True Node / North Node in Virgo Test

So you’ve read about the North Node in Virgo placement and ready to test your understanding? Well, take out a sheet of paper and record your answers to the following 10 questions!

1. In past lives you had a tendency to do what?

a. Escape through daydreaming.
b. Eat too much.
c. Play the field.
d. Be a leader.

2. How can you best build yourself in this lifetime?

a. Strenuous physical exercise, including weight training
b. Prayer and meditation
c. Work
d. Family

3. You must learn to discriminate between which two groups?

a. Those who are truly suffering and those who are being dramatic.
b. Those who are deserving of your help and can benefit from it, and those who are unworthy.
c. Those who are most likely to be appreciative of your help and those who will be ungrateful.
d. Those who are strong and those who are weak.

4. What should you do when others’ schemes and plans are dragging you down?

a. Meditate and pray on the situation until you recieve a dream.
b. Tell the people how you feel and ask them to support you in achieving your own goals.
c. Use your mind to get control of your emotions.
d. Suck it up.

5. Saying “no” to others…

a. is a great karmic lesson for you in this lifetime.
b. is something you shouldn’t do unless you really have to.
c. is not something you need to learn in this lifetime.
d. comes naturally to you.

6. Others will hurt and disappoint you often. What should you do?

a. Nurse a grudge.
b. Talk it out.
c. Forgive them and let it go as soon as possible.
d. Just ignore it. You know people don’t really mean to be bad.

7. What is likely to happen if you go with your intuition rather than making a decision with your mind?

a. You’ll get mixed up in a bunch of misunderstandings.
b. You’ll see great results!
c. People will naturally fall in line behind you.
d. You will feel closer to God.

8. You are here to learn…

a. to discriminate.
b. to use your intellect.
c. to serve others who are worthy.
d. All of the above.

9. Any inner confusion and lack of confidence inside you probably stems from…

a. your parents.
b. past life experiences.
c. bullying in adolescence.
d. a terrible childhood.

10. You must first do this before you can really help others:

a. Establish a routine
b. Hold down a job
c. Detatch and think clearly
d. All of the above

All done? Great! Click here to see how well you did.

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