True Node / North Node in 7th House Test

Think you understand the North Node in 7th house placement? Take a sheet of paper and record your answers to the following 10 questions:

1. Traditionally this node portends good luck in what areas of life?

a. Finance
b. Business
c. Marraige
d. Health

2. You are here in this lifetime to learn to give…

a. the whole heart
b. only so much as is appropriate
c. only to those who are deserving
d. b and c

3. The universe will support you in doing what?

a. being self-sufficient
b. being spontaneous
c. being part of the group
d. putting others first

4. How do you begin the journey of putting others first?

a. develop the habit of detatching from yourself
b. recognize your egoistic past
c. find someone worthy of your attention
d. both a and b

5. How do you know when you have reached the right balance in a relationship?

a. The arrangement is a win-win.
b. You no longer feel guilty about putting yourself first.
c. The other person seems happy.
d. Your partner puts your needs first.

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  1. CUBIE MADDOXNovember 6, 2015 at 1:02 am

    I agree, that astrology is a deep subject – but it is very differ cult to change the meanings of the original terminology if you are a reference seeker. If one wants to dabble in a subject, that’s ok if the ultimate goal is to look for original thought confirmations of SELF.

    Any serious student of astrology, should start by understanding their basic chart and its connecting travel routes including numerology & destiny card connections. That means understanding the placement of your signs & house associations. This stuff is pretty accurate if you really want to become a student under the hierophant theory.

    But to determine what you were in a previous lifetime, depends on your ability & skills to meditate & opening the higher self for such answers and takes time, dedication & practice. This can only be confined by your own precipitins of Self.

    One must always be wary of the intended use or resource of information if you want instant answers, but more advanced study will confirm certain information through connecting links of study & thought.

  2. Some truly dangerous potentially self sacrificing advice here, particularly for women. And a sugary misunderstanding of the nodal positions.
    As the saying goes”A little knowledge is a dangerous thing’

    Particularly in Astrology and most particularly on the internet which is clogged with dabblers, rather than genuine astrologers.


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