True Node / North Node in Taurus Test

1. From your past life experiences you find it difficult to believe that…

a. others are not out to take advantage of you.
b. you have to work so hard for everything in this lifetime.
c. others are not here to help you.
d. you are not destined for fame and fortune.

2. In a past life…

a. you ruled many people.
b. enjoyed great wealth.
c. you had a powerful sex drive.
d. all of the above

3. At your worst you may…

a. indulge in food and drink to excess.
b. undermine your relationships and then blame the other person.
c. be a claimjumper.
d. hoard things for years.

4. You crave stability…

a. and sometimes become a stick in the mud.
b. and draw to you people who support you in this.
c. both a and b
d. yet you unconsciously create chaos.

5. Part of the maturing process for you is:

a. Taking responsibility for your family.
b. Taking other people’s emotions into consideration.
c. Calming your stormy emotional seas.
d. Learning to let go.

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