North Node in Sagittarius — South Node in Gemini

Directions: Read about the North Node in Sagittarius below and then click the link at the end to take the test to see how well you understand this nodal placement.

The north node in sagittarius foretells great happiness and good relations with close family.  The Dragon’s Tail in Gemini indicates difficulties with distant relatives and possible disputes over money.  This would have happened in past lives.

In past lives you were superficial, changing your mind and opinions frequently.  To balance your fickle and mercurial previous nature, you incarnated to learn loyalty and autonomy in this lifetime.   Your soul experiences have left you fearing commitment to any one point of view, since you have learned over time to see the truth in both sides of an argument.  You never gave wholly of yourself and thus were free to speak one way one day and another the next.   You may still have the tendency to try on changing demeanors and opinions with those you meet until you get from the listener an acknowledgement that you have finally spoken “the truth” (as they see it anyway).   Such behavior will not get you far in this lifetime.  You must strive to ascertain and speak your own truth which will come to you through intuition and the higher mind.

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At some point in your life you will have to choose between living in the city and the country.  This mirrors the deeper choice you must make between living a stimulating life among many acquaintances and a life of contemplation and solitude.

Your greatest task in this lifetime is to seek the truth.  This means leaving behind your love of trivia, gossip, and rumor.  Appearances are no longer as importance as substance.  For the north node in sagittarius, it’s vitally important to be natural and real, and deemphasize the urbane and sophisticated.

If you are undeveloped spiritually, or perhaps very young, you may look on higher education with suspicion.  You may not want to learn any more than you already know, no matter how little that is.  You may have no goals that reach beyond tomorrow, be immature, bigoted, or sarcastic.  Perhaps you cut off your life’s potential by marrying at a young age and starting a family.   Another negative use of these nodes is someone who enjoys travel, but only to places that seem familiar.

The soul of the north node in sagittarius will be happiest when you teach or otherwise share what you know.  For a carrier of the north node in sagittarius, religion and philosophy will be especially interesting to you and are fields that may prove good for a career. Publishing and adult education are also positive.  In your free time learn astrology, dream work, palm reading, and travel to foreign countries.  Pets are also beneficial for the north node in sagittarius.   In short, expand your horizons.

Independence and solitude are the hallmarks of the life of the north node in sagittarius carrier.  You are restless and should be curious, ever seeking that higher truth which will set you free.  Avoid a tendency to become dogmatic or to change your opinions to please others.  Your task in this lifetime is to develop for yourself and by yourself a unifying philosophy of life. This will give you direction and provide meaning, and it is unlikely this will happen before your first Saturn Return at about age 28.  Fellow truth seekers with the placement of north node in sagittarius include Voltaire, Frederick Nietzsche, and Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

As the philosopher said, a man must ask himself two questions in life: Where am I going and who will go with me?  Your soul is here not just to find the answer to these questions, but to be sure they are asked in the proper order.  Think for yourself, Centaur.  No one can keep up with a four-legged creature.   Others’ opinions are only going to slow you down.

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  1. Yep, I’m 23 years old and with North Node in Sagittarius 6th house. Your description of Sagitarius North Node is interesting. I faught in the English Civil War as a kid and was clubbed to death by Witch Hunters in a past life so I can kind off see how dogma came up. In this life, I live with two dogs and work in Seattle and have an inherited retirement home on Whidby Island.

    This article is really accurate in my case, well done Celestina 😀 Thank you for posting.

  2. On the spot.I hope I can keep it on the focus. Thank you.

  3. Brooklyn CosbyApril 25, 2017 at 4:17 pm

    I never believed the North Node would be best placed in Gemini. Now I realize it is because I, myself, do not feel whole with a Gemini existence. I have a question that is nagging at me and I am hoping someone can help.
    If NN is ruled by Gemini and you have a NN in Sagittarius, is it normal for a NN Sag to know how life is supposed to go and want to skip it?
    Let me clarify. I am 23yo and learned to move away from my SN Gemini early in life. I am starting to see that if NN loves Gemini so much and life is supposed to go that way, wouldn’t I have to accept that Gemini phases are going to demand attention in my twenties? But then again, I already feel how superficial and unsatisfying it is so why should I have to? Do all NN Sag feel this way? As if they have to drudge through the monotony of life sometimes? I know it is a Cancer notion to “trust the process” but does it also apply to Sagittarius? I think it would because we know that one day we will have to come back around to the conclusion that we don’t want to Gemini lifestyle but because that is how life naturally occurs, we have to have faith that going through it will be of some use to us.
    I also have a north node an the eleventh house and four planets in Aquarius so this lying to myself thing ALSO feels like a waste of my time. How do I lie well enough to myself that I embrace something I already know I will one day have to grow out of?
    I know this is a very Gemini thought process but there is something I am missing. How do I find happiness with all of these conflicts? I want to. I feel as though I am beating my head against a wall though.

    • Brooklyn,

      If you have NN in Sagittarius, it is possible you felt the NN pull toward Sag earlier due to the recent transit of Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn tends to put pressure on the things it touches.

    • CelestinaJune 24, 2017 at 7:56 am

      I’m confused. Why do you say the NN is ruled by Gemini and NN loves Gemini?

      • AfroGoddessJune 29, 2017 at 7:07 pm

        I have heard that NN is exalted in the 3rd house…is that what he means? I have a Sag NN in the 3rd house☺️ I can somewhat relate to the idea of being overwhelmed by the drama and details of life and wanting to check out…but my check out is like to the temple or a foreign place or nature or beauty ( aromatherapy and jewelry making) …although I do have thoughts of not minding dying for a worthy cause like while protecting someone innocent or during childbirth ? Great Post! Great Discussion!

  4. Yes..this is me alright! Your True/North Node in Sag is right on as well. “As above, So below” Thank you Celestina

  5. I feel like my sag north node is my solace. On top of my Gemini south mode I also have a Gemini boyfriend, Gemini midheaven and Gemini mars and my god there’s so much. But learning about this placement, it’s like everything came into focus. I understand my life now.

  6. Fascinating! This is my wife to a “T”

  7. Thank you for this. It was helpful to me.


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