True Node / North Node in 6th House Test

Think you understand the North Node in 6th house placement? Take a sheet of paper and record your answers to the following 10 questions:

1. You have passed many lifetimes in…

a. spiritual contemplation and mediation.
b. positions of leadership and power.
c. strong and caring family situations.
d. total, adject poverty.

2. The more time you spend alone in deep thought and contemplation…

a. the better you feel.
b. the more unstable and paranoid you become.
c. the more energy you gather to yourself.
d. the less money you have.

3. It’s scary for you, but this will help you build your self esteem:

a. Saying no and meaning it.
b. Setting good boundaries.
c. Spending lots of time alone.
d. Developing self-discipline.

4. In which area will you likely find that you are naturally blessed?

a. Physical well-being
b. Sexual prowess
c. Fertility
d. Partnership

5. You have chosen a lifetime of…

a. solitude and contemplation.
b. service to others.
c. self-sufficiency.
d. marriage to God.

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