True Node / North Node in 4th House Test

Think you have an understanding of the north node in 4th house? Take a sheet of paper and record your answers to the following 10 questions:

1. Attempts to control others will leave you…

a. frustrated and empty.
b. energized and powerful.
c. happy and joyful.
d. confused and angry.

2. The universe will support you in…

a. positions of leadership.
b. organizing your own affairs and addressing your own emotional problems.
c. putting the needs of the group first.
d. accumulating material wealth and power.

3. Because of one or both demanding parents, you may fall into the trap of thinking…

a. that you are worthless and weak.
b. that you are the center of the universe.
c. if you don’t achieve something spextacular, life is not worth living.
d. that you are unique and special and destined for fame.

4. This node is a sign of a deep relationship with which person?

a. A spouse
b. Your Father
c. Siblings
d. Your Mother

5. Which of the following is an accurate reflection of the life struggle of someone with North Node in the 4th house?

a. This person struggles to subordinate career to personal life.
b. This person struggles to form intimate connections with others but often cannot open up and be vulnerable.
c. While being deeply connected to parents and family, this person struggles mightily for independence.
d. both a and c

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