True Node / North Node in 10th House Test

Think you understand the north node in 10th house placement? Take a sheet of paper and record your answers to the following 10 questions:

1. Traditionally this placement portends:

a. worldly success and a happy home life
b. worldly success but troubles at home
c. someone who is very happy at home and a failure at the office
d. long life and happiness

2. You came into this lifetime with karma owed to which group?
a. Colleagues
b. Fellow countrymen
c. Your family
d. Those of the same gender

3. What does this placement indicate about the family you create?
a. Your partner may be an absent parent
b. You will likely have one child who demands your attention and resources but may be ungrateful
c. Your family will require much of your attention throughout your life
d. All of the above

4. You tend to attract and create circumstances that require you to balance your own needs against those for whom you are respnsible. Why?
a. To learn to let go and let God
b. To find a way to be closer to God
c. To develop maturity
d. To make yourself feel important

5. Your life will become easier once you realize what?
a. You must always put yourself first.
b. Family is the only thing that matters.
c. You will never be able to satisfy the demands of your mother.
d. You must understand the emotional needs of others.

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