North Node in Aries Test

Take a sheet of paper and record your answers to the following 10 questions:

1.  Traditionally, North Node in Aries gives great physical:

a. Strength
b. Prowess
c. Courage
d.  Both a and b

2.  Careers indicated for the north node in aries placement are:

a.  fashion design
b.  artistic design
c.  editing
d.  All the above

3.  In previous incarnations you approached the world through:

a.  blind luck
b.  your instinct
c.  your mind
d.  none of the above

4.  In addition to fearing conflict, another problem that makes relationships difficult for you is being too:

a. rational
b.  careless
c.  giving
d.  needy

5.  Irrationality in your relationships usually comes from your attempts to be:

a. fair to everyone
b. giving to everyone
c. nurturing to everyone
d. Both b and c

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  1. I agree with Kimberly. The answer to #5 should be A. At least that’s what I understood myself.

    Thanks. I never did read up on Nodes but everything else in Astrology. So very informative and interesting!!

  2. Kimberly StuartAugust 14, 2017 at 4:05 am

    Might want to check the answer to #5 “You can be irrational in your relationships, which causes you problems. The issue usually stems from your attempts to be fair to everyone.” Answer should be A

    Thanks! This was very good 🙂


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