North Node by Sign Tests

These tests began as an idea stemming from my earnest desire that you really walk away from this site with a true understanding of your north nodes in astrology placement. Reading the astrological node placements means little if you do not absorb the information to a level that’s necessary for some profound change in your life.

These tests are fun little quizzes which will cause you to think about your astrological placement and, by checking your answers against the right ones, will direct you toward the correct thinking.

I hope you view these tests as fun and informative as I did in creating them for you.

Below are the North Node by House Tests. Remember, you can always go back and study the nodal placement, then retake the test again!

North Node by Signs

  1. North Node in Aries/ South Node in Libra
  2. North Node in Taurus / South Node in Scorpio
  3. North Node in Gemini / South Node in Sagittarius
  4. North Node in Cancer / South Node in Capricorn
  5. North Node in Leo / South Node in Aquarius
  6. North Node in Virgo / South Node in Pisces
  7. North Node in Libra / South Node in Aries
  8. North Node in Scorpio / South Node in Taurus
  9. North Node in Sagittarius / South Node in Gemini
  10. North Node in Aquarius / South Node in Leo
  11. North Node in Capricorn / South Node in Cancer
  12. North Node in Pisces / South Node in Virgo

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