North Node in Aquarius Test Answers

Give yourself a point for each question you got correctly.

1.  d
2.  c
3.  a
4.  b
5.  b
6.  b
7.  a
8.  c
9.  c
10.  d

9-10 correct — Congratulations! You have a firm understanding of how to maximize this placement’s meaning for your life! You are well-positioned to maximize your truth!

7-8 correct — Not bad. You could benefit from a re-reading of this placement’s impact for your life.  Click here to brush up on your understanding.

0-6 correct —  You should go back and study. Click here to revisit the True Node / North Node in 1st House placement’s impact on your life.


  1. Can the admin delete these comments please? Lol.. these are typos.

  2. Ha, well as a start, the answer to question 10 is E….. According to your article, “the universe will not support any act that its motivated by “ego.” Sort it outtttttt.


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