North Node in Leo — South Node in Aquarius

Directions: Study the interpretation of the North Node in Leo below. Then, take the quiz to see how well you understand its impact on your life! After all, reading means nothing if you don’t fully understand it. Access the quiz via the link at the bottom.

The traditional interpretation of north node in leo is the ability to realize one’s desires.  It also connotes good taste and a liking for the finer things in life.  The Dragon’s Tail in Aquarius indicates someone who is easily lied to and has trouble discriminating.  It may foretell infidelity on the part of the individual or his/her partner.

As the north node in leo, you incarnated in this lifetime to learn the value of creating a life for yourself.  Once you set sail for a certain course, little can stop you.  You are determined and are capable of great fortitude.  Begin your journey and others may follow you, for you have strong leadership ability.  It is not uncommon for someone with this nodal position to live a rags to riches story, such as those in the novels of Horatio Alger who shares this nodal placement.  Lee Iacocca, Arthur Ashe, Ingrid Betancourt, and M.C. Hammer are all real life examples of natives with north node in leo who embody this energy.

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In the past, you had many friends, but friendship will only weaken you in this lifetime.  When you need them most, none will be found, for you are here to learn to be an individual and independent.  Avoid any tendency to feel sorry for yourself when others “abandon” you.  Some famous people that share the north node in leo placement and found themselves abandoned or outcast by peers are Janis Joplin, Bobby Fischer, Malcolm X, and Lenny Bruce, all of whom went on to considerable accomplishment.  The path in the life of the north node in leo is to become goal-oriented, and the universe will support you in developing inner strength.

Deep down inside you need to see life moving along a certain path with an intended destination.  When others don’t fall into lockstep with your march, you find them difficult to tolerate.  You will no doubt spend much time alone.   You may even be a hermit at one or more points in your life.

You will find happiness by dedicating yourself to higher principles.  The soul of the north node in leo craves dignity, which service to humanity can bring.  Once you put yourself to work helping the brotherhood of man, you will more easily resolve the familiar conflicts that made your early adulthood difficult.  While you spent too much time achieving things for others in the past, you are here to create for yourself in this lifetime, yet you must still serve the world in some way.

Confidence is another key concept for the carrier of the north node in leo placement.  In previous incarnations you dissipated your energies on social engagements and utopian causes, you should now dedicate yourself to using all your creative energy to achieving some great goal for the good of mankind.  This means living in a time continuum of past, present, future.  Resist the temptation to daydream of what could be.  Dare to be bold and individualistic today and you will surely “win.”  Shyness is not for you.

If you spend your time involved in other people’s messes, are egotistical or ruthless, spiteful of other’s successes, or tend to shock people without real cause, you have yet to balance your energy.   While you are here to be an individual, you are not here to be a rebel or a dictator.  You will bring out the best in yourself by meditating on what your values are, then determining how best to channel your considerable talents towards furthering them.  Finally, you must achieve these within the context of society.  While you are an individual, you are not here to turn your back on others.  You may even believe strongly in equality and egalitarian principles in the abstract.  You will find as you age, however, that Orwell was right:  some are more equal than others.

Your birth right is to claim credit for your considerable achievements.  Be flamboyant in accomplishing tasks.  Cultivate your individual personality.  Others will notice your magnetic presence.   Take leadership positions when they are offered to you.  This is vital for the north node in leo.  Do not be afraid to organize the world around you, for you are here to create a stable life yourself and others, and to be recognized for your efforts.

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  1. Thanks a bunch for this succinct interpretation. I appreciate it immensely. One day very soon I am going to apply all I have been learning about my birth chart to consciously improve my situation. I feel so elevated with much clarity, and I’m more determined to make something of myself with the help of innerstanding the celestial energy placements at the time of my birth. This subject is amazing and highly accurate – “shocking!” the more I delve.

  2. what if the subject has this north node placement in Leo but ALL the rest of his planets, including the moon, are in aquarius. (The 1962 stellium). How difficult is that going to be to handle.

    • Elena AntoniadouSeptember 22, 2017 at 8:11 am

      my dad was a north node Leo all his other placements Aquarius – he struggled a great deal poor soul, but there were those times he was bold and confident and it suited him so much – those were the times I admired him a great deal!

  3. Thanks so much for this well explained and accurate interpretation. I needed to read this at this moment. I’ve lived on my own basically since 15, officially 18 years old. Still living on my own. Survived multiple trials including cancer, heart attacks and more. Believing survived as more I need to do/know. People I helped and thought could count on did abandon me. From the time I was in grade school or younger I yearned to be on my own. I can be a hermit. I support causes fiercely and with my heart. Sometimes I do hit to hard. I did move up in management and am a Leader. I thought my lesson in this life has always been to live it on my own~ personal survival for some reason has always been in my head before I ever even understood what it meant. Thank you!

  4. Many thanks for information to help knowledge on my purpose in this period.

  5. Sharon Veller DavisMarch 17, 2017 at 1:36 am

    I cried when I read this…not tears of sorrow but of joy….I am 73 so I have lots of life behind me. For the first time I love myself. What I looked at as failures were my soul achieving my purpose…it was difficult and hard and now I see why….so wonderful to see how your life played out and know you are achieving your soul purpose…Blessings to all who are younger and may not feel they can see where they are…Someday you will..athis was the final veil being lifted from my knowledge of who I am..Gratitudes to my guides for all owing me this knowledge…Thank you for making the info available..Blessings to you as well…

  6. Celistina I really need your help in answering this questions because I am so confused and lost I could scream! If my north node is in Leo in the 12 house,what am I here for then? I was incarnated here for individuality and self expression but my house tells me that I should find spirituality in myself. And you are so right! I have a horrible time keeping a job because I don’t like the conformity of larger companies, so what should I do financially? I have a huge sense of individuality and in my heart I know I’m suppose to help people with that gift.. but I have to eat too!!! I’m starting my own business but that takes time and money to accomplish. Thanks!!!

    • Gretchen DoumitMarch 6, 2017 at 1:03 pm

      I hear you. These type of articles provide insight into feelings or tendencies that pull you but don’t provide tools on how to use them. The cold hard reality is that everyone needs help-constructive help. Woo-woo insight is fine as a start. But when it comes to putting bread on the table, a more grounded practical approach is more useful as a tool. I am having issues pinning down what I am supposed to be doing in life. I have two paths. If I choose one, the other will suffer. I also want to help people to live better lives. Its just so hard in our culture to achieve without a job, a car and good credit. Even the SBA wont give you a loan to start a business unless you have a down payment to show good intent. The system and culture is broken.
      The only thing I can recommend is a self employed job like UBER or AMazon Flex where you work your own hours. Set it up as a “supporting business” for your real business. If you keep that mindset, you might mentally be able to work with it.

      • I have same placement with 12th house. I worked on the road in sales. No one lurking over you~ retired now, but unfortunately today a different world~ everyone watches~ good luck~

    • I so hear you Timri. My sun is in the 12th house so it amounts to the same thing. Quite frankly I resent my North node. For me, I dont want to be alone. I have a wonderful big family and awesome son. And while I am driven to achieve, I too have problems with conformity. My advise is to find a job where the boss has a passion for doing what is right. If you can find a company where its cause speaks to you. (For me its the Red Cross) you might at least fall in with the ideology and will find something to support in its conformity.

  7. mehmet emin öztürkJuly 10, 2016 at 2:26 am

    it is very clearly explained. Thank you very much for information. My life purpose is now clear for me.


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