True Node / North Node in Capricorn Test

Think you understand the north node in capricorn placement? Take a sheet of paper and record your answers to the following 10 questions:

1. You have incarnated in order to…

a. have a career and climb the ladder of success.
b. nurture and support others.
c. grow closer to God.
d. be part of a close knit and loving family.

2. This is the key spiritual concept for this placement:

a. Self-sufficiency
b. Wisdom
c. Unconditional love
d. Maturity

3. One way to bring yourself into spiritual alignment is to…

a. spend long periods of time alone in contemplation.
b. give up on all material pursuits and dedicate yourself to God.
c. stand up for some traditional value of yours and let things fall into place.
d. all of the above

4. Deep down inside, at your worst, you are…

a. an authoritarian dictator waiting for a country to rule.
b. a bottom less pit of insecurity.
c. a helpless baby dependent on its mother.
d. a classist who sees others as beneath you in social standing.

5. What is the perfect way to heal your insecurity and immaturity?

a. Retreat from the world and meditate.
b. Take long journeys where you can really reflect.
c. Focus your energies on domestic arts.
d. Develop competence and expertise.

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