North Node in Taurus — South Node in Scorpio

Directions: Study the interpretation of the North Node in Taurus below. Then, take the quiz to see how well you understand its impact on your life! After all, reading means nothing if you don’t fully understand it. Access the quiz via the link at the bottom.

With the north node in taurus, it is usually said the individual will enjoy the arts and find great pleasure in love.  It can also indicate pessimism and hesitation, which should be overcome.

The Dragon’s Tail in Scorpio connotes an individual who seeks shortcuts to success and a lack of courage.

In the past, as the north node in taurus, you lived through the hell of death and rebirth.  You had powerful sexual urges that led to questionable relationships or practiced witchcraft.  Often, there is a spillover effect into the current lifetime.  You may find that each day brings a different crisis.  Self-discovery is called for in the north node in taurus.  It will lead you to develop new values and create the place of inner peace which you so desperately desire.

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From your past life experiences, you find it difficult to believe that others are not out to take advantage of you or at least have an agenda.  If you are not spiritually developed, you may still seek to revenge yourself for various real or imagined wrongs.  You do this my creating scenarios that destroy your relationships, the demise of which you blame on the helpless victims of your manipulation.

You have very intense feelings which, if not channeled constructively, can lead to outbursts.  The north node in taurus wants stability, but unconsciously act to create chaos because it is a familiar feeling for you.  You are in control of your life, but you may not be conscious of it.  As you mature, you will find a way to deal with the emotional seas inside you and take responsibility for creating the life you want.

You may have a hang up about having to start at the bottom of a profession, resent having to prove your worth, be contemptuous of money, sport a “give me” attitude, or feel that you can only prosper by taking from others.  Time and again you come up short and blame it on others.  Some individuals with this placement invest all their energy in one resource, usually intangible.  This is a risky life strategy.  You want the good things in life and can be jealous of those who have nice possessions.  You are here to learn the value of material things.

Save some of your energy for yourself: do not deplete your health, money, physical or sexual energy.  Keep always a little for the proverbial rainy day.  This is how you build your own resources.  Only when you take the time to invest in yourself will you finally create the stability you seek.  Take the habit of husbanding your resources.  Replenish depleted accounts.  Avoid waste. Budget wisely and you will find a greater happiness than you have ever known.

You are here to transcend base urges:  lust becomes love, continual rebirth becomes peace, and jealousy of others’ possessions becomes resourcefulness.   Gardening, cooking, music appreciation, sewing, painting, and a hobby of valuable collectibles are all recommended for individuals with north node in taurus.  Take an interest in one or some of these.  It may help your soul on its journey.

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  1. Amazing clear article. Even touched on Narcisssim…i found very evident in my relationship, he had north node,blamed me for EVERYTHING!. They refuse to grow and awake up, The thought can be scary or you could look at it as an exciting journey of healing, discovery, joy, and Truth! but if you are scared to get to know yourself, why would you think others want to be anywhere near you. HAPPY AWAKENING LYLA April 14th 2016 above comment. Stay Woke.x

  2. Wow, this helps me to understand the man I dated (past tense) for the past 5 years. His N node is in Taurus. Thank-you.

  3. Wow, i’ve been given a shock to the system by reading this, this is me, i’m ashamed to admit. I have cut people in my life off and often feel wronged -this is so sad. I often wonder why these things attract me, but it is I who create these events unconsciously. Thank you for awakening me.

  4. Robert Davis JrMarch 31, 2016 at 10:24 pm

    Makes sense, especially with myself having Jupiter in Pisces in regards of me watching out for those types, and yes, I can sense them from a mile away, haha. Thanks for the reply. It put a smile on my face.

  5. Robert Davis JrMarch 31, 2016 at 9:07 am

    Should people with south node in Scorpio not help others seeing their direction in life, especially through the information of Astrology and these nodes and focus on the north node Taurus? I have an excitement to share this with others who are wanting to know but is this taking away from myself growing towards my north node Taurus?

    • You’re supposed to be on guard about merging energies with others, claim jumping, etc., so I would be cautious about offering up too much energy to people. In your question you refer to “others who are wanting to know,” so it sounds like you’re being invited to share your knowledge and enthusiasm with people who are poised to appreciate it, and that could be very fulfilling, but beware as sometimes people are not really wanting to know anything and rather are just pretending to want to know so they can suck you dry of your positive energy (energy vampires). With your node placement you should be careful about that, and I imagine you have pretty good instincts in such matters.

      There are so many other parts of a chart. It may be that something else in you is activated and lights up when you get to talk about this stuff, so maybe just give it a try and see what the feedback is. If you start sharing and get a negative response or you feel drained or bad about yourself somehow, then stop. If it makes you feel energized — keep on keeping on!

      The overall idea is that you attain self-sufficiency and share what you have, but only to the extent that it does not drain you.

  6. Excellent series of articles. Succinct, precise and informational (from NN Taurus in 5th house)!

  7. Interesting, indeed. A lot of what you said makes sense now. Readily apparent, actually.

    • WOW!!!! I’m 50 and just now finding out my north and south nodes. But when I read what you said, I am sooo on point!!!! I feel fantastic!!!!!! I have even been working on the things that you mentioned!!!! I SAW THEM!!!!! I just didn’t realize it had anything to do with my astrological sign. I scored 100% on your test just by answering the questions honestly for me right now!!! I AM SOOOO EXCITED!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!


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