North Node in Aquarius Test

1.  Traditionally, your sign brings good luck in:

a.  Finances
b.  Career
c.  Health
d.  Personal affections

2.  You have a special soul task to:

a.  bring compassion to family
b.  bring compassion to friends
c.  bring order to a chaotic world
d.  bring help to those who need it

3.  You should commit to being ruthless in:

a.  Your rejection of feelings that conflict with personal observation
b.  Your judgment of others
c.  Your rejection of ideas opposed to yours
d.  Both a and b

4.  You are naturally:

a.  compassionate
b.  self-centered
c.  giving
d.  cold-hearted

5.  Your real issue is a lack of:

a.  understanding
b.  detachment
c.  dependency
d.  compassion

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  1. reading all of this just makes me feel like i’m a terrible self absorbed person who hurts everyone around me on the daily to..satisfy my ego (i guess?). like oh my gosh i’m sorry y’all :/// i assumed with this placement that it would be located in the 11th house? maybe i’m wrong though.

  2. Hi…i am currently studying the counseling field in hopes of helping others. North Node is Aquarius in the second house Capricorn. ..what do you think. Thanks. ..namaste

  3. Taylor PetersonSeptember 14, 2016 at 9:08 am

    Hello I am a 26 year old female that has been studying astrology for years. I have always been so passionate and interested about birth charts and past life astrology. I have reached the point in life where I have been reading up on my north node being in Aquarius and I have come to the conclusion that I would like to help people understand astrology. I would like to become an astrologer so I can help people understand themselves and open their eyes to something that will help them understand the world and others in their life. Astrology has helped me so much, and I need to become less selfish and help others and I feel like I would like to do something I am passionate and knowledgeable about. Can you help me or give me some tips on how to become an astrologer? Is there any kind of certification or formal training you have gone through? Or do you reach a point where you feel you are knowledgeable enough to help others? I really want nothing more than to be an astrologer and I want to know everything there is to know about astrology, although I know this is impossible to know everything… I can’t help but try! Lol. If you can point me in the right direction I would be forever grateful, I love your site and respect your opinion. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and even if you can’t help me a reply would be very much appreciated.

    • I think most people who go into astrology professionally start by offering readings to friends and family. You will definitely learn a lot by doing this. Listen very carefully to what the people say to you, how the world looks from their perspective, and match that up with their natal charts and transits. There’s no substitute for talking to people about their charts, and by talking I mostly mean listen. They’ll ask you a lot of questions and you do your best to answer, but also remember to listen as this is how you learn.

      It would probably take several years to build up a practice to the point where it could be your sole source of income, so there’s a transition period in the beginning. It’s just like any other business. It might take 2-5 years to really get off the ground. Maybe more. If people like you, they’ll refer others and then you grow that way. You may start marketing yourself, sending out emails around transits or when you have other new information to share, things that will encourage people to come back and talk to you more.

      I’m not aware of any professional training necessary, though there are probably professional and business regulations you need to be aware of depending on where you live and practice. There is formal training available for different types of astrology and you can just google about that. (I just googled astrological training and saw a lot of certificates and programs. I cannot recommend any one, but I’m sure as you continue your search you’ll know when one resonates with you. Just don’t expect people to respect this in the same way as a bachelor’s degree or licensure by a government. It’s something you would complete for yourself, not for others.)

      A lot of people study with a mentor for a few years in a formal or informal way. My mother took on mentees from time to time. She would have them pull charts and help organize her emails and in exchange they got to see how she did her interpretations. I think this was positive for both parties.

      I’m not surprised with the North Node in Aquarius that you would feel drawn to astrology and that it would give you a lot of energy. Even if you don’t end up doing it professionally, it may be something in which you have a life-long interest. Many people who would not consider themselves full-time professional astrologers nonetheless know a great deal about astrology. There are many fields one can explore, such as horary, elective, natal chart interpretation, progressions and transits, etc. One could easily spend a lifetime studying it and never exhaust the knowledge that’s been accumulated over thousands of years. You would always be learning something new.

      I did notice you said you are 26. Most people undergo a great initiation at their Saturn Return around 28, so I would expect your life to change drastically at that time, change in terms of your internal world or your outer. So my guess would be that is a time when you would either commit fully to being an astrologer as a career or decide it’s something to keep as a hobby. You might come up with something blended, like a mainstream counseling career supplemented with your astrological knowledge.Good luck!


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