North Node in Scorpio — South Node in Taurus

Directions: Study the interpretation of the North Node in Scorpio below. Then, take the quiz to see how well you understand its impact on your life! After all, reading means nothing if you don’t fully understand it. Access the quiz via the link at the bottom.

The traditional interpretation of the North Node in Scorpio is that it gives the individual great stamina and a drive to succeed. The Dragon’s Tail in Taurus indicates sensuality and a material preoccupation, although it may also be a sign of physical laziness.

In the past, you focused on the importance of the material world. As North Node in Scorpio, you may have many lifetimes doing manual labor and got accustomed to doing things “the hard way.” At your worst, you refuse to observe and learn from those around you, having to discover the danger of things which others can appreciate through watching. You have a desire for sensual pleasures and nice things, although if you are not careful, you can become possessive and materialistic, hoarding all items that cross your path. You do not need these things in your present incarnation, and the sooner you learn to let go, the better, because folks with this placement have the potential to be among the happiest and most creatively and spiritually fulfilled.

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Your task in this lifetime is to reach for the regenerative powers that lay dormant within you. It is no coincidence that Franz Kafka, born with the the North Node in Scorpio placement, wrote a famous story called “Metamorphoses.” You are destined to transform yourself completely. Let go – of old habits, unnecessary “junk,” false beliefs – and you will begin the path of spiritual growth. Burn your bridges as you move forward for you do not need to ever look back. What lies ahead is far better than what has held you back.

While you may have the natural tendency to husband resources as a bulwark against life’s vicissitudes, you are better off giving and receiving help from others. If you are not spiritually aware, you may still find yourself trapped in the thinking that you should not give without there being something in it for you. You can cure this by participating with others in joint ventures. You should find good karma in these endeavors.

You have developed over many lifetimes a great deal of will power. However, the emphasis in this incarnation will shift slightly to self-discipline and insight. Avoid simple formulas for success. Spend your time getting to know yourself and understanding your own psychological issues, analyzing the true and complex motives of others. This is your path to happiness.

Resistance to change is the biggest obstacle to spiritual growth for the North Node in Scorpio. Your soul remembers the pleasures of a routine life spent in great luxury. Without material well-being you may feel threatened, insecure, and materialistic at first. This is when you resort to being possessive and stubborn. However, the longer you dig your heels in, the worse the eventual upheaval will be, for you are destined to undergo continual transformation. Be forewarned that resistance will be very costly. Learn to welcome change as a way of life –or you will find yourself in one crisis after another. Once you do start to ride the waves you’ll experience a greater spiritual joy than most others can imagine.

There is some sadness in the North Node in Scorpio nodal placement. As Martin Schulman writes, this individual “would like to rest, thinking his soul journey is over. So tired is he, from past life memories of the yoke of his earthly burdens, that whatever the cost he would like to feel settled.” But do not settle. Rather, your karmic destiny is transformation, in the process of which you may be stripped of all that you thought was dear to you. If you give it up willingly, like fellow claimers of the North Node in Scorpio Jean Paul II and Osama Bin Laden, you will receive in exchange great fulfillment and happiness, but if you are stubborn and have it taken from you, like Mohamed Pavlavi, the last Shah of Iran, or Emperor Hirohito, both born with the North Node in Scorpio, it can be quite painful. It’s your choice. Hold your possessions with an open hand of appreciation for the fleeting nature of beauty and life or clench them with a tight fist of fear.

In some extreme cases the individual’s transformation may be so severe that they spend the end of their life alone, stripped of everything but a physical self, like Marlene Dietrich who was bed-ridden and living in seclusion her last ten years on earth. Cooperate and the transformation may be gentle and fulfilling, so that you will find a great peace from living in harmony with your soul, tapped into your deep spiritual power.

Embrace life’s constant changes, for as Schulman says “out of the symbolic death of all he ever possessed will come his new life.”

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  1. This is an interesting aspect about NN Scorpio in regards to allowing yourself to receive from others!

    My question here is has anyone here with NN Scorpio received anything from anyone whether its money, possessions or help?!

    Or have you found that even if you were willing to receive any help by any means you would still have had to go out and earn your own money or try and make your own life because no one wants to help you?!!
    I mean this NN Scorpio concept would appear to seem delusional in the real world!

  2. Thank you Celestina. I can understand why people are finding this article discouraging as it contains deep truth. Whether we like it or not, its a difficult aspect to have. Infact, in Vedic astrology, North node (Rahu) in Scorpio is said to be debilitated. But it has its own blessing. Once a person crosses his/ her Pluto square (around age 37) North node starts to make its impact truly. And life will turn upside down. Once you accept your fate and start discarding your possessions (things, people , relations) and flow with the current of changes and transformation, it kind of fun and crazy ride.

  3. I have a scorpio NN in the 2nd house…do you have some insight on this? …relationships are very difficult for me..I actually do better one on one…but like I said they are so temporal…never lasting…amazing willpower and resilience has been the theme for my I said sometimes the white picket fence looks so nice but it just won’t suffice…ugh

  4. Hi Celestine. Thank you for explaining north node Scorpio. I’m finding it hard to understand how it plays out when it is in my second Taurus house( along with Venus and Neptune conjunction). That means my south node is in Taurus in the 8th house. They’re opposite energies so I’m not sure how it gets expressed. Many thanks.

  5. Based on my own research I’ve come to a different conclusion about NN Scorpio SN Taurus and all the others. I think the house is much more important than the sign and should be the primary consideration. Especially if your house and sign contradict each other, consider just the house. Also, as others have pointed out this interpretation of NN Scorpio is overly negative. In my opinion NN Scorpio means that Scorpio people, places, things will be positive and/or lucky. NN Scorpio is equivalent to NN in H8 so those things tend to be favorable. Turning the chart we can see that H8 rules the moveable possessions of your partners, open enemies and all strangers. It also rules your mother’s friends and your friend’s mother’s. Any person or place with sun in H8 or sun in Scorpio are favorable as well as Scorpio ruled things like surgery. Spending time with H8 or Scorpio sun people and in H8 or Scorpio sun places is favorable and helps you on your karmic path. NN Scorpio indicates that surgery will be beneficial. NN Scorpio indicates that other people’s possessions are more beneficial than your own H2 possessions. If you are very independent and always make your own money and never depend on others you will have problems. NN Scorpio favors depending on a partner. All H2 activities, people, places are detrimental and should be avoided. Taurus sun and H2 sun people are detrimental. Focusing on making your own money (H2) and never asking for help or depending on others is also detrimental. This is not about giving up all material possessions but rather allowing yourself to depend on others – very hard for independent people to do! This is my opinion and like I said I think my NN Scorpio is actually secondary to my NN house placement.

    • truenode_adminNovember 22, 2017 at 12:13 am

      Thank you, Sarah. I found those insights very valuable, and I’m sure others will, too.

    • Stunned….!!!

      Great add on the the above read and something that I came also very close by too.
      Father – Scorpio becomes the absolute spiritual lead in my life as I get over 40.
      Tried many sports during life – but swimming (water) remains as key one…
      Job search – instead of applying for them and searching… instead focused on listening if someone will offer something – and immediatelly new positions came to me…

      I fully agree that this path is about learning to receive… and if I may say learn to wish…

      THANK YOU FOR POSTING!!!!!!!!!

      • John – really interested in what you say. I don’t have NN in Scorpio but have strong 8th H/Scorpio influences with sun, neptune and mercury in 8th, and venus, mars and mercury in scorpio.
        I am job hunting at the moment and listening out for jobs instinctively seems to be a better way of doing it, though also thinking of speculatively sending out my CV.
        Having been short of funds for about the last three years, I have had to rely on my Dad to help which was difficult to do, but perhaps receiving is something for me to learn too. Be interested in others’ thoughts.

  6. Tina BlackburnAugust 13, 2017 at 6:03 pm

    I understand COMPLETELY what you wrote…I am a 60 yr old woman…I was just saying to a friend the other day…I am tired…all I want is to be normal…I have always felt all my relationships were temporal and I was the catalyst and I would move on….I don’t think it is over for me although sometimes I wish it was..I also have an aries stellium in the 7th house (4 planets…sun, moon, venus, and mercury) constant change and the bearer of MANY HATS…thank you for this share

    • Would you happen to have your NN in the 2nd house then, Scorpio, as I Do? I find this placement difficult to interpret, with the house being ruled by its opposite sign

      • I have a scorpio NN in the 2nd house…do you have some insight on this? …relationships are very difficult for me..I actually do better one on one…but like I said they are so temporal…never lasting

  7. Thank you for the explanation. I don’t find it negative at all. Is that odd? I have this placement and it rings true. Often I think it would be great if this was my last incarnation but there are people I love who I want to share experiences with in unknown future incarnations. Possessions are a crutch that I have yet to master. I like to many odd and wonderful things but know in my heart how freeing it is to not be tied down to stuff. I have let go of everything and have had it return in other ways. Transformation can be painful but once you get to the other side you gain a deep understanding of life. I never thought that life was going to be easy. It’s messy and complicated but I work at being the best person that I can be at any given moment. The hard times make you appreciate the easy times. Thank you for the information it comforts me to know that this what I chose for myself.

  8. Loved your article (Scorpio, South Node in the first house).
    This was such great advice & guidance when I truly needed it. I don’t give a damn how people feel about what your wrote, it was EXCELLENT (& not an easy topic). Thank sis, keep shining your light & I’m going to re-read this article!!!!

  9. diane powersMay 8, 2017 at 12:14 pm

    Celestina, Thank you. I found your article enlightening, not negative at all. Gave me more understanding of my zero degree scorpio N. node than anything else I’ve read. How would I interpet it in the tenth house?

  10. If people complain about north node in Scorpio, think what is means to add this, which I have:
    1. Located in the second house of possessions and values, natural house for Taurus in modern Astrology. Ie. some balancing needed? Add…
    2. Saturn in the same house…second house.
    Very hard to make a living…or I do and lose most of it through being out of work. I am very educated and have vast experience, and spent a fortune of time and money, nearly all part time, getting it.
    3. Saturn T square moon and Pluto… total transformation required, emotionally., depression.

    Upheaval, whether external circumstance mostly, or a few created by myself.
    Yes, extremely tired of it all!! I want to RIP, seeing psycholgist and pysch, both trying to save me. Various psychics has told me it is amazing I have survived..

    I have just gone through my second Saturn return, and in remembering both Saturn returns, with such placements, I have decided I will suicide before my next, if I ever get that old.

    Even , if I attained that transformation, all up, my life could never be worth it . Absolute hell, living with conti house upheavals and emotional and material insecurity. Thind destroys relationships too.

    So if readers have NN Scorpio, and complain, think about others with great additional hard aspects on top of it. It’s the total chart that counts.

  11. Hello. I am a little bit confused – I have this Nodal axis and with Venus ruling my Taurus South node, I have it tightly conjunct my North node in Scorpio. So, what does it mean exactly? Does that mean I am destined to continue indulging in luxury? Lol. It contradicts the meaning of the North node in Scorpio. Please help me understand.

  12. Obviously those who only saw the negative and foreboding ideas in the write up have trouble letting go of old beliefs and are afraid of change. The essay was an accurate description.

  13. I read my 6th House placement and left a comment there as well. Again, I think that a lot of the ‘struggle’ aspects of this node placement are here with a few ‘transformation-is-positive’ comments to buffer them.

    Perhaps we see the Nodes (or astrology) differently, but I tend to gravitate towards learning some difficult truths while at the same time feeling a sense of empowerment and/or support while reading. I sort of feel that there is a supportive tone missing from your articles (I admit I have only read the two so far!) that might help people digest the hard stuff a little more easily.

    In my experience, some people can take on the hard stuff relatively quickly, depending on their chart, choices, level of awareness, life experience etc., while some might need encouragement while reading these summaries.

    Again, I feel as if you are telling the story but perhaps it is in your delivery where you might be losing some readers.

    And again, just my thoughts 🙂

  14. What does it mean when you have this north node in the second house (ruled by Taurus which represents what I have to let go of in this lifetime)? My new values should be Scorpio-like?

    • I have this as well, Scorpio NN in the 2nd house. It confuses me how exactly to interpret, when all your houses fall in their opposite signs

  15. your description is so negative!
    All people my age have the node north scorpion. And yet they do not have a more difficult life than others. There is the same variety of destiny as in others. Some even spouse, same job, same house all their lives .. and very happy.
    The example of Marlen Dietrich is ridiculous: how can you say that she had a routine life? It’s the opposite . She was 80 years old and was ill when she stayed in bed, it’s pretty normal.
    And the fate of Hiro Ito and the Shah of Iran are completely opposite, totally, nothing in common

  16. Hi fellow Stargazers . There is much to say in regards to all of this , but I’d rather not draw things out so . Firstly , I have NN ♏️placement in 0″55 R ( retro ) and have experienced extreme sadness at the loss of considerable material possessions ; many having been of irreplaceable value . But a way I’ve found to effectively deal with the loss has been to create something of greater value from the memory that I’m able to reflect upon with renewed zest and in a diversified and often grander way . I’ve been abled to regroup … I built a large shed with office shelving and economical but large plastic lidded bins for organinizing important items around my house and embracing the principles of feng shui . It’s ok for me to hold on to certain things I like to use because they make me feel beautiful or bring me artistic joy and I’m able to share them with others as they also bring joy to them as well . There’s a difference in hoarding and just saving for a rainy day . That’s psychologically frees up time to be used for more expansive purposes ; if our aquired knowledge helps another to accomplish greater soul expansion , then perhaps our own souls mission has accomplished it’s main objective . And , being open to sharing that which is in our apparent grasp , is in itself being in a sense of Nirvana and completion .

  17. I have a couple of comments if I may.
    First, it is important that we do not judge, but rather understand the motives of others, such as Bin Laden. To him, he did no wrong but rather followed the path he believed to be his. I certainly don’t condone such actions and will definitely use my energy towards universal love and acceptance. As Celestina commented, happiness is different to each and everyone of us.

    For those readers that think this aspect is a negative in their life, I think perhaps you should re-read the meaning. Transformation is a wonderful thing. Without change in our lives, how could we possibly increase our experiences and grow our universal energy. Being stationery in your life may bring a sense of security “to this lifetime”. But how will that help you fulfil the true purpose of our existence. We’re all here for a reason, I believe that is to enhance the universal energy so that we better the experience for all souls, not just our own.

    To give without expectation of return is one of the greatest experiences. Do everything out of love and not for return. When we learn this (and I still have a lot to learn) so our lives will start making even more sense.

    I’d like to thanks Celestina for the original post and everyone for their comments. I hope it helps others to understand their path a little more clearly, just as it has for me.

  18. Thank you for your article on north and south nodes. It makes one think about it.

    However I’m mostly writing to you to consider removing the name of the terrorist that is mentioned in your article and as Laura also said, I strongly believe that people like him who had caused a great deal of sufferings to others should not be mentioned and given publicity. Thank you very much.

  19. FixedGCAquarianJune 20, 2016 at 1:59 am

    Now … if I could only figure out the mixed message of having North Node in Scorpio in the 2nd House (exactly conjunct Jupiter and Neptune at one corner of a Grand Cross).

    Perhaps I’m living it anyway … I’ve been totally self-reliant / self-sufficient (and generously shared much of that to boot) … even through the constantly repeating cycles of boom and bust, or sometimes bust and bust. 😉

    • I have this placement too, NN 2nd house Scorpio. For me it makes my entire chart a little harder to interpret, as all my houses fall in their opposite signs

  20. Great writing but why on earth does this talk about Osama Bin Laden receiving great happiness? I am surprised someone that has done such harm is used as an example instead of someone who has done good in the world?

    • CelestinaMay 28, 2016 at 3:13 am

      It’s an example of one way to use the energy of the Node, not necessarily an example of doing good in the world.

      • But I am not sure how Bin Laden would have found true happiness if he was hunted and killed by American forces?

        • If I really believed in something and thought I was on a noble path and doing God’s work, avenging injustice, striking a blow for the little guy, etc. — (again I’m not endorsing him, just imagining what the world might look like to him) — I think the hunting would make me feel validated, or at least it’s what I expected (Bin Laden had a cushy life before he took up his cause and I’m sure he realized all he would be giving up to start his “crusade”). The manner of killing itself wouldn’t matter much at all, either. If you ask me he got a rather merciful death compared to living out a life in solitary confinement in a small cell (I fear this more than death), or being beheaded in a gruesome act filmed for propaganda purposes (as has been done by some Islamic radical groups to people they deem enemies), or tortured to death (as some other people captured in the war on terror were), or even a public hanging after a show trial (like Saddam Hussein). A lot of people with this placement see life as a temporary anyway. It’s all stations to Golgotha, a place of exile until you can make it back to your home with God. Perhaps he regretted the pain and sacrifice he caused his family. Who knows. But I doubt that the hunting of him did much of anything psychologically except validate his ego somehow and cause some inconveniences.

  21. Great explanation but why on earth does this talk about Osama Bin Laden receiving great fulfillment and happiness?

  22. hello, I have my north node in scorpio but in 0 degrees. What does this mean?

    • Usually the earliest degrees of a sign show the most pronounced traits, but I’ve only seen that to be true with the actual planets. With Nodes, I really haven’t seen that it means much except that your True Node and Mean Node may be different (these are calculated slightly differently).

  23. colleen st germainNovember 7, 2015 at 7:12 pm

    so not only do i have north node in scorpio but my rising sign as well and neptune in scorpio….and am an aquarius, moon in leo, mars in taurus,,,WHOOOO!!!!!

    • scorpiorising108December 21, 2015 at 5:22 am

      i feel your pain. i’m north node in scorpio,uranus in scorpio, scorpio rising, sun in leo, moon in aquarius. mercury/venus/mars in virgo. need warning label.

      • My north node in scorpio, sun in leo, moon in virgo, rising in capricorn….my life has not been easy and I’ve been called crazy on many occasions LOL. my Earthy influences and my Leo ego wants security and material wealth but my scorpio north node wants me to not hoard possessions or attain security. I feel completely judged by others for all of the financial and personal disasters that I have gone through in my life. But I think at 40 years old I have gotten used to change being the constant in my life. I am better now than I used to be at just going with the flow and accepting the reality of the moment trying to enjoy it however messed up it may be LOL. I’m just used to catastrophic things happening to me. at this point, I know that if I just let any situation go to the divine, it will be taken care of eventually. I just have to not worry about it like I used to.

  24. People may see this as negative because they do not want to accept their destiny. Change is never easy. Change is challenging and painful but the end result is necessary. We must carry on my fellow scorpio north nodes!!!!

    • I agree with you, but the previous comments were on a prior version of this section. At some point over the summer — in late July or early August — I revised this section in response to the negative feedback, so they were commenting on a version that isn’t posted anymore.

      • scorpiorising108December 21, 2015 at 5:27 am

        Thanks for the update. I visit your site frequently, and wondered why i didn’t want to just weep anymore after reading about my placement 🙂 Sometimes, i secretly think your first one was right.

  25. Bonjour,
    J’ai ce nœud dans mon composite avec l’un de mes enfants et comme tous les parents j’aurais voulu leur apporter la lune. Mais tout ce que j’ai pu leur apporter c’est une vie erratique, une vie au jour le jour. J’ai commencer à vivre dans la crainte dès que j’ai su que je serais mère. Le père a disparu alors que j’étais encore enceinte. Et depuis, le seul schémas que je connaisse est le suivant : tout ce que j’essaie de construire finit par se défaire, subitement en un clin d’œil. Et je n’ai plus qu’à recommencer. Ce qui fait que notre famille est très mal jugée, on me regarde comme une mère brave mais malchanceuse et en échec. J’ai eu a subir tellement d’épreuves, pourtant j’aurais tout donné pour épargner mes enfants : décès, abandon, trahison, coups-bas, attaques judiciaires, problèmes de santé, déracinement, chômage, problème de logement, problèmes financiers…
    Bon je ne vais pas tout mettre sur le dos du nœud-nord 🙂
    J’ai dans un premier temps, eu à subir, entre 1983 et 1991: Neptune puis Uranus et ensuite Saturne en Sagittaire passant sur ma Lune, et dans le même temps au carré ma Venus en Vierge et en opposition à mon Jupiter natal en Poissons. Puis au carré de ma conjonction Soleil (29° Vierge) /Mars et Pluton (4° Balance). Et enfin au carré de ma conjonction Mercure/Uranus à 23° et 26° Balance.
    Heureusement, en 1989, Saturne a commencé son trigone à ma Venus, puis à mon Soleil et j’ai retrouvé mon Père pour ce laps de temps, avant qu’un cancer de la gorge ne me l’arrache pour toujours. Mais en même temps, Saturne était opposé à mon Saturne natal. J’avais entre 15 et 17 ans. Je suis née en 1974.
    Ces quelques mois chez mon père (entre septembre 90 et mai 1991)ont été les meilleurs de ma vie. C’est la seule fois de ma vie où j’ai eu le sentiment que quelqu’un prenait soin de moi, de mes besoins. Neptune transitait au trigone de ma Venus et Saturne passait au trigone de ma conjonction Soleil/Mars/Pluton.
    Mais, pendant ce temps (entre 1979 et 1991), Pluton passait dans ma maison XII, arrivant sur mon Ascendant Scorpion vers la fin de 1991.
    De 1991 à 1993, Uranus est venu rejoindre Neptune au trigone de ma Vénus, s’opposant tous les deux à mon Saturne natal, alors que Saturne transitait au trigone de ma conjonction Mercure/Uranus. J’ai rencontré le père de cet enfant dont j’ai parlé plus haut.
    En 1994-97, Uranus et Neptune se plaçaient au carré de ma conjonction Mercure/Uranus, et Saturne passait au carré de mon Neptune et ma Lune en Sagittaire, puis conjoint à mon Jupiter natal et au carré de ma Venus natale et enfin, au carré de ma conjonction Soleil/Mars/Pluton en fin Vierge-début Balance. Le père de mon fils a disparu alors que j’étais enceinte de lui.
    Vers la fin de l’année 1997, j’ai rencontré celui qui devait devenir mon futur mari, et pour qui j’ai quitté mon pays et ma famille. Saturne était en Bélier, au carré de mon Saturne natal en Cancer mais trigone à ma Lune en Sagittaire. Uranus et Neptune avaient fait les yeux doux à mon soleil natal. Quand nous nous sommes mariés en 2000, Saturne était conjoint à Jupiter non loin de la cuspide de ma maison 7, en Taureau.
    Puis ça a été le tour de Pluton de passer sur mon Neptune et ma Lune en Sagittaire, au carré ma Vénus (opposée Jupiter natal en Poissons) puis au carré de ma conjonction Soleil/Mars/Pluton en Vierge-Balance.
    Mais le plus dur, ça été lorsque Pluton et Uranus ont tous les deux attaqué ma conjonction Soleil/Mars/Pluton, en Vierge-Balance, entre 2003 et 2013. C’est là que j’ai eu un cancer thyroïdien, mon mari a demandé le divorce (fin 2005) avec deux enfants de 10 ans et 3 ans, sans aucune famille puisque j’avais quitté mon pays pour le suivre dans le sien. Il tout de suite eu de nombreuses aventures, puis a refait sa vie dans un pays d’Europe de l’est avec une autochtone et, avec sa famille, ils n’ont jamais cessé de tenter de me faire des procès pour me prendre ma fille sur fausses accusations de maltraitance, me faire enfermer dans un asile de fous, me couper les vivres, etc. Je ne pouvais avoir que des emplois très courts (2-4 mois); l’ambiance au travail était sur la délation, j’étais souvent obligée de déménager faute d’argent pour payer le loyer et quand mon ex-mari refusait de payer la pension. Il allait jusqu’à voyager dans un autre pays pour se soustraire à l’obligation légale de me verser une pension. J’ai dû batailler dur pour le retrouver et l’obliger à respecter la loi qui l’oblige à verser une pension pour son enfant. (Mon composite avec ce deuxième enfant situe notre Nœud-Nord conjoint Black-Moon et Lune en Poissons, en 2 ème maison : ce qui indique que nous ne devons compter que sur nous-mêmes pour exister et que les ressources d’autrui nous causeront souvent une gêne, ou du tort, d’après vos explications, Celestina 🙂 Merci beaucoup pour ce que vous faites).
    J’ai dû m’appuyer beaucoup sur mon fils dont j’ai parlé plus haut, entre 2012 et 2014. C’est celui avec lequel j’ai un Nœud-Nord en Scorpion, en maison III. Ça m’a fait beaucoup culpabiliser, mais j’étais très malade entre 2012 et 2014. Même lorsque j’ai eu le cancer en fin 2004, je n’étais pas aussi malade. La foi en Dieu m’a sauvée et a sauvé ma petite famille, gloire à Son Nom!
    Je viens de retrouver un emploi, un contrat de 4 mois. Ma santé fait des hauts et des bas. Je m’appuie encore souvent sur mon fils car il est ma seule famille. Mais nous nous en sortons bien puisqu’il est dans une école d’ingénieur et ma fille est au collège, en 2 ème année.

    • Il semble que vous avez fait un très bon travail avec vos enfants dans des circonstances difficiles , et qui est quelque chose d’être fiers. L’amour et les soins que nous donnons à nos enfants est toujours sans attente , mais comment doux quand il est retourné à nous plus tard dans la vie , comme un investissement avec intérêt ! Les personnes nées avec Saturne en Cancer ont des vies émotionnelles incroyablement douloureux . Il serait peut- être réconfortant de lire sur d’autres avec ce placement : . Ces personnes souffrent terriblement , mais il y a une certaine rédemption à avoir.

  26. So ridiculously negative ! Only masochit can accept it … and I’m not . I think you’re completly wrong for these reasons

  27. Sorry Celestina, but I feel a little like Jay. I found it a little disheartening, however, I can now see where all the present upheaval in my life is coming from ? I am currently experiencing major transformations in my life and have become quite insular in my quest to find myself. Wish I had discovered this sooner ?

  28. What does it mean to have the north node in Scorpio be retrograde? Thanks!

  29. The North Node in Scorpio was very negative and slightly discouraging. How do you discern from the mirage of sadness, obstacles and blows to ego statements in there any hope or well being. I think you need to restructure and research this node again before giving people such a worrisome article to analyze themselves from.

    • CelestinaJuly 19, 2015 at 6:04 am

      I’m sorry to hear you find it discouraging. It ends with this: …there is cause for happiness in the north node in scorpio placement, too, for as Schulman says “out of the symbolic death of all he ever possessed will come his new life.” There is a great deal of power, discipline, and transformative healing energy available to those with North Node in Scorpio, and that is nothing to be discouraged about! I’ll take your comments under advisement when we do the next revisions. Thank you for leaving the note.


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