True Node / North Node in 1st House Test

Think you have an understanding of the north node in 1st house? Let’s see how well you do on my little quiz. Take a sheet of paper and record your answers to the following 10 questions:

1.  When figuring out what to do in an important situation, you will be most happy when:

a.  You seek the advice of your significant other first
b.  You come to your own conclusions
c.  You take the advice of a mentor you trust
d.  You take the advice of your best friend who’s been the most loyal to you in your life

2.  The traditional interpretation of the true node / north node in the 1st house includes a strong mind. Unfortunately, this carries with it which burden?

a.  Troubled finances
b.  Health issues
c.  Troubled partnerships
d.  Uncertain career

3.  In past lives, you relied too much on:

a.  Partners
b.  Parents
c.  Your children
d.  Your own intuition

4.  What must you resist in this lifetime in order to become the true individual you were meant to be?

a.  Indulgence
b.  Sexual temptation
c.  People-pleasing
d.  Authority

5.  Which should you avoid with regard to your appearance?

a.  Not tending to how you present yourself
b.  Obsessing over the details of your grooming
c.  a and not b
d.  both a and b

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