True Node / North Node in 11th House Test

So, you’ve read all about the True Node in 11th House placement and are ready to test your understanding? Great! Take a sheet of paper and record your answers to the following 10 questions:

1. Traditionally this node portends what?
a. Fortune and riches
b. Success with groups
c. A lovely face
d. Great stamina and physical well-being

2. With this placement you are likely to have a soul memory of what?
a. Great success in battle
b. Happy love affairs and romance
c. Warm and loving family life
d. Fame and fortune

3. Your desire for sex and romance is because of a deep need for what?
a. Caring
b. Love
c. Nurturing
d. Companionship

4. What is likely to happen when you try to create things rather than let them happy to you?
a. You will feel empty
b. The things you create will fail you
c. You will lose standing in the community
d. You will feel a sense of failure

5. Your past lifetimes being close to children means in this lifetime…
a. You will have a natural gift with the little ones
b. You may have children late in life
c. You will not be particularly close to your own children
d. You are likely to have many offspring

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