’s aging parents is incredibly draining and heartbreaking and frustrating. Daughters and Capricorns, synonymous with duty.

      Godspeed through this difficult time, Jane.

  5. I love children very much, though, and have many times dropped everything else just to be by their side when I feel like they need somebody.

  6. I have my North Node in Cancer and South Node in Capricorn. However, I’m also a Capricorn Sun (only planet in an Earth sign).

    I’m bad at being a Capricorn (I’m not successful at all) and bad at the Cancer thingie (I can’t say I’m good at family relationships because I come from a broken family) although I am drawn to both (family and success). I’m also Libra, Aquarius, Gemini dominant and very confused. 😀

    I don’t even know specifically what it is I’m trying to ask here.

    • It seems as if air is your dominant element. You don’t say what your moon sign is, but I’m guessing you will be happiest in the world of ideas with all that air. I think of Marilyn Monroe reading Russian novels between each take of her films to satisfy that Gemi sun and Aquarius moon. You wouldn’t think of her as an intellectual, but underneath it all that’s where her heart was. That may be you, too!

      You say you aren’t good at the Cancer thing, and my first response was that you don’t have to be good at anything except being you, but then you wrote that you have many times dropped everything to be by the side of a child. That’s a perfect Cancer thing to do.

    • Hi, my North Node is in Cancer 29-30 degree. South node also anaretic degree Capricorn. I feel I cannot get s release from Capricorn’s ambitious grip as my sun is 27-28 degree conjunct South node as is Mercury 2-3 degree Aquarius. Does this mean the dragons tail is harder to be released from? Is 29 degree a strong manifestation of the respective signs it is leaving.
      I am caring but consumed by power urges to succeed; all thwarted. Been offered work with old people, and to run an LGBT mental health drama group, nurturing others.

  7. Hi Celestina,

    I have North Node in Cancer (south node Capricorn) and I was hoping you might demonstrate your insights with regards to my natal chart. Here’s the rest of it, and I’m sharing the whole thing with hopes this is a good demonstration of your expertise for everyone’s benefit.

    Besides the Nodes, My natal planets are as follows:
    Sun – Aquarius
    Moon – Libra
    Mercury – Capricorn
    Venus – Pisces
    Mars – Pisces
    Jupiter – Sagittarius
    Saturn – Scorpio
    Neptune – Sagittarius
    Uranus – Sagittarius
    Pluto – Libra
    Lilith – Capricorn

    and all of my signs are in the houses of their FALL, ie:
    ascendant – Libra (moon, pluto)
    2 – Scorpio (Saturn, and my wife is a Scorpio)
    3 – Sag (Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus)
    4 – Cap (Mercury, Lilith)
    5 – Aquarius (Sun)
    6 – Pisces (Venus and Mars)
    7 – Aries
    8 – Taurus
    9 – Gemini
    10/midheaven – Cancer
    11 – Leo
    12 – Virgo

    I understand that a North Node in Cancer lends itself to all the experiences already discussed above. Additionally, all of my signs are in the houses of their FALL and I don’t understand how to use that information to support ‘self-actualization.’

    Additionally, I recently got laid off from a ‘learning clinic’ where I was a learning specialist and helped struggling learners (mostly k-12) train/develop cognitive processing skills. It felt like a really good fit for me, though the culture wasn’t as good a fit as I’d hoped.

    Also, I’m currently 33 years old, almost 34; I was in a car accident at 18 and was in a coma for 4 days. In distance from that experience and the month I spent in the hospital, I had one life before I was 18 and a completely different life after 18.

    I have a music education degree and I feel comfortable navigating the world in English, Spanish, or poor Hebrew, and I feel like I’m so close to getting to an ‘aha!’ moment that makes my life ‘come together,’ but I’m not quite there yet.

    I also started a website and podcast about a year ago, but got tripped up by a car accident that was re-traumatizing, and then a bunch of family and life stuff happened that has made it hard to get back on the horse again.

    On top of that, I’ve been looking at Relocation Astrology through, and I’m not sure that continuing to live in Seattle is the best for me.

    Please advise y’all!

    Best regards and happy new year!

    • Are you familiar with the Saturn cycles? It looks like Saturn is transitting through the third on the way to the nadir of the chart. It can be a dark night of the soul. You might move and experience homesickness (which isn’t a reason not to move, btw):

      The good news is that once Saturn hits the bottom of the chart, you can start building again. It’s all build, build, build until you get to the Midheaven.

      You didn’t say so, but I assume music will continue to be a great source of comfort and healing for you.

      Take good care, Celestina

  8. i know its true because i feel great resistance.
    Which is good of me to sit here squirming rather than launching an attack on you isnt it ! If theres one thing in life Ive learnt its to let go (but the sneeky old goat still is thinking ‘if I let go im more likely to get what I want). My Mum thinks shes the Queen and she brought me up to look down on others but I fought against this and have hung out with working class and the underclass but they have strong feelings of being some sort of forgotten royalty. My husband loved me for my nurturing but I tried hard to become a performer to compete with his constant girl friends and this drove him away !
    Recently I have valued my little family more than anything else in the world.

    • “the sneeky old goat still is thinking ‘if I let go im more likely to get what I want’ <----- the goat has many tricks! that's a particularly good one.

  9. Wow!You really hit the nail on the head! I am a 33yo NY comedian who was forced to return to her family in Miami to help them with a crisis situation for almost two years(not over just yet). I’ve kicked myself for losing “career momentum” but feel it was essential to revise the path. In NY, I constantly sabotaged my career through poor isolating choices. My sun is cusp Sag/Cap. How do I reconcile having (a tenth degree)Cap sun and NN in Cancer/8th house? I’m thinking my Pisces moon might lend a hand? I am nearing the end of the family crises and can now start planning my next move. I adore working and cultivating a career in comedy, but how do i make sure I’m manifesting it accordingly? BTW very special opportunities have appeared while in Miami but I seem to keep blowing it but freezing up with shyness or being inebriated. What gives? I definitely know that cultivating that cancer warmth would have helped in those perceived missed opportunities. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    • correction:

      I seem to keep blowing it BY freezing up with shyness or being inebriated.

    • +Kat Hey I’ve just learned I had NN cancer too, and this is so instructive. We might have a few things in common as I’m also an artist (musician) and I’ve also moon in pisces.
      You seem to be pretty obsessed with planning your career and “making the right move” and “not blowing opportunities”. Maybe you’re putting way too much pressure on yourself. Stop treating opportunities as elements of your grand scheme. If you have too much of a clear picture of what you want, it’s going to be much harder. I also missed a lot of occasions cause it wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. As for relationships too I had trouble being natural and open with my emotions. I was feeling so vulnerable that in fact I was behaving really cold on the outside and I hurt a lot of people without even noticing (I also have scorpio rising which makes me even more restrained). So maybe you need to be around people who make you feel relaxed, at home, people you can be like a child with. And stop thinking in terms of “career”, tread a little lighter and just give yourself to whatever comes your way. Hope this helps.
      Btw w/ Cap Sun & Pisc Moon Im’ sure you’re an incredibly funny person – the kind of funny without realising which is the best kind.

    • I swear it sounds like I wrote this myself. Born and raised in Miami. Still here unfortunately lol and my moon sign, rising sign is Pisces as well. I’m 34 and changed careers at the age of 33. Well, actually I quit after 10 years of working. I got bored and needed to do something else. Still trying to figure out what that is. Either way, glad to know I’m not the only person who has experienced this. Best of luck with your situation.

    • Almost one year later…how are things going now? Each person has to make their own path and as someone who studies Jungian psychology I say with great conviction that there’s no way to judge another person’s path. The soul finds it way, the destiny unfolds, no decision is really ‘wrong’ or ‘right.’ Having said all that, I have great respect and deep gratitude as a human being that people stop their careers to deal with family crises. The world would not hold together otherwise. I think you did a good thing. Perhaps it will end up providing some good comic material for you. You ask about the next move and I can only say that with a Pisces Moon, you should be pretty psychic and this may help you get in touch/stay in touch with your instincts. I think you can count on your body to tell you where to go and when to go there and it will always let you know when something feels “right” or “wrong” for you. Godspeed, Kat.

  10. Thanks for the read. I don’t know how to make good use of my Cancer/Cap nodes. I DO feel like I ‘should’ have something different than I do… like my life is a serious practical joke, where what I see as my abilities and insights (I’m an Expression 22) have been huge liabilities. I’ve now come to a spiritual use for my 22-like “talent for acquiring talent,” but it’s even more lonely than if I were just to “let go” and “be natural” and “family oriented”. I just don’t give a crap about any of that. It’s starting to make me cold, arrogant, and almost turn against my gifts, like “what’s the point of having a big member if you just get castrated every day?”

    Why can’t we just PICK the traits we want, if we really are some sort of demi-gods waiting to realize? I’d like to be more like a comedian, but despite a ridiculous amount of yoga, I’m feeling more like the fascists you listed. Super frustrated, but grateful for the info all the same.

    • Why can’t we just PICK the traits we want, if we really are some sort of demi-gods waiting to realize? I’d like to be more like a comedian, but despite a ridiculous amount of yoga, I’m feeling more like the fascists you listed. Super frustrated, but grateful for the info all the same.

      1: That IS funny. So no worries there, you have a good sense of humor

      2: Right there with you with all the yoga, and back to the same. It’s all good, just part of the process if you “have the faith”.

      It’s the stop thinking about it all that’s hard. Especially when you have a Mercury rising.

      Peace and enjoy the ride.

    • You write, “Why can’t we just PICK the traits we want, if we really are some sort of demi-gods waiting to realize?” I’ve read that several times now as its meaning was not immediately apparent to me. I think what you’re saying is that if we can only harness the energy of the North Node, we would be like demi-gods. Is that what you meant? I know it’s tempting to think along those lines, but what brings me back to astrology again and again is humility. Some things are not possible. There are limits. We are nothing like demi-gods. If anything, the point of the nodes is to realize that surrendering to what’s possible is the only way to be happy. Quite the opposite of what you describe.

      How wonderful indeed to be able to pick our traits. I struggle with my South Node all the time and often fall into the trap of wishing I had the qualities which would only bring me those elusive South Node goals. It’s really a lifelong process of taming the great ego.

      What side of the first Saturn Return are you on? That makes a big difference.

  11. I am so happy and thankful that I found this website and enjoy learning more about the north and south nodes. I have been feeling a bit lost recently as I have changed my whole life by leaving nursing school and my marriage last year and moved to a new city to start a new career in cooking that I attempted to do a little over 10 years ago and stopped when I had to move and support myself with a higher paying job. It’s not leaving my marriage or school that I’m so confused and lost about, but more that I’m finding that I keep failing in trying to work in my new career in cooking. I was working so hard for so long to be a nurse and kept running into challenges of if I was really happy and if I was doing it just to support my husband and possible future family. I have a hard work ethic and I tried to try hard and also go with the flow, but I keep failing and losing my job. It’s been stressful to say the least. Do you have any good advice for me? I am also curious if you might be able to explain more about different jobs that are good for my Cancer North Node? I keep trying to tell myself things happen for a reason and I’m being pushed to where I’m supposed to be, but I feeling frustrated after trying to search within and getting totally confused. I appreciate any help and thank you!

    • One year later…how are things going with cooking school? Cooking is an excellent thing for a North Node Cancer to be doing, although we might also look at the house placement. For instance, cooking in the 11th house = cooking for the group, cooking in the fifth house = for entertaining, etc. Since we started the blog, I’ve noticed most people who come visit are looking for career/vocation advice which was initially a surprise to me as the North Node doesn’t necessarily indicate any kind of career or vocation at all, just the quality and nuance of one’s karmic direction. Nurturing others should be a win for you whether through food or other ways. It sounds like you made a very brave decision to take a stand for your soul and your future. I wish you the best.

  12. Thanks for this explanation, Celestina. I definitely see this pattern in myself, but in a very specific way. I am actually very attracted to things of a spiritually and emotionally-fulfilling nature, and tend to try incorporate these things into my life (main activities are meditating, reading spiritual articles, writing and piano. I also love deep, authentic connections with people, and am not interested in things that most deem important). However, there is a part of me that never feels free to fully embody these things in an all-encompassing way, although I truly yearn to. There is a part of me that is afraid that I may lose financial control or security if I don’t keep up the veneer of being a “professional,” or that I will disappoint family. I don’t feel that it is safe or OK to be me. I don’t know if this ties into the Cancer North Node dilemma, because I already deeply appreciate these cancerian qualities, but it is as if the capricornian South Node is holding me back…

    • I think that’s a very Cancer-Capricorn dynamic. I’m not sure if our South Node energy ever really holds us back, as in keeps us from growing (if that’s what you meant). At its best, it’s a foundation to build on. At its worst it can be sabotage, the prize you’re always after but never seem to get it. So, if you were out chasing Capricorn dreams all the time, only to be disappointed, then it could be a sort of holding back. “Oh, if only I get this job or make this amount of money, I’ll finally have the respect and status I deserve!” But then it never works out. You’re always going down a rabbit hole and coming back up in the same place.

      The way you’re describing it, it seems like you’re using some of the Capricorn skills you have to support your Cancerian instincts, and I would think that would be good, except that maybe one part of you, a part of you that’s got some fear of losing control, is judging another part of you. Those kinds of dynamics can be like a soccer ball in the psyche — you kick it around the field, back and forth, up and down, but it’s never really resolved forever. That’s not to say you shouldn’t work on it. Over time, you might appreciate it as something that gives you internal energy and drives you forward. The feeling of being judged is something, I think, that will soften and mellow with age as your Cancerian energies earn the respect of your Capricorn side. There will be situations where the North Node will save the day, and that will bring a lot of healing.

  13. SilvernightApril 2, 2016 at 4:16 pm

    Dear god, exactly what I was afraid of. Sounds about right and if it is I’m so screwed. Cancerian traits are pretty much the exact opposite of mine. Nurturing, familial, home-loving… not exactly. I have resigned myself to the fact that family is very clearly not forthcoming for me in this lifetime. It’s a bit of a cosmic joke if this is supposed to be my path because then I shouldn’t have been born asexual, which makes relationships all but impossible.

    • CelestinaApril 7, 2016 at 3:23 am

      This is one of the placements where I actually feel more strongly about what you’re moving away from than what you’re moving to. I’ve seen a lot of people with Capricorn South Node get caught in the trap over and over of thinking they’ve finally stumbled upon the job, marriage, credential, etc., that will return them to their proper station in society. “Aha! Finally, I will get the respect I deserve. I’ll take my proper place in society at last” (by marrying this person or getting this job or attaining this degree…). Then, of course, at the last minute it all falls through. Provided you look out for that pitfall, I wouldn’t worry about the rest of it 🙂

    • Thanks for the instghi. It brings light into the dark!

  14. “I don’t like people and can’t stand children.” – I feel the same, but the information makes a lot of sense – people with NN in cancer feel like this (not wanting family and children) due to some fears etc. (e.g. my biggest fear is pregnancy and giving birth, I think i could never do that. And it’s much easier to see myself as a career woman than a mother.)

    But I was thinking – my friend with NN in cancer has also her sun and mars in cancer, so to her these karmic goals will be much easier to achieve than to me with all personal planets and ASC in capricorn and aquarius and no planets in water signs.
    Is it true? Because if it is, it’s not fair!

  15. The nodes are always retrograde

  16. Actually it’s intercepted too. Dang… my sun, moon and mercury are all in capricorn in an intercepted second house and now my north node is retrograde in cancer and intercepted in the the last part of my 8th house. Interesting… and I have no idea what it means!

  17. Does the meaning change if your north node is retrograde in your birth chart?

  18. Wow…Im amazed by this read and im so pleased I have embraced the areas of concern with perfect alignment with my best outcome gor my overall well being and I can see some areas that Im currently working on as well…Im amazed at my intuitive nature and my growth spiritually that gets all the credit no doubt…Im pleased to say the least.
    Thank you!

    • That’s wonderful. Do you have any insights to share that might be helpful for others who are trying to harness the energy of their node?

  19. Blah. This sounds horrible to me. I don’t like people and can’t stand children. If this is my destiny, I want a cosmic refund.

    • I’m sorry to hear it wasn’t helpful information. Perhaps as you discover what resonates with you astrologically you can drop a line or two and let me know.


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